hero among men

fun “billy maier reacts to skam season 3” drinking game:

- take a shot every time billy scoffs at the mention of emma or sonja

- take a shot every time billy says “just putting it out there”

- take 2 shots every time billy talks shit about william

that’s it that’s all there’s only 3 rules you’ll be smashed in 20 minutes

I was just reading up on one of my old characters and I noticed a trait that almost all of my important/main male human characters share.

Everyone is short.

fic idea: eraserhead and present mic have a long tradition of smoking weed and playing mario kart/party/splatoon on weekends and they start inviting all might

-pro heroes are all super competitive, either by nature or by learned behaviour so it is, predictably, brutal

-all might can’t help but say “plus ultra” when he wins a tough match

-eraserhead beats them all in the next race by a huge margin, turns to all might, and says “plus ultra” back as a power move

-present mic is a gracious winner but a sore loser

-eraserhead is both a sore loser and a sore winner but not to full-on asshole standards. 

-all might is aggressively gracious on both winning and losing but that doesn’t mean he’s not fighting 110% to win

-izuku somehow ends up playing too one time (from home, all might invites him to the group lobby) but doesn’t win a single match because there is no mercy to be found

-izuku invites that ‘i cannot stop sparkling’ guy to the lobby, who proceeds to destroy all of them. he is a mario kart god among men

How Deku Changes Fate pt 1

If you ever read my fanfic Remember Me, you’ll find this quote: “A Hero isn’t a god among men, a Hero is a man who defies the fate […] In this universe, or in any other, Izuku defies his fate.”

I believe this makes more a perfect opening for this discussion.

Izuku changes the fate of everything and everyone he encounters, and I’ll explore just how in this series i like to call How Deku Changes Fate


Now, Izuku is Quirkless. The first thing that he defies is the idea that ‘Quirkless People Can’t Become Heroes’.

I feel like, from day 1, Izuku was a hero. Quirk or no Quirk.

When he first meets All Might, he is told that he can’t become a Hero without his Quirk. That’s just how things work.

But despite this, Deku becomes a Hero. No, I’m not talking about gaining a Quirk. He becomes Toshinori Yagi’s Hero.

Toshinori was originally Quirkless too, we do not know the extent of what his backstory, but I think we can assume that Nana ‘saw something’ in Toshinori that led her to believe he could be worthy of inheriting One For All.

Toshinori’s story is the typical Shonen Story, I believe. Someone sees something in him, he acquires the power, his mentor dies, he seeks revenge, he becomes the Symbol Of Peace, and ends up confronting the Villain and suffered a major loss, but ends up winning.

Boku No Hero takes place in where all these things eventually take a toll on Toshinori and the world built around him.

Toshinori can’t just pass One For All to any random kid who he thinks has something in him. He is the Symbol Of Peace, he needs to find someone who can carry that name.

Why Izuku?

Because in the Sludge Villain Incident, Izuku became Yoshinori’s Hero. Not All Might, not the Symbol of Peace. He became The Hero of Quirkless young Toshinori who sacrificed himself to save his friend. Toshinori saw in Deku a Hero he could be.

Picture it as if in that moment, Toshinori was a Quirkless Kid all over again, unable to do something, feeling powerless. Deku jumped in action despite not having a Quirk. This is what Young Toshinori needed. To metaphorically, and physically, become a Hero. To become All Might.

The reason why All Might is still here, is because Izuku inspires Toshinori to keep on going. To be a Hero, in the eyes of the kid who inspires him.

Toshinori looks up to Izuku, and that’s why he gives Izuku One For All.

He changed fate by becoming a Hero without a Quirk.

And then he changed fate again, by getting a Quirk.

If Izuku hadn’t been the one to get One For All, then Mirio would have become the Hero of the story.

And, don’t get me wrong, I love Mirio with all my life, but this would have made him a new All Might. The cycle would have gone full circle. All Might respecting Mirio, like Nana did to Toshinori, but not able to connect to him in a deeper level. And, if you ask me, without Izuku, All Might would have died too.

By inspiring Toshinori to keep being a Hero, he pushes him not to give up and stay alive. Izuku is the thing that keeps Toshinori Alive.

Mirio has another mentor, someone who could easily replace All Might, if he were gone. Izuku doesn’t. That’s the main reason why Toshinori is alive. He can’t leave Izuku alone. Not yet.

But if Mirio were the Hero, he could leave him alone. Mirio would have Sir. And in moments when will is everything, this simple shift from ‘I can’t die.’ To ‘if I die, he’ll have someone else’ is the single slip from life and death.

All Might being alive keeps the old story alive too, mixing generations and allowing more changes to the story to be made.

Izuku changed the fate of All Might from a Hero to a Teacher.

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I got my husband hooked on Incryptid and now he's two books ahead (because I'm compulsive about re-reading if it's been too long since I first read the earlier books in the series and haven't had time) and he just wandered through the room holding Magic for Nothing and muttering about how he needs to run errands but dammit it's so hard to put the book down.

Hee hee hee hee.


baze’s death is so sad tbh. he dies not knowing if bodhi ever got the transmission through and not knowing if chirrut’s sacrifice was worth it. he dies angry and grief-wrecked because his home and everything he ever loved has been destroyed and he wasn’t strong enough to fight it. the rest of the team’s deaths are described as content or peaceful but baze’s?

It was not enough. It could never be enough to restore Chirrut or the years he’d lost.

Baze saw a dying trooper fumble for a grenade and lob it in his direction. The grenade would land short of its target; but Baze could barely stumble forward, let alone run for cover. He wrenched himself about, craned his neck to see Chirrut one last time.

When death had come for him in the shadow of the walker, he had faced it with defiance. 

Now there was grief.


The Frostback Mountains 

Even mountains had a heart, once. When the world was young, Korth the Mountain-Father kept his throne at the peak of Belenas, the mountain that lies at the center of the world, from which he could see all the corners of earth and sky. And he saw strong men become weak, brave men grow cowardly, and wise men turn foolish for love.

Korth devised a plan that he might never be betrayed by his own heart, by taking it out and hiding it where no soul would ever dare search for it. He sealed it inside a golden cask, buried it in the earth, and raised around it the fiercest mountains the world had ever seen, the Frostbacks, to guard it.

But without his heart, the Mountain-Father grew cruel. His chest was filled with bitter mountain winds that shrieked and howled like lost souls. Food lost its flavor, music had no sweetness, and he lost all joy in deeds of valor. He sent avalanches and earthquakes to torment the tribes of men. Gods and men rose against him, calling him a tyrant, but with no heart, Korth could not be slain. Soon there were no heroes left, either among men or gods, who would dare challenge Korth.

The Lady of the Skies sent the best of her children—the swiftest, the cleverest, and strongest fliers—to scour the mountains for the missing heart, and for a year and a day they searched. But sparrow and raven, vulture and eagle, swift and albatross returned to her with nothing.

Then the ptarmigan spoke up, and offered to find the god-chief’s heart. The other birds laughed, for the ptarmigan is a tiny bird, too humble to soar, which spends half its time hopping along the ground. The Lady would not give the little creature her blessing, for the mountains were too fierce even for eagles, but the ptarmigan set out anyway.

The little bird travelled deep into the Frostbacks. When she could not fly, she crawled. She hugged the ground and weathered the worst mountain winds, and so made her lonely way to the valley where the heart beat. With all the god’s terrible deeds, the heart was far too heavy for the tiny bird to carry, so she rolled it, little by little, out of the valley and down a cliff, and when the golden cask struck the earth, it shattered. The heart was full almost to bursting, and the pain of it roused the mountain god to come see what had happened.

When Korth neared his heart, it leapt back into his chest and he was whole again. Then Hakkon Wintersbreath bound Korth’s chest with three bands of iron and three bands of ice, so it could never again escape. And all the remaining gods named the ptarmigan honored above even the loftiest eagles.

—"The Ptarmigan: An Avvar Tale,“ from Ferelden: Folklore and History, by Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar

every time I watch the behind the scenes for lotr I am so blown away by weta and the amount of detail and effort and care and everything they put into every single thing

you see this arrow? yeah I know you never get a close up of it but we’re going to put a little motif design on its head. oh, the gauntlets the orcs wear, who are primarliy shot in the dark? how about adding black speech impressed into the leather because, you know, they’d have that

richard taylor is magnificent and a hero among men

i have this weeny headcanon that kaworu is scared of spiders so he always gets shinji to trap and release them for him. and while shinji is doing so kaworu shouts encouragement at him from a suitable distance (standing on top of a couch, for example. or the dinner table). “good job shinji-kun!!! you’re so brave!! you are truly a hero among men, please don’t put it out too near the window or it might come back again”

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i'm salutatorian of my class and have to give a speech in two days what should I say please

When the storms come and the volcanoes erupt and the ground shakes and the Earth is covered in destruction do you think there will be any place that will not feel its effects?  Any town on the northern plains of humanity that will not yield to nature, but instead thrive?  A mailman, still making his rounds through the cheerful streets.  A plumber, still fixing the pipes of the many warm homes.  A police officer, directing traffic through the busy main intersection.  A seamstress, mending the clothes of the thankful populace? 

Even among the worst ruin imaginable, there will also be those who pick up the torch of civilization and carry on.  There will always be those among us who strengthen us, carry us, and provide for us.  There will always be champions among fighters, heroes among soldiers, leaders among men. 

There is a road to success and on it lies us all.  Some of us will lead the charge while others will fall behind and be swept away in the wind.  The true task we all face is not how fast we may travel but whether we are traveling.  So push forward, no matter the circumstances, but above all, inspire those around you to do the same.


Stop whatever you’re doing, Felicity/Arrow fans out there and pay attention to this scene above. Because this one quote is the most important one we have ever learned and probably will ever learn about Felicity’s destiny. 

I won’t lie, this was the moment I was most excited for. Any of you who has watched The Flash, knows that Harrison Wells has arrived from the future; or at least has some access on it. Of course no one around him knows; that’s why he used a pun nobody could understand at this point: “foresaw.” He knows what the future holds for every single person in this room; including Felicity. I was worried that he would have no idea who she is, making me worry that her role wasn’t big enough. And now I got this. This, is a fucking Christmas Gift. It’s beyond what I could imagine or wish for. Why? Because she’ll accomplish something big, something the world will remember very precisely in the next 10 years. 

His previous quote “I keep an eye on for promising talent in scientific field” leads me to believe that her accomplishment will be related to science and technology. It leads me to believe that, by 2024, it’s quite possible that the world will know Felicity as The Oracle.

Someone like Wells, not only knows Felicity, he has also studied her. Because, surprisingly, we learn more details about Felicity’s past in an episode of a spin-off series than we did in the actual show she’s in. But those of you who worried she’ll be brushed off as nothing but a number to Oliver, fear no more. We don’t know what the future holds for her and Oliver; will she make a difference whilst being Mrs. Queen? Whether the answer is yes or no, the most important fact remains: Felicity Megan Smoak will make a difference in the world in an extent different than the current one. Do you remember how she started? The most common line you heard about her was “Who the hell is Felicity Smoak?” “Who?” “I’m sorry, who are you?” “Who is Felicity Smoak?” And, starting from now, one by one people start to know her name. First it was Oliver, who had checked at her background before going to her. Then it was Ray, who saw her capabilities and brilliance in order to move Heaven and Earth to hire her. And now, Harrison freakin’ Wells. What does this transition mean? But only one thing, of course: By 2024, everyone will know her name. She’ll be a hero among men.


2015 Hero

My Hero This Year Is David Pocock. He Is An Outstanding Athlete On And Off The Pitch. He Carries More Than His Weight For His Teams, Whether For The Brumbies Or For The Wallabies. But He Also Lends His Weight To A Variety Of Causes Off The Pitch…Highlighting Conservation Of The Planet, The Plight Of The Poor In Africa, And For LGBT Causes, To Name But A Few. Of Course, His Wife Emma Partners With Bam Bam In All These Causes, And She Deserves Credit As Well. 

I Have More Than A Hunch That David Pocock Will Remain My Hero In 2016 And In The Years To Come!

Godspeed To You, Bam Bam…

Double Woof, Baby!