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if you're still taking prompts how about when Hermione first realized she was In LOVE with Ron (or alternative what qualities Ron has that made her fall in love with him/want to be with him, Besides the 'What about the house-elves?'

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A/N: Here you are, a slightly fluffy one for those of you in Branson. Rated K cause they are kids and they aren’t adults in the least. - DG

“Mind if I help?” Ron sat quietly across from Hermione in the library. He looked across the table at Hermione and the hours of work she already did in her spare time. “I’d have been here sooner but I was helping Harry with a spot of bother on his homework.”

“Which means you let him copy your homework which I helped you with,” she cheeked.  The table was covered in dozens of books, legal tomes mostly, in her attempt to assist Hagrid with his defense of Buckbeak. Ron offered to help last week and showed up sometimes, helping her dig through dusty  books trying to find any legal loophole to help Hagrid’s fight against Malfoy and his trumped up charges.

“It was a foot of parchment on charms. You didn’t need to help with that particular one, I reckon,” He spoke in a loud whisper. “But he finished then ran off for Quidditch practice. They have him riding a Comet and it’s horrible. But while he’s doing that, I wanted to be able to help for a while and since you were in here,” he shrugged before opening his bag and taking out quills, ink, and parchment.  “Hand me a book and I can get started.”            

Hermione pushed two books across the table to Ron and watched him settle into a particular one she handed him.  She watched him throw things onto the table, unlike how she had everything neatly laid out on her side of the table. He picked up the first book she pushed towards him and propped it on his bag.

She went back to work on the entries in her book, regarding ancient Wizengamot case rulings regarding Magical creatures.

“Have you found anything yet?”

Hermione looked up from her parchment and quill and saw Ron running his hands through his hair.  The light from the afternoon sun hit the window and illuminated his ginger hair, giving the illusion of it being on fire.

She sucked in her breath and looked down at the parchment, praying he wouldn’t notice the flush in her cheeks that was spreading quickly to –

“Hey, you ok? You look like a tomato in mum’s garden.”

“I’m fine,” Hermione muttered and frantically scribbled something on the parchment. “I just read a comment in here about execution methods and I got angry.”

“Oh, yeah, right. That would be upsetting.” Ron pulled his book closer and went back to reading.

Hermione looked up from the parchment and watched the sunlight dancing along his hairs, making some shine like gold while others were the brightest orange around. She looked down at her parchment and saw her hands shaking slightly. Another blush crept along her cheeks and across her neck and ears, creeping down her chest which was, thankfully, covered by her jumper.

She glanced again at him, twirling his quill and occasionally writing something down. His fingers never stayed still one the parchment, whether tapping it or twirling the quill or even picking up the small tin of sweets he snuck into the library, nibbling on them occasionally.

They were so long, so pale in comparison to the book on the table and the parchment under his gaze.

“Hermione, what have you found?”

She looked up from the parchment that she’d ignored the last fifteen minutes while contemplating his hair basking in the sunlight.

“Nothing useful yet. I probably should look in the next one since this hasn’t been helpful.”

Ron picked up another one too, blowing the dust off of it.  She moaned slightly at watching how his lips formed a straight line then puffed out when he blew the dust off of it.

“Ron, do you –”

“Hey! I just got back from Hagrid’s,” Harry interrupted her question, “and he said the hearing is coming up after the first of the year.”

Hermione glared at Harry.

“What?” he bit back.

“You interrupted me.”

“Oh sorry. Go ahead.”

“Nevermind,” she looked wistfully at Ron and his now normal looking hair. She glanced outside and saw the sun had drifted behind clouds that looked like snow was coming.

“Oh. Ok. Anyway, he said that the hearing is after Christmas and he’s appreciating all the help he can get.”

Hermione stood before packing her satchel of parchment. “Coming? It’s almost supper time. We can put our things in the common room before dinner.

She strode out of the library with both of the guys in tow. They talked Quidditch and the menu tonight in the great hall while ignoring her. Harry lamented the destruction of his Nimbus 2000 and that it wasn’t worth practicing on Ron’s Cleansweep.

They stepped into the common room and went up their respective stairs to their rooms, depositing things instead of laying them around.
Hermione was back down first, thinking about Ron sitting in the sunlight and how nice he looked with his hair illuminated. She took a breath and tried to compose her features.

They scampered down the stairs, talking about Harry’s busted Nimbus and she fell in with them, a step behind, and listened to them prattle on.   Thankfully, they were too busy talking to notice the permanent blush on her cheeks and the biting of her lip. Ron was gesticulating about Malfoy’s incident with Buckbeak again but Hermione couldn’t help the look on her face while watching his hands move.

“Oh, bother,” she whispered before glancing at Ron once again. They passed one of the suits of armor, with a decorative wreath around it and she smiled.  She looked around the great hall and saw a few sprigs of mistletoe.

“Maybe Christmas,” she said to herself and rushed to catch up with both of them.

A/N2: I’m sure the requestor wanted something more interesting but I couldn’t help but think that the incident before Christmas in PoA was rather telling – more like foreshadowing.  - DG