Winter sugar baby style guide. Layers are your best option. Boots allow you to wear thick socks, large bags are great for keeping gloves, hats, and scarves in. Sweaters under long coats are cute, and will keep you warm. 🌹


TOP 20 FUTURAMA EPISODES (as voted by my followers) ↮ #15. The Farnsworth Parabox

“It contains a parallel universe! And when you create a parallel universe, it’s almost always populated by evil twins!”


Happy Birthday Fred Astaire! (May 10, 1899 - June 22, 1987

“We are, of course, very lucky. His gift, captured in the movies is one we can all share forever. He was, he is, and he always will be our never-ending legend.” - Mikhail Baryshnikov  

“He is like Bach. […] Astaire has that same concentration of genius; there is so much of the dance in him that it has been distilled.” - George Balanchine 

“When I am asked about influences, I always say I bow down to Fred Astaire, because when you look at him dancing you never look at his extremities, do you? You look at his centre. What you never see is the hours of hard work that went into the routines, you just see the breathtaking spirit and freedom.” – Alan Rickman  

“Last summer I went to Italy to work on a film and when I arrived in Rome there was a big Fred Astaire festival going on. There were big posters of Fred plastered all over the city.  But what impressed me most was an article in one of the leading magazines there, with a picture of Fred on the cover and the titles was “America Que Bela Era” which means how beautiful America was or used to be. And it wanted to say that he personified what was quality and beauty of that era. And I think that we owe Fred a debt of gratitude for the image that he portraits to the world of what this country is good on.” - Hermes Pan (1981)

“I’m twenty-one, you’re twenty-one, he’s four,” an Arslan Senki sitcom AU

Based off this AU.

This is not a complete story, just some bits and pieces I wrote because I’m a sucker for sitcoms + Hermes interacting with baby!Arslan + Daryun being 100000% done with everything and everyone (except Arslan, of course :D)

I hope you like this @heroiclegendofcinnamonroll!

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