hermetic astrology

“The human organism is a Living Zodiac and in each of its twelve constellations, the consciousness sleeps profoundly. It is urgent to awaken consciousness in each of the twelve parts of the human organism… It is really lamentable that this living zodiac of man the microcosm, sleeps so profoundly. On the basis of tremendous super efforts, it becomes indispensable to achieve the awakening of Consciousness in each of our twelve zodiacal signs. We need to awaken Consciousness in order to cause each of the twelve parts of our own microcosmic zodiac to shine and sparkle. Our entire zodiac should become light and splendor.”

~ Samael Aun Weor; Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology

“A Mason is not necessarily a member of a lodge. He is any person who tries every day to live the Masonic life, and to serve intelligently the needs of the Great Architect.” 

- Manly P. Hall - The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, The Legend of Hiram Abriff.

“Everything is possible to him who wills only what is true! Rest in Nature, study, know, then dare; dare to will, dare to act and be silent!” 

— Eliphas Levi, The Great Secret: Or Occultism Unveiled


Robert Fludd - Two Suns, “Utriusque Cosmi”, 1617.

In alchemical and hermetic traditions, Suns are employed to symbolize a variety of concepts, much like the Sun in astrology. Suns can correspond to gold, citrinitas, generative masculine principles, imagery of ‘the king’ or Apollo, the fiery spirit or sulfur, the divine spark in man, nobility, or incorruptibility. 

There is a persistent belief in alchemical and hermetic tradition in the existence of two Suns: a hidden one of pure “Philosophical Gold,” consisting of the essential Fire conjoined with Aether, and the apparent one of profane “Material Gold.” The “dark, consuming fire” of the material Sun leads to its being called the “Dark” or “Black Sun.”

Sol Niger (Black Sun) can also refer to the result of the first stage of the Magnum Opus in alchemy, the Nigredo (blackening). The complete Magnum Opus (Great Work) ends with the production of Gold. 

Johann Joachim Becher - Antique engraving showing nature as a cosmic being with the Sun for a head and the Earth as his belly, ‘’Physica Subterranea’’, 1669.