hermies and friends

I swear I am going to end up in Radley after this show is finished

I’m not sure if I’m slightly upset we didn’t get to see the dialogue between Aria and Nicole, only because its been so dragged out with Ezra being gone for the most of 7B. Why has Ezra been missing this whole time? I mean it’s so confusing since Nicole is NOT in NY but close enough for Aria to have driven to the clinic, yet he doesn’t even come home to change his clothes and have some rest? Shady Ezra, shady. 

So do all members of the A team have keys to all the liars’ houses just like Mona? The idea of people creeping in and out of a house is so frustrating. You’ve been doing this for how many years? Since you were 16? Why are there no cameras anywhere near your damn houses? SERIOUSLY?! 

Aria is being shady. Honestly no wonder Ezria is a couple, they are both shady. I think I have been completely desensitized to their “shock faces”, all I keep thinking is “I know you’re part of this”. 

Okay so this episode was awesome and the fact that some answers are smacking me straight in the face is amazing. However I have a couple questions because I am genuinely confused after watching it. So now, I am re watching this. Because it’s not like I have 2 essays due *cough cough* - moving on. 

Here we go:

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Okay I know it’s too soon for any reveals to be anything but red herrings but what if it’s not?
- Lucas is a game app developer
- Lucas just showed up randomly and was sooo overly and weirdly nice to Hannah
- Lucas (who was called hermie by his bullies) was friends with Charlotte
Just saying, if this is just a red herring the real AD better not be some bullshit nobody cause Lucas is a perfect suspect

List of All Stories

So, I finally got around to compiling a giant list of all the stories I’ve posted on here. HOWEVER, I’ve only made it to February 2014 so far. You can find it at http://ezriagame.tumblr.com/list-of-stories. I will continue to update the page when I have time until I’ve listed them all.

What are some of your all-time favorite stories? Let me know!

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