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I heard it. A voice. Your voice, Hermione. You said my name. Just my name. Like a whisper. So I took it, clicked it and this tiny ball of light appeared. And I knew. It flew towards me, the ball of light, right through my chest and straight through me. Right here. And I knew it was going to take me where I needed to go.

Lovers in the Night

can I just say this is one of my favorite eras? oh, and this is a mob! draco x reader story, which is probably one of my favorites, if I’m entirely honest. 

Smoke. Liquor. Jazz. Platinum.
The thump of the club bumped along with his heart, erasing the day’s troubles and drowning him in amber. Crystal eyes scanned the room, spotting the only woman among a sea of suits. 
They called her ‘Wolfie.’ It was mainly because she worked alone. Well, alone, or with a pack. Born into the mafia scene, she worked her way to the top, learning how to clean a house quicker than ‘Four-Eyed Harry.’ From day one, she sat on the boss’ lap, memorizing each street and gang until she could recognize a fed from his eyes, alone. She was perfect. 
Malfoy took a drag from his cigar, turning to Blaise Zabini, who was carelessly stalking the interaction, as well. They made eye contact with Wolfie, who smirked, turning back to the Irish henchman. ‘So, Mr. Finnigan, what’s a gal gotta do for a drink around here?’ Seamus, also known as ‘Freckle-Face Finnigan,’ was flagging down a bartender, ordering some frivolous, fruity cocktail for the lady in green. She sipped, luxuriously, at the sustenance, trying not to wince at the cheap alcohol. She made eye contact once more with Malfoy, before leaning over the table, giving Finnigan a quick glance at her breasts. ‘I hear your selling magic downtown.’ He sucked in a breath, eying her, carefully. ‘Four-Eyed Harry’s got a lead, down there. Apparently, the Mafia is selling all kinds of angel dust, angel face.’ She giggled, popping out a cigarette. A quick match was struck before she slipped the lighter back into her purse. ‘Well, is that Potter man going to stop it?’ He chuckled, ‘I don’t know, sweetheart.’ She sighed, gently bringing the smoke into her fingertips. ‘That’s funny. You should know.’ She looked up, sneering while pressing the tobacco to his arm. ‘You work for him.’ He gasped, attempting to retract his hand, while Y/n clawed at his wrist, keeping him in place. She plastered a plastic grin, keeping eye contact like a hawk. ‘Listen to me carefully, Finnigan. I know you’re working for Potter, and frankly, I don’t like rats.’ He teared, his arms beginning to burn. ‘So, listen to me, and don’t forget one detail. The Riddler doesn’t like to be tricked, Seamus,’ his eyes widened at the use of his name, ‘so I’ll give you one chance. Do you see my buddies over there?’ Seamus turned his head to find Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini sitting in their signature booth, amusement hinted in each stare. ‘They are going to walk out of this club in exactly ninety seconds. You are going to follow them into that alley, and peacefully get into the car parked outside. If you try to escape, or contact any one of your friends, I will personally pop you in the forehead, and leave your remains on your wife’s bed.’ He shivered as she feigned laughing, to not alert anyone’s attention. ‘In thirty seconds you are going to stand up, invite me outside for some fun, and we’re going to walk out of here, pretending I don’t have a gun to your stomach.’ He flinched as he felt the cool metal through his dress shirt. 
Shifting through dancers and flirts, the two met blondie and chocolate in the alley outside, Y/n’s heels adjusting to the pavement. Draco smiled, snapping his fingers as the Model 18 Ford rolled up to the sidewalk. Draco whistled at the driver, urging him to pop the trunk. ‘Crabbe, did you get the stains out?’ He shook his head, ‘Sorry, boss, I had to meet with Goyle and Greengrass to talk about the meeting next week.’ Draco sighed, gripping Finnigan’s collar and stuffing a tube sock down his throat. ‘I guess you’ll have to accommodate the smell.’ He shoved the Irishman into the compartment, the stench of day-old blood filling his nose. He began to wretch when Blaise strolled up, a knife pressing to Seamus’ neck. ‘You throw up in the car, and I skin you alive.’ He slammed the trunk, walking up to the shotgun seat, leaving Malfoy and L/n to the back. The Ford drove onto the road, solitude passing in the silence. Draco reached a hand over, gripping Y/n’s with silent comfort. No one said a word as they drove to the city canal, ready for another night of jazz and blues.
‘What are you saying?’ Officer Weasley placed his hands on his head, gripping his apricot locks as if it were a life line. ‘Finnigan’s body washed up this morning! That’s what I’m saying!’ The detective leaned back in his chair, a breath of shock leaving him. ‘We’ll have to send someone else undercover.’ He thought for a moment, before a thought struck. He reached to the telephone on his desk, twisting his secretary’s number. ‘Yes, um, Ginerva? Could you get Officer Granger into my office?’ Weasley spun around, gasping. ‘No…no, you can’t send her-’ ‘Yes, have her here as soon as possible-’ ‘No, please, sir, you can’t-’ ‘Well, get her here, now-’ ‘I SAID NO!’ He looked up through his wiry glasses, a huffing Weasley present. ‘You’ll be sending her into the lion’s den. No one, I mean no one, survives them! Finnigan, Creavey, Thomas, Jordan, they’ve all been shot, drowned, MURDERED! You are not sending Hermione in there!’ He sat in the burgundy chair across from his chief, folding his hands like a prayer. ‘Harry…’ Detective Potter looked up, pain across his face. ‘I have no choice, Ronald. How else are we going to catch them? Look, we’ve been sending all men in there, but we’ve never sent a woman, and no one as smart as Hermione-’ ‘But that will just make it worse!’ Harry squinted his eyes, calculating. ‘Why is that?’ Ronald stood up, pointing to their cork board of evidence. ‘Wolves are protective. Wolves are jealous. Wolves are vicious. A female wolf will always feel threatened if someone tries to steal, or harm, the alpha. We’ve profiled that the alpha to Wolfie is The Riddler, since he raised her, right?’ ‘Right.’ ‘Well, what we haven’t connected are Wolfie and-’ ‘The Cobra.’ They both looked toward a mug shot of the platinum gangster, a smug snarl in his eyes. Harry stood up, matching Ron’s stance, a shocked expression across his face. ‘They’re lovers.’
Draco sat in front of the fire, his legs crossed with laziness. His burnt out cigar was spiraling smoke into the atmosphere, mixing with the flames. His ears turned up at the sound of heels clicking, soon stopping in front of him. His eyes glittered, looking at her hourglass. ‘You know it drives me wild when you wear that.’ She smirked, admiring her lingerie. ‘I’ll never take it off.’ She sat on his lap, twirling his golden silk while sucking on her cherry stained lips. He shifted, gripping her waist and leaning his head on her shoulder. ‘Have you considered my offer?’ Her e/c eyes fell, a sad frown disgracing her pout. ‘You know it would never work, Draco.’ She was the only one who called him that. ‘They would find us in a heartbeat, darling.’ He leaned his head back, neck stretching to watch the shadows chase her cheekbones. ‘I’d love you dead, or alive.’ She grinned, nibbling on the tip of his ear. ‘I can’t fuck you if you’re dead.’ A deep chuckle rang through the empty study, the sounds of kisses and breath occupying their time. They wouldn’t escape the mafia tonight. In fact, they might never escape. In the mean time, they’d kiss and make love in the midnight, forgetting the days ahead.

Do You Have a Little Time?

If you’re feeling low and lost today / Probably doing too much again / You spend all your hours just rushing around / Do you have a little time, to have a little time for me?

Hermione couldn’t pinpoint the moment she’d fallen asleep in the library. Again.

She woke to the lights lowered, not quite dark enough to signal that it was almost time to go back to the common room, but enough to know she’d completely disrupted her OWLs timetable. The choking feeling of an oncoming messy cry clawed at her throat. Her fingers stuck a bit in her hair where they’d gotten lodged during her slumber, and she winced when several strands came away, stuck to the bracelet her parents had given her for Christmas her first year at Hogwarts.

Huffing in defeat after comparing the time on the clock and what remaining time left on her schedule, she moved to gather her supplies and push her post-study walk to the common room up a handful of minutes, her nap shaving off at least an hour of scheduled sleep time.

“As if there was a doubt where I’d find you.”

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“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (2002)

Poster: Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger,  Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley, Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy, Richard Harris as Albus Dumbledore, Robbie Coltrane as Rubeus Hagrid, Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart

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