I'm sorry but, I CANNOT WAIT ANYMORE. I WANT to see the R/Hr kiss. If anyone has the link PLEASE send it to my ask. I PROMISE I won't reblog it, post it, or anything until after the 15th, I just have to see it. for myself. right the fuck now. Pleeeeeeeease?
So here's what's up.

Apparently potterheads are freaking out because of Hermonald. Here’s the thing. Hermonald isn’t trying to take over Romione. My friend is just random and one day decided that she liked calling them Hermonald more. We love HP just as much as the next potterhead and are just as supportive as all the Romione fans out there. It’s the same relationship with the same people we are just calling it by a different name. So please. Quit freaking out. Quit being bitches. If you don’t like Hermonald then you can call it Romione. No one is forcing you to accept Hermonald. Don’t make a big deal out of something that isn’t a big deal.

Thank you.