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Wonder Woman

Real name: Diana of Themyscira

Aliases: Diana Prince, Princess Diana, Miss America, Goddess of Truth Relatives: Ares(grandfather), Hippolyta(mother), Antiope(aunt), Theseus(uncle), Hades(father)

Race: Amazon Citizenship: Amazon 

Occupation: Government Agent; Ambassdor 

Height: 6'0 

Eyes: Blue 

Hair: Black 

Place of Birth: Themyscira 

Powers: Divine Empowerment(Super strength,Flight,Enhanced Healing,Animal Empathy,Dimensional Teleportation)

from wolf problems to spider problems part:1

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Plot: after getting bitten by a spider y/n notices she has developed the same powers that a certain web slinger has

A/n this takes place around season two just so they are the same age. Aunt May knows Peter is Spider-Man in this story.

“Alright people listen up” tony yelled grabbing everyone’s attention. “It seems as though there is a new “hero” among us. This” he displays the video on the screen. “Was taken last night in a town called beacon hills.”

“Where’s that?” Clint asked as he reclined in his chair.

“California, anyways look closely. Does anything look familiar? Parker?” tony zoomed in on the video where they show the hero fighting and wait is that?

“My web shooter” I was amazed yet confused. “Who is that?”

“The Internet has dubbed her Charlotte”

“Why Charlotte?”

“My guess after spider from Charlottes Webb.”

“How do they know they’re a girl?” Steve questioned as the video kept playing.

“The fact that her suit is pink and black?” tony rolled his eyes. “It seems as though this “Charlotte” girl got bit by the same spider our little Peter was bitten by”

“But how? The spider that bit me was from Oscorp” I was so confused.

“I guess they brought some with them when they were visiting a high school over there.” It made nationwide news that people from Oscorp were going to travel around the country to talk to high school about a internship opportunity. “Right now we’re trying to find out her identity so we can recruit her to the team.” Tony turned his attention to me. “You can have a little friend on the team with the same powers as you Parker. Why aren’t you getting excited !”


“Sir I have identified the person behind the mask. It’s y/n stilinski”

“How did you figure that out?”

“She was in the class the people at Oscorp went to visit and she did not go to school the following day. It also shows that before representatives of Oscorp visited the school she had perfect attendance. Now her attendance record has changed drastically.” Friday replied.

“What can you tell us about ms. stilinski” tony spoke to the AI.

“Her father is the sheriff of the town, mother passed away when y/n was ten. She’s a straight A student, she’s in all AP class and she has a twin brother”

“Alright guys lets go” the team got up and started making their way towards the exit.

“wait” I shouted “shouldn’t we do a little more investigating to see if it’s actually her?”

“That’s why we’re going over there, to follow her around a bit to see if it’s her. I hope you’re ready Peter, you’re really going to be needed for this.”

“Why? I can’t go, I have school Mr. stark!”

“Exactly. You’re going to be going to school over there, I already talked to your aunt. She ok with it, in fact she’s coming with us. Oh just in time” I turned towards the door and noticed May standing there with suitcases.

“Oh thank god, I thought I was late” I noticed May was out of breath. “I hope you don’t mind the stuff I pack for you Peter.”

“It’s fine aunt May, here let me” I walked over to her and got the suitcases.

“Alright guys let’s head out.” Tony announced.

“Are you excited about this? There’s someone else who’s just like you.”

“Yeah I am” I simply replied as I was silently hoping I make at least one friend while I’m out there.

*y/n pov*

“KIDS WAKE UP ! ! ! YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL !” My dads yelling woke me up from my sleep.

“Shit !” I shot up from my bed and realized I was still in my costume. I quickly changed and ran out of my room. “STILES WERE GOING TO BE LATE ! ! !” I shouted as I banged on his door before I went back into my room to get my stuff.

“ALRIGHT ! ! !” I heard him shout back as I grabbed my makeup bag and threw it inside my backpack. I guess I’ll be doing my makeup at school. I slipped on my shoes before I ran out out of my room and down the stairs.

“Why on earth did you guys oversleep.” dad asked as he handed me money for school.

“I forgot to set my alarm” I replied before I heard stiles behind me.

“So did I” stiles got his lunch money. “Let’s go, I have test today. Bye dad”

“Yeah bye dad” I gave a kiss on the cheek before sprinted towards the jeep.

“Bye” I heard my dad shout back as stiles got in the divers seat.

“I can’t believe I forgot to set my alarm ! ! !” I groaned as I fixed my shirt.

“That makes two of us, but hey at least you kicked some ass last night. Damn I still can’t believe you’re a superhero now thanks to that spider bite.”

“Yeah too bad I only had three hours of sleep because of it.” I was poking the bags under my eyes.

“Heroes never sleep though” stiles glanced at me.

“I need to though if I’m going to be do this AND school. I don’t know how Spider-Man does it”

“You think Spider-Man is a teenager?”

“Well yeah. From what people are posting on the Internet they say he has sounds like he hasn’t reached puberty yet. Just like you” I added on.

“I can leave you on the side of the road if I wanted to.” stiles threatened me.

“you do that and I’ll web all your stuff to the ceiling. That and I’ll embarrass you in front of Lydia.” I threatened him back.

“Fiiiiine” he rolled his eyes as he continued to drive. Five minutes later we pulled up to the school parking lot, thankfully we made it to school on time.

“Oh my gosh did you see the video ! She fought four guys ! ! !” I noticed a girl showing her friend a video of last nights fight. “Who needs the avengers when we have Charlotte to protect us”

“I still don’t like that they are calling my alter ego Charlotte” I whispered to stiles as we walked into the school.

“Really! ? ! I like the name that’s why I spread it around on the Internet.”

“You’re the one who gave me the nickname” I glared at him.

“Oh look there’s Scott, Allison and Lydia.” he rushed over to them. “Hey guys” he greeted them.

“Hey, why does y/n look like she’s going to murder you?” Scott asked as I made my way over to them.

“Because I am. I just found out he’s responsible for my “nickname”“ I punched my brothers arm.

“Well I like your nickname” Lydia responded

“Thanks.” Stiles awkwardly stood next to Lydia.

“Hey do you have a mirror with you? I forgot to put it in my makeup bag and I was going to do my makeup during study hall.”

“Yeah sure. Why didn’t you do your makeup this morning?” Lydia handed me her mirror.

“Long night and I forgot to set my alarm so I overslept.” I put her mirror in my bag.

“I’ll say, the fight is already on YouTube. I’ve heard at least ten people talking about it.” Allison spoke up. “They’re also saying how much they ship Charlotte with Spider-Man”

“Nope, noway. I don’t want my sister to date that insect”

“A. Spiders are arachnids and B. I have the same powers he does” I slapped the back of his head. “And you agree that Spider-Man is a teenager right?” I looked back at Allison.

“Yeah, the people who have been saved by him say he sounds like a teenager.”

“Told you” I stuck my tongue out at stiles. He was about to respond when the first bell rang to let us know that we needed to get to class.

“We better go” Allison tugged on Scott’s arm.

“Ok bye guys” I waved to as I started to walk towards the library hoping I get a little bit more sleep in before I continue with the school day.

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People magazine thinks Bob and Suzanne Wright are heroes. Let’s take to twitter and other social media sites and tell them who the real Autism Heros are. Tell People how they are not helping us at all. Tell them exactly how we ARE NOT voiceless!

Image is a page out of a magazine. In the top left hand corner it reads “Heros among us. Crusading against Autism. After their grandson was diagnosed Bob and suzanne Wright launched a battle against the disorder”

Below in a smaller quote “We’ve given this voiceless community a big voice” says Suzanne (with husband Bob, daughter Katie Wright and grandson Christian, now 13"

the picture is of an older very rich privileged white couple standing to the right side of the picture. They are smiling, the woman is blonde, wear glasses and is smiling at the camera. the man is looking down at a couch to the left of them, where a blonde haired mother sits on a couch leaving over an awesomely Autistic boy with blonde hair and an adorable smile"


The secret is out. For decades, your organization stayed in the shadows, hiding the truth. But now we know. They’re among us. Heroes and monsters. The world is full of w o n d e r s.


Get to know me meme: [3/10]  tv shows:  Agents of SHIELD
«The secret is out. For decades, your organization stayed in the shadows, hiding the truth, but now we know they’re among us. Heroes… and monsters. The world is full of wonders… We can’t explain everything we see. But our eyes are open. So what now? There are no more shadows for you to hide in. Something impossible just happened. What are you going to do about it?»


another meme i wont finish:
↳ tv shows [1/?] agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.

 the secret is out. for decades, your organization stayed in the shadows, hiding the truth, but now we know - they’re among us. Heroes …  and Monsters. the world is full of wonders… we can’t explain everything we see, but our eyes are open. so what now? there are no more shadows for you to hide in.


Skye/Daisy Johnson in every episode
► 1x01 Pilot

“The secret is out. For decades, your organization stayed in the shadows, hiding the truth, but now we know-they’re among us. Heroes… and monsters. The world is full of wonders… We can’t explain everything we see. But our eyes are open. So what now? There are no more shadows for you to hide in. Something impossible just happened. What are you going to do about it?”