hermit crab in space

Things I Picture the Trolls Doing:

Aradia: goes on a museum tour and correcting/interrupting the tour guide

Tavros: Beats Vriska in pokemon fiduspawn because she always chooses spiders (bug types) which are weak to fire

Sollux: makes very subtle bee puns which nobody but Karkat notices

Karkat: discovers hermit crabs and now retreats into a box or other small space when he feels threatened

Nepeta: has a phase where she likes horses more than cats, this freaks Equius out

Kanaya: still a little miffed about the “hot mom” jokes Rose made about Porrim, Kanaya makes the same jokes about Roxy when they first meet on the lilypad

Terezi: Wanting to play video games with the others but not wanting to constantly lick a television she gets Sollux to make the Wii U’s gamepad compatible with all consoles

Vriska: wants to get a new pet but can’t choose between a scorpion and a spider

Equius: goes to a a gym and has to spend the majority of his time there wiping down equipment that he has sweated on

Gamzee: Leaves to join circus, returns when he’s fired for teaching the word “motherfucker” to 5 & 6 year olds

Eridan: becomes a secret fan of One Direction, Sollux finds out but agrees to keep his secret

Feferi: Vriska keeps trying to make her upset by pointing out seafood restaurants, it doesn’t work because Fef actually loves seafood (what do you think she ate for her whole life underwater?)


omg. guys. what were thinking when all those trailers came out. “oh yes” we said “the bendu, what an interesting subplot. we’ll see that much later in the season. oh, Ezra using the holocron—we’ll get to that eventually! but in the mean time, Kanan and Ezra will grow apart, maybe? oh Thrawn—we won’t see him for a while!”

we’re suckers, y’all. BECAUSE GUESS WHO ALL SHOWED UP.

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