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🌷 = favourite blogs

- to list SOME of them (both astro and non-astro): @lilmajorshawty @aesthetics-astro @ayat-the-aquarius @tauro-la-sol @venusian5 @baby-hermes @cytheldial @cocoahunny @rosu @dovewife @grotesqueguts @diorslut @virgovenus @astrobee @youthdivision @xaqualogyx @sil-houttevenus @venusish @cutestrology

📖 = tell a story

- okay so this happened last year?? it was valentine’s and everyone was buying a rose for someone and i was kinda expecting one from this guy (we had a sort of messy thing) i was into then but we weren’t really seeing eye to eye at that moment?? he was being all passive aggressive too (smh @ his libra moon). it was almost the end of the day and he ended up giving a rose to this other girl in my class also called karen. what’s wild is that when he was saying it, he said it like he was gonna actually say my name (which is karenrose) but instead he said karen. in addition to that, he made sure i was there to see it happen. bUt im over it now + im aware now that he’s a fuckboy :/

It’s the last month of the year and I just want to acknowledge those who have broadened - and still broaden – my knowledge of astrology. Some of these people I’ve had the privilege to be mutuals with, while others may not even know who I am. Regardless, they’ve all taught me something valuable about astrology 🌹.

*Some notable mentions

@neptuniangoddess: aka my partner in crime. Your posts are very precise and it’s almost like you know the answer to literally every question that pops up in your inbox. I admire how sweet you are to your followers and mutuals. The only mutual I know who constantly checks up and gives words of encouragement to their mutuals. As you would say, Ily angel.

@venusianvirgo: you’re probably the reason I decided to pursue astrology even more. I remember a year or two ago, I fell in a deep that was astrology. I gave it up and Tumblr for some months, and then I came back on. It took me awhile to stumble back across astrology, but when I did, that was when I found your blog (along with @venusrising-queen and @tauralogy. You three were the very first people who made me intrigued with astrology all over again). Maybe it was your Saturn in the first? Pluto in the tenth? Or, maybe Aquarius rising that made me a bit intimidated of you. But I got the courage to talk to you after I realized how much we actually had in common, and then we hit it off from there. I’m forever grateful on how much your blog and you has helped me a lot.

@xaqualogyx: aka my screwdriver and my fiancé? Gf? Wife? I don’t even know. When I first made this blog, I remember you had to have been the first person that scrolled upon my asks and started interacting with me. I’m not going to lie, at first I was like who is this chick and how is she talking to me out of all people? But I enjoyed your presence nonetheless. You basically initiated everything, and I’m glad you did. Without you, this site would be nothing to me honestly. We just connected instantly, and we talked about any and everything under the sun that very first day.

@scorpyscorpio: I think we actually briefly talked on my main blog when I was chatting with @venusianvirgo about no one loving Aries moons. Back when I didn’t even like my Aries moon to begin with. But you quickly corrected me on how much people on this site did love us, you being one of them. You, along with the amazing and intelligent @ninthhousemoon, had to be one of the first people to follow me lol. You’re one of the most hilarious and lively people on this site. Your sarcasm matches, if not surpasses, mine. You bring an enlightened and refreshing aspect to astrology. Both you and @ninthhousemoon know your stuff, but you guys still have fun and express yourselves openly and freely on here. For that, I admire you both.

@cutestrology: I believe you were another blog that made me go “wow. There’s more to astrology than just my sun? Than just my moon? Rising? Oh my goodness, what’s a decan?” Your blog, along with you, never ceased to amaze me. The anons you’d answer to would always leave me learning something new everyday, along with your informational posts. You were probably the only astro blog that made me feel at home in a sense. My first impression of you was friendly, kind, and smart. All of which, still ring true. When we first interacted, I kinda fangirled for some weird but completely valid reason. You’re amazing.

@firsthousesaturnian: We both simply followed each other at first, and I really admired your blog and your dominants a lot. I think it was you as well who initiated first, and I simply picked up on it. Sooner than later, we both realized how much we had in common and I am so so greatful for you! I love how much you love and immerse yourself in astrology. I also love your pendulum readings that I see on my feed. Keep doing you, B :).

Astro blogs that are amazing and continue to expand my mind:

@venus-trine-pluto: aka my twin. I love you lots and you always come through to shed a new light on something I’ve never dwelled on before. We connect whenever we interact with each other on here and lowkey vibe with each other on a spiritual level.

@leoasf: you constantly come through with quality content. I especially love your in depth descriptions of individual placements

@lilmajorshawty: I love your decans series dearly. Please continue with them because they’re amazing.

@astrorealm: you have a mystical beauty (both physically and mentally) and wisdom that is honestly beyond words. Otherworldly even.

@weirdaquarian @astrodickology @venusbased @realvenusian @scorpiolov @libraloving all create original content that’s insightful and refreshing, along with being such a delight to have on my feed.

@grotesqueguts: you’re another person on this site who keeps astrology informational yet also lively and interesting. You keep everything real, never the one to sugar-coat

@aesthetics-astro: Your aesthetic and your blog is amazing and dope. I see you answer anons from time to time on my feed and you’re always spot on.

@imstuckinarut-astrology: honestly gives insight on each and every sign + placement. Does not play favoritism or zooms in on one specific placement in general. Incredibly informational blog.

@sil-houttevenus: I absolutely love and adore your aesthetics and moodboards and honestly any creative thing you come up with and do for your followers.

@baby-hermes: your placements are A1 my guy, and I love your blog honestly.

All of these people are grouped in the same category in my eyes, because these are all people who are so incredible and brilliant in astrology to the point where Idek how they know all the things they do: @twelvehousemoon @astrollusion @ayyries @venusian5 @ayat-the-aquarius @yikes-cancer @aquarian-madness @astrolofae you all honestly have an answer to everything amazingly. Please keep doing what you all do.

*If — in which I know I have – missed anyone, please forgive me. There’s soooo many astro blogs out there that have really helped me on my continuous journey with astrology. You all already know who you are, so I just want to give a huge thank you.

Going to Build an Altar to Pan

I have my table altar for Aphrodite, a cubby altar for Hermes, and I have wanted to honor one more deity that focused on Nature so that I stay grounded. I’ve decided on Pan (because Dionysus parties too hard for me) so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to come up with some found objects to make another cubby altar.

I’m quite excited, 3 feels like a good number of deities and I’ll have the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy, a connection to earth and the gods, lots of love, and 2 of my dominant planets are represented.

Can i just say:

@tauro-la-sol gaupppp uno i luv you ye, like ur well piff and yur sound, archbishop of banterbury, my wife sozz❤️

@neptuniangoddess ur actually beautiful like oh my days 😭ur so sweet like wtf i don’t deserve this?? 💕

@libraloving we’ve only recently started talking but your so funny and chill!! And we live so close?? Like wtf im still shooketh!! 🙃💗

@venusianvirgo bruh we need to talk more, but your so funny i love your humour and my aries dom loves your leo ass ❤️

@lazodiacale ok riwa your so peng and we get on well (i think i hope??) your really funny and insightful 💗

@astrorealm i dont know whther weve spoken properly?? But your so cool aand i love ur blogg 💗

I wanna tag a few, whom i would like to become friends with:

@ayat-the-aquarius @fvckgvbby @venusbased @firsthousesaturnian @baby-hermes @curvestrology @cutestrology @yikes-cancer @eighthousesun 💗💗


@des-zimbits these are my cats! In the bottom picture from left to right is Ghost, Blizzard, and Hermes (he’s mine).

A funny story is that while Ghost got his name from the Game of Thrones Direwolf it’s super applicable because for the first week my sister had him she thought he had run away because Ghost hid so well in her apartment.

A cute story is that my Little Demon, Hermes, likes to pretend to be a tough guy but actually sets a pretty strict bed time. He’ll wait for me at the bottom of the stairs until I go up to bed. If he’s not there then you can hear him from any point in the house tripping over himself to follow me.

Fun Fact: If you even look at Blizzard he’ll start purring and climb into your lap. Ghost is actually a bunch of sentient cotton balls glued together. Hermes loves to hate strangers.


I was tagged by my lovelies @ayat-the-aquarius and @ariesdarling to post my lockscreen, my home screen, and last selfie i took. :)

ignore my 73,000+ notifications, I don’t check my emails.

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