• Hermione: if you bite it and you die, it's poisonous, if it bites you and you die, it's venomous.
  • Draco: what if it bites me and it dies?
  • Hermione: it means you're poisonous, Merlin, learn to listen.
  • Blaise: what if it bites itself and I die?
  • Theo: that's voodoo.
  • Harry: what if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Hermione: that's correlation, not causation.
  • Theo: what if we bite each other and neither of us dies?
  • Draco: that's kinky.
  • Hermione: oh my god.
  • Hermione: [phone starts ringing]
  • Harry: [looks at who is calling] you still call your dad "daddy"?
  • Hermione: [picks up phone and locks eyes with Harry]
  • Hermione: hey Draco, what's up?
  • Harry: [chokes on drink]
  • Draco: "Look Hermione, I'm sorry for being so rude to you in Hogwarts-"
  • Hermione: "Draco-"
  • Draco: "No, really, I'm so sorry for being such an arse to you-"
  • Hermione: "Draco, we've been married for 8 years now, you don't need to keep apologising."
  • Blaise: kiss the one you want the most, Draco
  • Draco: Astoria?
  • Astoria: yes?
  • Draco: can you move? I'm trying to get to Granger

Draco Malfoy wasn’t a crier. He was stone faced and he was smug looking. He was smiling a lot more lately. Smiling at the small moments in his friends lives, such as when Blaise finally asked Ginny to marry him on the quidditch field in front of millions of fans. The look on his face when she said yes, that made Draco Malfoy smile.

When his mother accepted his relationship with Hermione Granger, that made Draco Malfoy smile. His love having tea with his mother every Tuesday at 2:00 pm talking about books and his mother’s garden made his lip quirk ever so slightly.

When Pansy announced that she was pregnant with a baby girl, and Hermione and Ginny squealed in delight as Pansy gushed over the possible names in the kitchen of his new acquired home that he and Hermione decorated. Draco began to exit the room when Pansy began to tease him about having one of his own sometime soon after the wedding of course. He walked out of the room but Hermione saw the small smile that formed on his face as he went to talk to Harry about his thoughts on the baby. 

When Theo finally introduced Luna as his girlfriend to them all, Merlin it took him forever to gain the courage. They made a good looking couple. How they sat on the sofa with their hands intertwined like a couple of kids as he made her blush with his whispers. That made Draco Malfoy smile

The day of Ginny and Blaise’s wedding, even though Hermione looked the most stunning out of them all, was beautiful  even for his standards. Her hair flowing down her back while in that blue gown that he loved the most. The way she smiled when they danced and told him that this reminded him of their wedding a year ago. The thought of her in her wedding dress once again made him smile. 

A couple days later, Hermione told him that she was expecting, a boy, gods he was having a boy. A smile that could be seen for miles it was so big, she looked at him and cried the happiest tears. Finally they were having a child. He hugged her and told her that he loved her with everything. She told their friends and they were delighted. If they were lucky Harry and Pansy’s baby girl would be in the same year as him. They decided to name her Lillian, that made everyone smile. 

Coffee made Draco Malfoy smile as he woke up in the mornings. Theo and Luna were already talking to the gorgeous brunette that was carrying his child. They were going to travel for a couple months and Hermione was trilled for them. Luna promised to owl pictures and things for Hermione to read. Hermione smiled. Her stomach growing bigger everyday. 

When Hermione’s water broke Draco panicked. Not knowing what to do she yelled at him to get her to St. Mungos. She sent a patronus to Ginny, telling her to let everyone know. Sitting in the waiting room, Draco Malfoy was nervous. A healer called him in to hold Hermione’s hand during the labor. She was crying when he came in but I don’t think it was out of the pain the little boy was causing her. She was happy.

When Draco heard the cries of his newborn he smiled. He look at Hermione and smiled. The doctors went and cleaned him off as he held Hermione’s hand and smiled. She looked at him with adoration and uttered the words I love you and he smiled. Hermione was holding the baby when she looked at him, I think I have a name for him, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, doesn’t it sound lovely is what she said. Draco looked at her and nodded, it was perfect. 

Hermione handed him Scorpius and Draco stood there in awe. He was beautiful. Surrounded by his friends he just looked at the baby and his eyes began to water and the smile on his face couldn’t be missed. Draco was a father and the love of his life had given him a perfect child. For the first time in years Draco Malfoy cried. 

Not Everything..
  • Draco: I heard you had a crush on Rose Granger-Weasley is that true?
  • Scorpius: Really dad? Gosh, If you are going to give me advice i'll listen to you, but if you are going to lecture me not to fall for her I'm going abroad on the train now.
  • Draco: Well, i am not really an expert at chasing girls. but all i can say to you if you really like that girl you should fight for her no matter what other people say.
  • Scorpius: Said someone who used to make all the girls at Hogwarts drooling for you. A perfect guy like you wouldn't understand how i feel
  • Draco: I am far away from perfect. what made you think i am?
  • Scorpius: You had everything dad, you had Malfoy names, you were rich, smart, You were a Quidditch captain, a head boy, plus you are handsome! Merlin's beard that's rose! step a little further from me dad, i don't want her to think i am a daddy boy. Hi there rose! You smell good today!
  • Rose: *walking past scorpius practically ignoring him*
  • Hermione: *walking behind rose, smiling to Draco and Scorpius*
  • Draco: *staring longingly at Hermione's back* No, Not everything
  • Scorpius: what did you say dad?
  • Draco: Nothing. Nothing at all son. Now hop on the train you'd be late.