“Andromeda Tonks is the only good Slytherin!”

Lmao, what?..

Andromeda Tonks is a great example of a good Slytherin, however, she is not the only good one there is.

Okay, Slytherin may be home to Tom Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange, but under no circumstances do they affect the rest of the house. Horace Slughorn was a brilliant wizard, who fought against the death eaters and who was also really good! And what house did Slughorn come from? Slytherin that is! I would also like to mention Regulus Black - the Black who was nothing of evilness - in fact, he was good. He’s constantly turned a blind eye on considering he isn’t that important, nevertheless, he still is a good SLYTHERIN!

There is also Narcissa Malfoy, who I understand, is a typical Pureblood woman - believes what her family have taught her. However, she did not stand there and take shit from the Dark Lord. You want to live in my house? Fine, do as you please. Want to recruit my sister as a death eater? Go ahead. Want to create a barrier between my son and I during the battle? I think not.

She stood up for her family. She essentially handed over the win to Harry Potter - because god forbid what would’ve happened if she didn’t lie to the dark lord. And just as her son, I’m sure she finally understood the irrelevance of bloody supremacy.

I’m not going to say that Snape is upon the list of “good Slytherin’s” because he’s had his fair share of shitty things he did in his life. Some of which include bullying children. (Which I don’t agree with). But he did turn out to be kinda good in the end.

Lastly, there is Draco Malfoy. Yes, I’m aware that he was really shitty toward the Trio in his early years. But he was a child who got everything that he wanted - and when he didn’t get the one friend his father told him to get - he got shitty. I understand it doesn’t justify his behaviour, but I would like to state it, anyway. He was just a child when he was influenced by his family, and basically forced into the Dark forces. He did what he had to do, in order to keep his family from dying. He protected the Trio when they he was supposed to identify them - ultimately giving them a pass to get answers on Voldy. Draco Malfoy then grew up, became a great father, married a woman who is against bloody supremacy (I don’t agree with his choice of woman, but that’s another story) and made sure that his son wasn’t brought up in the same environment that he was. He also raised Scorpius Malfoy, A SLYTHERIN, who is basically the male version of Hermione Granger - and hell, we all love her!

So, no, andromeda might be a great witch, and an even better badass, but she is definitely not going to take the title for the only good Slytherin. Because there are so many good Slytherin’s out there.

Not to mention that Slytherin’s traits aren’t; evil, evil, Voldemort. Our traits include; cunning, ambitious and resourceful. And if you ask me, I think that’s amazing. All those traits are of true brilliance. They make up a brilliant witch or wizard - not to mention a good person. Yes, we are very sarcastic, hell, we’re even a little mean - but we have a heart of gold - and only a very few will see that, and that’s maybe why people think that Slytherin’s are evil. Despite Slytherin having our fair share of evil characters, we also have brilliant witches and wizards who only aspire to do greatness with their magic. And you’re a right fool if you believe that every Slytherin is evil.

Daniel Radcliffe looks more like Harry Potter in this picture than he did when he was Harry Potter

-,’ types of people ,’-

gryffindor: flirty competitive, inside jokes, bright laughter, messy ponytail, sweaters, dogs, long showers, going on adventures

hufflepuff: thrift shopping, binge-watching your favourite series, playing the ukulele, faux freckles, loyal to the core

ravenclaw: high grades, winters, watching conspiracy theories, perfect eyebrows, fuzzy socks, writing letters, movie night

slytherin: coffee, rainy days, cold hands, drawing, obsessed with mythology, vintage shirts, eye gazing, sharp features

running out of energy on hogwarts mystery? (1/2)

check out these locations to get one (1) free energy point

  • East Towers - Find the black painting near the Charms Class. Tap on it and a little girl will appear, yielding one energy.
  • West Towers - Find a painting with a white tree trunk or branches near the Prefect’s Bathroom. Tap on it and three oranges will appear, yielding you one energy
  • Lower Floor – West: Stand in front of the Great Hall and to the right you will see three Knights holding a sword or shield. Two of them will be holding their equipment slanted or sideways. Tap on the statues. They will switch items and stand correctly, yielding you one energy point.
  • Lower Floor – West: On the right side of the Great Hall where the disorderly Knights were found, you’ll see a pillar that is meant to hold a lamp. It is not lit. Tap to light it and gain one energy.
  • Dungeons: Look around till you spot a snoozing House-Elf. Tap him to startle him awake and earn an energy point.
  • Castle Grounds: Look out on the grounds and you should see a large tree branch or stick lying around. Tap on it to make a dog come running after it and gain an energy point.