[petition] Bring Morena back to work now! | Hyatt Hurts

please sign & pass this around if you can.

from the email they’re sending out:

Less than two weeks after she spoke out about abuses women of Hyatt suffer on International Women’s Day, Morena Hernandez, a 15-year housekeeper at the Hyatt Andaz West Hollywood, has been suspended without pay.

Tell Hyatt to stop attacking women who speak up about abuse. Bring Morena back to work now!

On March 8, Morena participated in an International Women’s Day protest outside her hotel. She talked to local politicians about abuses housekeepers suffer and described how she takes medication regularly for back and shoulder pain.

On the same day, Morena was one of two housekeepers to leaflet guests at the hotel’s main entrance about the Hyatt’s unjust firing of two women in Santa Clara, Calif. The leaflets described how the Hyatt Santa Clara fired the Reyes sisters, with 30 years of combined experience, after an objection to the posting of demeaning pictures of housekeepers in bikinis on a bulletin board at work.

Women workers of Hyatt Hotels struggle daily with an employer that injures their bodies, disrespects their rights, and treats workers as if they are disposable. Morena has been vocal about these abuses, and now she finds herself under attack.

Tell Hyatt to stop attacking women who speak up about abuse. Bring Morena back to work now!

The Hyatt has yet to provide a written reason for Morena’s suspension. Please join us in sending a message to Hyatt Andaz General Manager that it’s attacks on women leaders must stop. Bring Morena back to work now.

By contacting Hyatt we can demonstrate that we have had enough of Hyatt’s disrespectful and hurtful treatment of women, and demand that Hyatt put this hardworking housekeeper back to work immediately.