hero beat

Elpis just got 75% more handsome!

>Tearin’ up Concordia with the dream team, baby!

((played a bit of the pre-sequel last night with steakandrobots, pandorastruehero, and me playing the dopplegangers and lawbrought as our lord and master Nisha<3

it’s like fucking herding CATS, i swear to god

At this point I am just impressed. and those freaking #’s took me wayyyy to long.


Okay but (beside the fact that he’s absolutely beautiful) Bakugou is smart.

He knows what’s going on.

Izuku had literally told him after their first fight. Or at least he had told him enough.

He’s putting the pieces together, I think. And it’s going to be interesting when he does.


Various doodles from my Twitter. An afternoon walk (with a stolen book, wow), wing AU Gogo, and Honey! I get requested to draw Honey a lot, so there’s that.

Also, to the anon who asked what Gogo is in Wing AU - she’s a peregrine falcon. Very fast. Very hard to catch.

ok but imagine - yu yu hakusho 90s AU

o shit…………….but yeah i cant see myself beating sans after watching a video of his fight, and i think i could probably eventually get past undyne, but it’s gonna take a long time to be able to win..she was so much easier to beat in the neutral route 😭😭😭😭