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Sir Rumplestiltskin is a knight, a legend from Arendelle to Camelot. He’s the Light One, the Ogre Slayer, the hero amongst heroes. In a battle against the sorceresses Cora and Maleficent, a magic bean transports him in the world without magic, a world of nightmare where he recognizes no one and nothing. He meets a shocking woman named Lacey, who has no manners he expects from a lady.

Can Sir Rumplestiltskin and Lacey get to know each other, and maybe more ?

You can read the whole story in chronological order here. 


riley appreciation:  “I’m going to have my own stories.”
Favorite Scenes [2/3]2x06 Riley at NYU 


Sure. Maybe breaking into the royal palace wasnt exactly the best idea she had come up with yet, but when you need the extra money to eat, you don’t really think of the most logical ideas. But she was doing well enough thus far, having managed to sneak her way into the royal family’s home and even convince one of the guard’s who had spotted her that she was merely there to speak with the queen before sneaking her way upstairs. But that’s when she was caught, and there was no way she could talk her way out of here current situation. Spotted slipping into one of the chamber rooms when she looked over her shoulder to see a tale blonde male. The prince. Oh, huh, how’d I get so turned around! W-Would you mind showing me to your mother? ” she tried to dance around the topic of what she was really doing up here, hoping he wouldn’t ask and would believe her lie.


Hero Update

GQ Named Michael Sam “Man Of The Year.” And Vito Cammisano Was By His Side. Michael Sam Is Still The First Openly Gay Man To Be Drafted To The NFL. He May Not Be Playing There Because Of His Sexuality, But No One Can Diminish The Path He Has Blazed!

Mike Sam…You Inspire Me, As Do You, Vito Cammisano!

You Are True Sports Studs!

And F*@k…You Are Sexy As Hell!

She froze, staring over his shoulder. He saw her right hand scrabble frantically among the cutlery and grab a knife.
‘That bastard has just walked into the place! she hissed. 'Reacher Gilt! I’ll just kill him and join you for the pudding…’
'You can’t do that!’ hissed Moist.
'Oh? Why not?’
'You’re using the wrong knife! That’s for the fish! You’ll get into trouble.’
—  Terry Pratchett, Going Postal

Glad To Have You Back!

James Haskell Had An Eye Opener Recently, When He Went Into Hospital With A Meningitis Scare!

Godspeed, Baby!


Man Of The Match!

As My Buddy Justin Pointed Out, There’s No Bigger Hero To Me In The World Right Now!

Who Loves You, Baby!


Jackie’s done it, Jet Li’s done it but did you know that Donnie Yen’s done it? Drunken Boxing, that is.
In a little known film called “Hero Amongst Heroes”, Donnie busts out a kind of updated, modern version of the drunken style complete with sped up moves and wire assistance.
It’s still dope though, especially for those looking for an overlooked gem in Donnie’s filmography.

The film was released in the US under the title “Fist of the Red Dragon” (not to be confused with the Jet Li film, “Legend of the Red Dragon’) and you can get it, used, on Amazon for $0.01.