I really really hope that Ubisoft does something interesting with Erudito, the Initiates, the Instruments of the First Will, or the Hermeticists, etc. I know a lot of people want characters to just be Assassins or just be Templars, but I really enjoy a well thought out chaotic neutral faction that has ideals of its own, particularly in the upcoming games. It’d be a nice, newer plot point without the old Templar crutch and it’d make the games feel more realistic. Let’s face it, history is not so simple as A vs. B.


Alchemic symbolism a beautiful visual language. I’m not a fluent speaker, but hopefully my broken alchemic imagery will not make my Hermeticist friends cringe too much. So much of my work comes from my incessant need to romanticize the things I experience everyday. I have a love for the realm of Alchemy because I feel like an alchemist every time I turn on the coffee-maker and every time I combine mixed media into an art piece.” - Valerie Herron

Prints from the Heraldic Alchemy series available at valerieherron.com, signed prints available at opening night show of Custom Cranium, July 14th. 

I’ve noticed that none of the major DLC’s actually focus on the Assassin vs. Templar conflict. Bonfire of the Vanities is about Savanarola. Da Vinci Disappearance is about the Hermeticists. Tyranny is about Washington. Freedom Cry is about Slaver. Dead Kings is about the Raiders. Jack the Ripper is about… well, Jack the Ripper.

The only DLC that comes close to being about the conflict is The Lost Archive, but that’s more focused on just Clay’s story.