Someone confessed that they love Hermione but thought that S.P.E.W. was very wrong. This was interesting to me because it was S.P.E.W. (and a good number of other things) that helped me relate to Hermione and made me love her more. This close-mindedness is a fault of hers - a fault that makes her human and gives more insight to who she is as a person (someone who isn’t perfect and has all of the answers). The movies took that away from her and I will never forget or forgive that.


inspired by an amazing fanfiction

Alexander Draco Malfoy by Aoi Megami

  • “Your mother must be one hell of a woman… I mean… to be married to a Malfoy,” Harry figured as he looked at the boy from the future in front of him once again; the shape of his face, his complexion, the tousled brown wavy hair. Oh Merlin! “Hermione?” When Harry saw that mischievous smile on Xander’s face, he fainted. 

52. A fifth year ravenclaw coming out as pan and the entire house having an all night celebration featuring junk food smuggled from the hose elves, music of the students’ choosing, pink, yellow, and blue streamers charmed to float around on the ceiling and spell the name of said student, who is at this point crying from the overwhelming and unexpected wave of support

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