hermit convention

Lago Suchitlan, Near Suchitoto, El Salvador

The Cerrón Grande reservoir, locally known as Suchitlán Lake, is the largest body of fresh water in El Salvador. In 2005, the reservoir and approximately 470 km2 (180 sq mi) of adjacent area was listed as a “Wetland of International Importance” under the Ramsar Convention. The area provides a habitat for large numbers of waterbird, duck and fish species. In the middle of the lake is Hermit Island, where initially a hermit lived, but after he died a couple of families moved onto the land with their pigs and chickens. This is a big kayaking destination for bird watchers. Sadly, many farmers lost their family’s land here when the government flooded the area as a catchment basin for the hydroelectric dam. The area is gorgeous.

The Life and Times of Aaron Burr, by J. Parton

So I went in to work early on Sunday and ended up looking at the book collection and

A lovely shelf of books from the family collection, and look what I spotted:

(Aaron Burr voice) This should be fun.

And then inside:

Someone has glued a newspaper article inside!

It’s about Theo! And it is a LONG article. It’s apparently from the Philadelphia Times, reprinted in the News and Observer. I’ll put a transcript up here. Based on an ad on the back, the article is from April or May of 1891.

There’s another, much shorter article pasted on the next page about Eliza Jumel, no idea about the date or source. Transcribed here.

Next there are some lovely pictures of Burr and Theo:

Title page says this was published 1859. Also you can see the signature of the (rich white Southern) planter who owned the book.

Dedicated to Theo:

Some quotes from Hamilton, Jefferson, Theo, and Thackeray:

WOW that is a great diss quote from Hamilton, let’s flip to the duel chapter:

Sorry it’s blurry, but I was laughing at this point over “…there is not the name of one politician who received provocation so often-repeated, so irritating, and so injurious, as that which Aaron Burr had received from Alexander Hamilton.” Followed by “Aaron Burr, whatever faults he may have had–and he had grievous and radical faults–was not a revengeful man; there has seldom lived one who was less so.”