Keith Haring and Corbusier by Malarky
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Ceramic Vessels from ‘Crumpets Face Inwards’ Exhibition by Malarko Hernandez at 'Espacio Ananas’ Madrid, Spain 2016

  • E um dia desses eu fui visitar meu amor na grande galeria de arte onde ele havia começado a trabalhar e perguntei a recepcionista se ela o tinha visto, acenou com a cabeça que nao e perguntou algo como:
  • - Pode descreve-lo? - minhas bochechas rosaram e sorrindo disse a unica coisa que veio a minha mente.
  • - Bem.. Ele tem esses grandes olhos azuis que sorriem. - ela sorriu de volta pra mim e instantaneamente me indicou um caminho a seguir.É claro que ela sabia de quem eu estava falando.Não há tantos garotos com olhos azuis sorridentes por ai.
  • N.H
Former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez found hanged in prison cell

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found hanged by a bed sheet in his prison cell early Wednesday, according to the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.

Hernandez, 27, was later pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to a statement released by the DOC.

The statement:

“On April 19, 2017 Aaron Hernandez was discovered hanging in his cell by corrections officers at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley Massachusetts at approximately 3:05 a.m., lifesaving techniques were attempted on Mr. Hernandez and he was transported to UMASS Leominster where he was pronounced dead at 4:07 a.m. by a physician at the hospital.  Mr. Hernandez was in a single cell in a general population housing.  Mr. Hernandez hanged himself utilizing a bed sheet that he attached to his cell window.  Mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items.  The Massachusetts State Police are on scene and the investigation continues.  Mr. Hernandez’s next of kin have been notified.”

An autopsy will be performed in Boston to determine the “cause and manner of death,” according to a statement released by Worcester County DA Joseph Early.

Eu tenho medo de mim mesma e acordo pra lutar, correr, machucar e matar sentimentos daqueles que me cercam. O problema a seguir não é como eles morrem, os sentimentos, é como eu morro por dentro assim que os mato.
—  Nathália Hernandez


Ok, first off: Sorry for not posting much art lately
(for anyone who’s actually following me or interested). 

I’ve been pretty wrapped up in college finals, as well as make up work I need to do for two of my art classes, so… yeah.

Though I still have a lot of work to finish, I recently stumbled upon this old silhouette lineup i had on my computer.

And by old, I mean REALLY OLD! I made this thing like two years ago.

 Any who: I made this thing a long time ago in order to practice designing characters from silhouettes, but never really got around to it. 

Now that I’ve found this, I was thinking “why not share this with the internet peoples”? 

Rather than flesh these silhouettes myself, I want to see what you guys come up with.  (that and I’m to busy/ lazy)

Just pick one or more that catch your eye and flesh them out in your own way.
Or rather, use the silhouettes as a launching pad for your own character creations. 

I’m interested to see what you do with my little “challenge” if you even want to call it that, so feel free to send me a message or reply with your results if you do decide to use this. 

If you’ve read this far, thank you. You’re awesome. I wish I could give you a cookie.