Thank You PlayChoices for being part of my 2018! 🥳🎉

So Choices have been my fave App game for the last two years and even though its a roller coaster ride, I really enjoyed it. I really love your stories and characters and I wish more amazing years with you. Mwah! 😘❤️

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Ranking Choices series by how Gay they are

A review no one asked for but an important one nonetheless

The Freshman - While Zack, Kaitlyn, Becca, and Zig make this a sweet Gay Squad, the book has prominent bi-erasure if you date a man and forces you to deal with toxic Het Drama for multiple books that leaves you begging for the sweet release of diamond death to never come - 4/10 Gay but at what cost

The Crown and the Flame - Kenna is a bisexual Queen, but the fact that they don’t give Dom a male li until awkwardly at the very end is tragic - 5/10 Could be gayer

Most Wanted - Look Sam is a Lesbian Icon™ but the narrative pushes for Sam and Dave - 3/10 Pretty Het

Rules of Engagement - Forces the MC to be with a man, doesn’t give Party Twin a female li until the third book, and older brother’s het drama is insufferable - 2/10 Some gay but too much straight to try

Endless Summer - MC can be a guy or a girl. Pretty gay, but the female lis are not treated as well as the male ones, also there are a lot of straight couples and the fact that Pirate Queen Yvonne ends up with a man? Tragic™ - 5/10 gay but could be gayer

LoveHacks - Points for the bi black man and the lesbians, but the first book paywalls its only female li to shit, only has the MC date men, and has Brooke end up with a man instead of Seerena - 3/10 Gay but too Het to handle

The Haunting of Braidwood Manor - Nothing but love a respect for my lesbian ghost girlfriend, but you have to pay to stay together (but it is only 17 diamonds and that is a bargain these days) - 8/10 Lots of lesbian love but at a cost

The Royal Romance - Largely forced to spend time with a man, has only one female li even though Olivia is literally right there, and has Penelope get with Kiara’s brother even though Kiara is literally right there - 3/10 Very Het

Hero - MC can be a guy or a girl. Kenji is a BIcon but it takes a while to meet the only female li, also the Poppy and Dax het drama is too much - 6/10 Decently gay and has potential

High School Story - MC can be a guy or a girl. Besides the fact that we have to deal with the Het Tragedy that are Brian, Max, Kara, the dumb Autumn love triangle, and what the ever loving fuck is that set up your Dad with Emma's Mom nonsense, these books give a lot of LGBT+ rep - 7/10 Gen Z is the Gayest Gen

It Lives in the Woods - MC can be a guy or a girl. Gay Icon right here, we stan our Trans King™ King Kang, Ava and Stacy are female li legends, Lily is our beautiful Lesbian Queen, nothing like the raw gay energy of swinging a barbed wire bat at the undead - 15/10 GAY ICON

Home for the Holidays - One female LI, but at what cost? Can’t play as a guy and forced to have dated one (1) man. Don’t even get me started on Nick Peralta - 1/10 Literally ever Het Hallmark Christmas movie ever so RUN

Red Carpet Diaries - It feels like it should be pretty gay between the BIcon that is Seth, the Lesbian Legend that is Teja, and the absolute QUEEN that is Victoria, but man does it throw that all away to be SUPER FREAKING STRAIGHT between Matt and Hunt and paywalling the fuck out of Victoria - 3/10 RIP Gay potential

Perfect Match - MC can be a guy or a girl. Can choose to have your perfect match be a guy or a girl. A beautiful array of lis to choose from and they can all be yours because PB said Polyamory Rights! Even though there is some Het stuff with Nadia and Steve, it is actually tolerable. The President can also be a black lesbian and that’s the America I want to live in - 10/10 Living my best gay thot life

Bloodbound - Kamilah is the ultimate BI QUEEN but sure let’s just hangout with Adrian and Jax - 6/10 Gay but it could be gayer

Veil of Secrets - MC can be a guy or a girl. Ms. Harlenay is a Lesbian icon. Kate is a true BI disaster and the fact that we can only get with her romantically at the end of the book is the Biggest Tragedy of Choices - 6/10 It’s fun and gay until you die alone bc you don’t have enough diamonds

America’s Most Eligible - MC can be a guy or a girl. You can thot it up and kiss so many people, Mackenzie is the only female li you can hang out with most of the time and there was one weird scene where Adam and Derek were super “no homo”??? - 6/10 Gay potential but oof the Het

Desire & Decorum - Only one female li, but she is Amazing. Mr. Chambers gay ass is the real MVP. God bless our non-homophobic gay ally of a dad (rip). But still this book got a lot of Het nonsense bc of the time period - 4/10 Press F to pay respect to our gay ancestors

Across The Void - MC can be a guy or a girl. Even number of lis with even screen time and your siblings can be gay too if they weren’t so annoying and stealing your screen time - 7/10 Gay but it’s hard to read

Big Sky Country - MC can be a guy or a girl. If you are a wlw, there is a lot of Het nonsense and it is hard to be with the female lis. If you are a mlm, ooh boy is this book Really Gay. Like literally every guy wants your city dick. Still there is some Het stuff - 6/10 Average; Life is what you Gay it

High School Story: Class Act - MC can be a guy or a girl. You can choose the gender of the li you are forced to have a crush on so that is nice. If you play as a guy your twin can be a Lesbian Icon and Erin can like girls but if you play as a girl it’s like super het. Don’t even get me started on Natalie and Clint - 6/10 Gay but oof

It Lives Beneath - MC can be a guy or a girl. Great even bunch of lis and our gay little brother is the most wholesome thing - 8/10 Good gay content minus you know all the Gore and Death

The Elementalists - MC can be a guy or a girl. Let’s hear it for Ace rep! Except the imbalance of li scenes (Aster deserves better) puts this book on thin fucking ice - 6/10 PB said fuck wlw

A Courtesan of Rome - Forced to kiss men. Single female li paywalled to shit and a hopeful female li is home of phobic. We have a gay brother but the fuck knows where he went - 3/10 Should move to Ancient Greece instead

The Heist: Monaco - MC can be a guy or a girl. Allows you to choose gender of one your lis. Has the potential to have 3 female lis who are all iconic. But makes you pay for not 1 but 2 women crew members so having an all women crew is a struggle - 8/10 Let’s go Lesbians!

And Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance is on really thin fucking ice


During World War Two, an Italian doctor invented a fictitious disease which fooled the Nazis. Dr. Vittorio Sacerdoti worked in a small hospital on an island in the River Tiber. He lived in the Jewish ghetto during the war and was terrified when the Nazis arrived and started to haul away his fellow Jews. He came up with a fake disease which he named “K Syndrome” - named after the German commander, Kesselring. He admitted as many Jews to his hospital as he could and diagnosed them with “K Syndrome.” The Nazis thought that the disease was contagious and stayed clear of the patients. Sacerdoti said he saved 45 Jews from deportation and probable death.

hero + villain prompts

it’s been a while since i did some of these

1) The hero pulled something out of their pocket and slid it across the table to the villain. A pair of glasses. 

“Wow. Very kind of you.” 

The hero eyed the papers laid out in front of the villain. “You kept on making remarks on how blind you are.” 

“I’m glad you took that into consideration.” The villain grinned. “Let’s get back whatever you wanted me to do again.” 

2) The hero’s power was the ability to fly.

Evidently, the villain had never flown before. The hero could barely feel the villain letting themselves breathe, and they were clutching onto the hero as if they actually were afraid of falling and dying.

The hero dipped and flew straight down.

The villain yelled out, fingernails digging into the hero’s clothes. “No! Wait, shit, don’t do that!” 

3) “We’ve never met. All this fighting against each other, and we’ve never met,” the villain said, but they still aimed their weapon straight at the hero.

The hero had their weapon ready as well. 

“But we’re never going to have an existential crisis regarding the morality of this,” the hero replied. 

“No, no we’re not.” 

Because Heaven forbid they would actually learn that the other was a decent person.