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psst i was stalking ur LOE tag and i was wondering if u have ever thought of maybe making a design for terezi?

yep something like this! this is just a REALLY VAGUE sketch ahahahhaha

shes the forest hermit and trains some small dragons for funsies, but also shes some sort of a key girl??? hella important for the mission!

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Why can't it be that I just don't like being blessed? Why do I need a reason to not want others' energies and intentions influencing my hermit life? I could give a shit less about the meaning behind the blessing I flat out just don't want anyone's interference and people demanding that one justifies this need to take a long hard look at why they feel the need to fight someone's right to themselves



Все мои замечательные читатели! Я наконец-то вернулась домой, где есть нормальный интернет и больше свободного времени. Так что скоро будет эстафета “Я хочу” от sleepy-hermit, и несколько интересных постов, которые я не успела подготовить перед отъездом.

И наконец-то я смогу читать свою ленту! И очень жаль, что у многих я пропустила интересные посты, которые я искренне надеюсь наверстать.

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how are you so confident/cocky? jealous as, I'm a hermit

Bc I only care about my own opinion of myself. I like myself & know in my heart that I’m a great person and that my intentions are true, that’s all that matters to me. Someone calling me conceited, vain, ugly, etc., isn’t going to make me love myself any less :)