HP Fanzine?

How would you folks feel about a Harry Potter comic zine?

I’ve been thinking about making one with new comic scenes and artworks for a while now… Is that something you’d be at all interested in? If it is, what are some scenes you’d like to see in it? I kinda want to do a couple from each book! 

*pondering face*


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I dont know why people say that Ron doesnt deserve Hermione, Ron really deserved Hermione cause He is the one who steps forward to catch her from a falling chandelier while Harry and Draco ran away to get into safety. And he is the one who sacrifices his life in the movie (philosophers stone where he sacrifices his life in a chess so harry and hermione can pass through) he is the one who followed harry’s decision to follow the spiders even though his afraid of it. Ron is not a coward! And Hermione cries for him cause she LOVES him. And it will not change anything. Dramione and Fredmione are nonsense cause they didnt have any relationship especially Draco, he is the one who makes her cry in Chamber of Secret by telling her that shes a “Mudblood” and Yes Ron Weasley stood for her and protected her. Harmony makes sense a little but Harry loves Ginny and we should respect that. Ron and Hermione love eachother so deeply and as far as i know Hermione and Harry only treated eachother as brother and sister and know they are already relatives cause Harry married Ginny then Hermione married Ron. And actually they lived happily ever after. So stop messing around. Focus on Romione’s bitter/sweet relationship.

The Development of the Ron/Hermione Relationship

I did this for Ginny/Harry and a few people asked for me to do the same for Hermione/Ron. So here it goes.


Ron: Ron obviously became friends with Hermione in first year, and the two spent plenty of time together independently of Harry. Hermione isn’t just this girl that he spends time with, she’s legitimately his best friend (alongside Harry).

Hermione: Hermione, after a period of uncertainty, warms up to Ron and bonds with him. She sees him as her other best friend (alongside Harry) and her ally.


Ron: Ron is blissfully ignorant of the fact that Hermione’s a girl, but aware that he feels positively toward her and cares for her a great deal.

Hermione: Hermione is aware of the fact that her friendship with Ron is somehow different than her friendship with Harry, but not really aware of why.


Ron: Ron butts heads with Hermione, and he and Harry stop speaking to her from Christmas to Easter. Though Harry shows no sign of missing Hermione, Ron continues to spar with her at every opportunity. He also continues to investigate her class schedule and pay attention to Hermione’s eating habits. Throughout the year, he tells her she’s overworking herself, but doesn’t yet see his attention toward Hermione as a romantic thing. In fact, he doesn’t seem to spend much time thinking about why he does what he does when it comes to Hermione.

Hermione: Hermione realizes that she has feelings for Ron. However, asking him out seems like an unthinkable risk to their friendship and the status quo. The fight about Scabbers/the Firebolt leaves her friendless for months, and Hermione’s aware of how much she misses and needs the boys. She also realizes that if she and Ron had a schism, Ron would mostly keep Harry in the divorce. Which would leave Hermione without either of her best friends. And despite her feelings for Ron, he doesn’t fit with the mature intellectual dull sensible romantic partner that she pictured herself ending up with. Hermione feels as though Ron, as her best friend and someone who didn’t always do his homework, is not a sensible choice for her. Instead, she tries to push down her feelings and concentrate on her friendship with him.


Ron: Ron spends most of fourth year trying to convince himself that his feelings about Hermione’s relationship with Krum were brotherly. He isn’t fully aware of his own feelings for Hermione yet. The way that he “asked” Hermione to the Yule Ball seems legitimately off-the-cuff rather than something he had secretly spent a great deal of time thinking about. However, after the Yule Ball, he’s forced to admit that he might maybe have feelings for her. However, he ignores those feelings because he didn’t feel as though Hermione would reciprocate.

Hermione: Krum waltzes into Hermione’s life. She’s a 14-year-old girl and of course she’s going to say yes to the first guy who seems genuinely interested in her. She tells herself that this will help her get over her silly crush on Ron. When Ron/Hermione argue after the Yule Ball, Hermione blurts out that Ron should have asked her. She’s mortified, but the whole night makes her realize that she would genuinely rather have gone with stupid insensitive Ron than famous adoring Krum. However, it also makes her realize that Ron can be kind of a dick.


Ron: Ron spends most of the summer with Hermione (and without Harry). Ron’s relationship with Hermione deepens during fifth year, and he’s now aware of his feelings for her, but doesn’t pursue it because he doesn’t see it as being reciprocated. He does go out on a limb and give Hermione a bottle of perfume for Christmas.

Hermione: She and Ron largely maintain status quo during fifth year. Harry is off angsting, and Ron and Hermione refine their co-parenting skills (so to speak) and spend a lot of time talking about Harry. Ron also tells Hermione about Harry’s nightmares and becomes more likely to side with Hermione over Harry.


Ron: Hermione asks Ron out. Obviously we know that Hermione meant it romantically, but Ron has spent the last few years convincing himself that Hermione could never like him that way. And they’re best friends. It’s easy for him to feel sure that Hermione’s asking him as a friends, which is frustrating for him because it feels like the best he’s ever going to get from his relationship from Hermione. And honestly, he probably feels like a complete moron if he lets himself get a little bit excited or hopeful. He hates himself for chasing what he sees as a dead end. He’s told that Hermione snogged Krum, which makes him feel even more sure that she’s not interested. And Lavender just happens to show up at the exact right moment. He decides that he can’t stay hung up on Hermione forever and should move on to someone who actually is interested. After he starts dating Lavender, Ron is a little taken aback by the strength of Hermione’s reaction. It becomes crystal clear to him that Hermione was actually fairly invested in going to that Christmas party with him. And now he’s stuck with Lavender and Hermione’s not speaking to him. I think that’s when he realized that Hermione had had feelings for him romantically, but he still has to go carefully because Hermione might have lost interest due to the fiasco with Lavender.

Hermione: Hermione spends most of her summer with Ron and Harry at the Burrow. She finally steps out on a limb and Ron shows how little he cared about her asking him by snogging Lavender. Hermione is embarrassed and hurt. Not to mention she now has to listen to her roommate go on and on about Ron. She stops talking to him and tries to act aloof about the whole thing. And then when Ron/s relationship with Lavender goes down the tubes, she can’t help but feel a little bit gleeful. And Ron seems so willing to rekindle a friendship and so willing to make Hermione an ally in the Lavender debacle that I think Hermione feels a little bit like she won.


Ron: Ron spends plenty of time with Hermione before Harry’s arrival, and is there for her after she modifies her parent’s memories. He and Hermione have reached a point where they know their feelings are mutual. However, they put their relationship on the back burner for Harry’s sake and for the sake of the entire war.  While they haven’t formally declared their relationship status, he and Hermione fall asleep holding hands, which does not a thing that occurs between two friends who aren’t sure if the other one feels romantically toward them.  Ron seems to take more responsibility for Hermione, and even offers his life for hers at Malfoy Manor. When Ron leaves, he’s hurt that Hermione choose Harry over him, even if in his heart he knows it was the best choice. His insecurities start flooding back, and he sits at Shell Cottage wondering if Hermione and Harry are falling in love and bonding over their useless ex-best friend. When he returns, he take responsibility for his actions and gives Hermione space, but makes it clear that he wants to move forward. During the final battle, they go off to the chamber together, and kiss in front of Harry, though it’s unknown whether this is actually their first kiss.

Hermione: With the stakes higher than ever and so many secrets to keep, Hermione is more reliant on Ron for emotional support than ever before. She, like Ron, feels a sense of responsibility toward her other half. Though she and Ron are prioritizing Harry’s needs over their own relationship, she knows how Ron feels. In the past, Hermione at least pretends to show the same level of affection for both boys, but in this book she doesn’t bother to hide her obvious (and perfectly understandable) preferential treatment. Even when Ron leaves, he asks Hermione if she’s coming and Hermione (rather than saying “no I’m staying”) is quick to frame her decision to stay with Harry as “we said we would help.” When Ron leaves, she feels betrayed. She doesn’t feel comfortable talking to her feelings with Harry or bonding over their mutual loss, instead she just avoids any mention of Ron’s name for an entire month. When he returns, she’s rightfully angry. However, she slowly softens toward Ron. At the end of the book, she enjoys a public kiss with Ron.

  • Hermione:I want to remember everything. And I want to know everything. I NEED to know everything.
  • Fred:Well, you must realize, Hermione, knowing everything won't do you a bit of good unless you put it to good use.
  • Hermione:True...
  • George:Great! So you'll help us figure out a way to break into Dumbledore's office!
  • Hermione:You wish.