Song tag game

I was tagged by @littlehermitscave, thank you sweetie

Rules: if you can, list the Top Ten songs you are listening to lately, and tag ten mutuals to do the same!

  1. Ready, set, let’s go- Sam Tinnesz
  2. Don’t you know- Jaymes Young
  3. Gunshot- BLAJK
  4. Believer- Imagine dragons
  5. Me, Myself & I- G-Eazy X Bebe Rexha
  6. Cupid- Hurts
  7. Unstoppable- Sia
  8. Teen idle- Marina and the diamonds
  9. Symphony- Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson 
  10. Shatter me- Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale

This took a while but it’s finally finished. I have to admit that most of the songs I found originally through fanvideos, but I decided to give you links to the original songs instead. The only exception is song nr.5 because I liked the changed version better. Hope you like it :) 

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harryunwin  asked:


The word “story” has been a great part of my life so far. I used to tell other people my stories at first, before I could write, but ever since I mastered that skill I’ve been writing them down by myself, to save people from my creative imagination. 

My kindergarten teachers once told me about a day back in the old days. I walked up to her and asked her to write down a story of mine (I couldn’t write back then). Why is that special you may ask? Well, the teacher still remembers it because it wasn’t the typical four-year-old story you usually hear. Oh no, It had difficult words and whole phrases like: The baby was put in the cradle, where the wind stirred it gently. That’s not something a typical four year old would say right? 

(Gosh I was a weird child, still am actually)

The one-artist songchallenge

Rules: Using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these 11 questions. Tag 10 people.

I’ll be going with Lady Gaga. 

What is your gender?: Sophisticated lady
Describe yourself?: Beautiful, dirty, rich
How do you feel?: So happy I could die
If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: Venus
Favorite mode of transportation?: Highway Unicorn (road to love)
Your best friend?: The Queen
Favorite time of the day?: Marry the night
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: Born this Way
What is life to you?: The Edge of Glory
Relationship status?: Bad romance
Your fear?: Boys boys boys 

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