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so I recently was not feeling too good about my inability to use colors in unconventional way so I started randomizing my palette for my daily doodles (the exact colors used are in caption, those were colored with Promarkers for the record)

I must say I’m quite happy with the results and I have been very surprised by some color combos and I’m definitely going to use some in future works

also there’s a bonus Kiraboss under the cut, which was the first doodle I did for the soft pink/orange/blue one but I’m too chickenshit about ship stuff so I did a little Doppio to hide my shame

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punsbulletsandpointythings  asked:

Your myth retellings are gorgeous. Would you tell another please? Maybe something with Hermes?

Pandora is made from earth, shaped by the hands of Hephaestus and made in the image of his beloved wife. Aphrodite gifts her with grace and charisma. Athena teaches her to weave and bestows cleverness upon her.

She stands in front of Hermes, and the god frowns and touches her with a single fingertip on her chin, moving her head one way than the other. “They’ll eat you alive,” he says, and she doesn’t understand.

She tilts her head to the side and smiles a vacant smile. All of the cleverness in the world will do her no good without any context. “We are the same,” she says, pressing a hand to Hermes’s chest. She is made from earth and has the skin to mach. He is a celestial god, and his skin is the same rich shade of brown.

He did not ask to be born any more than his mother asked to bare him. His creation, just like hers, is at the whims of Zeus. All for some little lost fire, all because Prometheus wanted his people to be warm, and, well, he is the god of the thieves after all –

So he gifts her with deceit, with selfishness, with cunning. Her smile leaves her face all at once as she’s filled with self-awareness. “He’ll be angry with you,” she says, “I am not what you were supposed to make.”

“Gods have short memories,” he says, and doesn’t bother to hide the contempt in his voice. “Do not worry about me, gifted child. You have larger problems than my fate.”

He has turned her from something pure into – something more like him. Her face darkens even further as her perfectly crafted mind slots all the pieces together, and he can’t help but find her lovely. It’s how she was made, after all. “I can’t stop it, can I? Whatever they’re planning for me to do?”

“No,” Hermes says, “but now you might be able to survive it.”

“Will I want to?” she asks, and he doesn’t answer. She doesn’t expect him too.


She hides from everyone, lives in a cave at the edge of the city. The gods had called her the first woman, but that’s not true, she can see.

There are women. They smile and laugh have work roughened hands. She aches to join them, but she has the beauty of a goddess. They will know. If she joins them, they will know she is not of them, and it will set into motion whatever trap Zeus has planned.

She is not human, not in the same way, molded from clay by a god’s hands. But she is of humans, and not eager to bestow upon them the harm she’s destined to bring them. She bathes in streams where only nymphs reside, steals into the city in the cloak of night and pilfers from the baker’s trash.

“When they said they sent my brother a wife,” a low, amused voice says too close behind her one night, “I had not expected a begger.”

She whirls around, hard bread clenched tight in front of her, an incredibly inefficient shield. Her breath catches in her throat when she sees him, dark and tall and eyes like the night sky. He looks like Hermes. Like her. “Who are you?” she demands. They’re in an alley corner, and of her gifts flight is not among them. She’ll have to fight him to get away.

She’s not afraid of him. Maybe another mortal would be, cornered in the middle of the night by a man she doesn’t know. But she’s no normal mortal woman, and besides – he has something comforting about him, like the hearthfire attended by Hestia. Something warm.

“I am Prometheus,” says the man, and no wonder he reminds her of fire. “What do they call you?”

“You are meant to be in the deepest pits of Hades’s realm,” she snaps, and shifts her grip on the stale bread so that she can throw it at him. He’s the whole reason she’s here to begin with, him and his thievery.

He shrugs and walks closer to her, watching her like one would watch a wild animal. Good. Here, in this dark alley where no one would find a cooling body until morning, it is he that should be afraid. “Gods forget,” he says, “and Hades had grown cold in his place beneath the earth.”

She pauses, considers. “You stole fire for Hades?”

“No,” he corrects, “I stole fire for the people. But Hades benefited as well. Enough that he was willing to forget the terms of my punishment.”

“What do you want?” she asks for the second time. “Why are you here?”

He stops, too close to her, “The question is why are you here?”

She steps into his space now, following him as he backs away from her, “I am here because of you, fire-stealer, because gods may forget but they do not forgive, and I am the punishment they have unleashed upon the world.”

“What a punishment you are,” he says, looking at her lips, and she forgets to hate him only long enough to kiss him.


Hermes watches her, watches them. He doesn’t know Zeus’s plan, if this is part of it or not, but he watches her, and he worries. He thinks it is, he can see Aphrodite’s magic clinging to Pandora, but he doesn’t know why.

He would go to his mother, but she’s always difficult to find, Gaea preferring to live in streams and rivers rather than face the man she bore a son for. But his mother’s father, on the other hand, is always in the same place.

“Grandfather,” Hermes greets, touching lightly down onto the earth, “How are you?”

“How am I always, boy?” Atlas grunts out, legs and arms straining as he holds up the sky above the earth. “Tired.”

Hermes lips quirk up the corners. Some days, he thinks he’s more Atlas’s grandson than he’s Zeus’s son. “I need some advice, Grandfather.”

Atlas raises an eyebrow, “I’m listening.”

So Hermes tells him everything, from beginning to end, because he can’t figure out what his father’s plan is, but Atlas might. He’s known the man for longer, at least.

Atlas nods, slow, and says, “A bride of gods, a gifted child. I can think of only one reason to create such a child.” Hermes waits. Atlas sighs and says, “There is a jar, within Olympus, that becomes sealed when it leaves the realm of the gods. After that, only a being neither mortal nor celestial may open it.”

“What are they planning to put inside?” Hermes demands, heart spiking. What are they planning to unleash upon the unsuspecting earth?

His grandfather smirks, “It doesn’t matter. What matters is this – what are you going to put inside?”

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Looks like they can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Hades, Hephaestus, Iapetus (Bob)

Looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you: Aphrodite, Hera, Demeter, Dionysus

Looks like they can kill you and can actually kill you: Athena, Ares, Artemis, Zeus, fucking Gaea and all her punk ass kids

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Poseidon, Hestia, Hermes, Apollo

  • Hermes: ×To Dionysus× You made a tribute play to yourself? thats like jacking it to a picture of yourself
  • Apollo: Which I've done but still Dio thats pretty fucking wierd
  • Dionysus: But guys the play is going great! the crew and I practice every tuesday night
  • Hermes: ...wait a minute...Tuesday night?
  • Hephaestus: Thats impossible you have astronaut class on tuesday night
  • Dionysus: ...Weeeeellll....
Katabasis, Act III

why do i always finish writing shit within 24 hours of boarding a plane

Pairing: NozoEli
Words: ~10k
Summary: The Hades and Persephone myth: hopefully with more consent, definitely with more sapphic ladies. In which Nozomi helps open a package, touches snow, and sits on a very nice chair.

“What cannot be spoken will be wept.” - Sappho

Eli kidnapping her? Awkward, careful, righteously lonely Eli? Her Eli?

It was so absurd that Nozomi wanted to laugh till she was breathless enough to explain her lightheadedness. Somehow, she didn’t think that would be well-received by the other two.

“But I chose,” Nozomi said blankly instead. “K- Hermes, I just - fell. I chose to stay…”

“I know,” Kotori said gently. “Well, now I do. But no one will believe it.”

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i give hermes my smiles, crooked and a little heartbreaking but charming all the same, because, to me, they look so like him

i give hermes my laugh, rough around the edges and hollow like bird bones, and i hope desperately that something that small could make him happy

i give hermes the spark in my eyes, the joke on the tip of my tongue, the spring in my step, and i am not bereft of these things, because joy is not a finite wealth

joy is sunlight through the leaves as i cycle down crowded streets, joy is holding hands with everyone i’ve ever loved, and joy is dancing like everybody is watching

i give hermes my joy and he gives it right back tenfold

-26.5.16 [to hermes]

Mean - Part 7 (end) [Harrison Osterfield imagines]

A/N it’s the last chapter of Mean!! I’m very thankful for everyone who has supported the series and being so understanding when I couldn’t post some chapters :”) I hope you guys like the last chapter. Do send me requests okays!!

Pairings: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Word Count: 2, 225

Warnings: none


Catch up: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 

You step into the coffee shop. You were here to meet Harrison after calling him 20 minutes ago. Turns out he was at the coffee shop getting some hot chocolate, so he told you to come immediately.

You wriggled out of your scarf and draped it over your arm. You presumed that Harrison had found a seat, and bought both of you a hot chocolate. You spotted Harrison at a two seater table. Someone was sitting across him, her back facing you. Was it her? Did he bring her along? He wouldn’t… Would he? You furrowed your brows.

“Y/N.” Harrison rose from his seat. You kept your gaze on her and frowned. You could see him from you peripheral vision. His eyes darted to her, then too you.

“No… it’s not…”

She had caught on, sensing your presence She too stood up, scanned you, and scoffed, as if she was disgusted by you. You scanned her too. Louis Vuitton pea coat, Hermes scarf, Prada handbag. She looked expensive. And you looked, like an average mediocre person.

“You!” She pointed her finger at you, her manicured nails seemed to threaten you. They seemed as sharp as a knife, ready to slit your throat at any moment.

“Kat. Stop.” Harrison said sternly, tugging at her arm. She obviously didn’t want to be tamed. She rolled her eyes and freed herself from his grip.

“How dare you ruined my relationship? How dare you mess with Haz and I?” She took a step closer to you, her tall figured shadowed over yours.

“What…?” You frowned. You? Ruining her relationship? All you did was spill juice on Haz and pour pink paint on him.

“How could you? I made him so happy, and you, how dare you steal him from me?” She hissed, picking up a coffee cup. You knew this wasn’t going to end well. Before you could react, she raised the cup, and dumped it’s contents on you. You frowned, looking down at the coffee that started to seep into the coat. The brown liquid had stained your favourite grey coat. You sighed softly. It was the coat you had painstakingly saved up for. It cost a fortune for you, mainly because you were new in the working world.

“Kat. I said stop it. She did nothing.” Harrison gripped onto her skinny arm. He stared at her coldly as she struggled to break free. You thanked the stranger who handed you tissues, and gave a rather defeated smile when the stain wouldn’t come off.

“Yes she did! She ruined what we had. She ruined our love!” She insisted and stomped a foot on the ground. She was facing Harrison, inches away from him. She glowered in anger, ready to release that pent up emotions any second.

“She did nothing. It was all me.” He said firmly. She stepped back, shocked to hear the news. “I thought you loved me…” You heard her whisper as pain started to show on her face. She had realised that you weren’t at fault. She sniffled a little, before she picked up her bag and left.

“Y/N… I’m sorry… I…”

You turned away and found your way into the restroom. You peeled off the coat that turned a chestnut brown. You ran water through it, soaking it through. The coffee refused to wash off, so you sighed in defeat.

“Y/N…” Harrison knocked on the door.

The coat was past saving. You knew dry cleaning wouldn’t help. The coat had gone to waste. You cursed as you thought about the cold. There was no point in calling a cab, so you had to walk two blocks back to the apartment in the cold of the night.

You opened the restroom door, a ruined coat in hand. Harrison looked at you, he looked guilty. You brushed past him, ignoring the words he had to say.

“Y/N… I’m sorry.” He repeated. You groaned and faced him. “Sorry isn’t going to cut it Osterfield.” You snapped and exited the coffee shop, only to be welcomed by a cold breeze. You wrapped your scarf around your neck, and hugged your body.

“What happened to you? You look frostbitten.” Tom mentioned when you walked into the house. In his hand was a cup of hot chocolate, and he was wrapped in a wool blanket.

You walked up to him, and yanked the blanket off him. You took the hot chocolate from his hand, and downed the contents in seconds. You were freezing.

“What happened to your coat?” He frowned, moving over to the cupboard. He took out a few more blankets and wrapped them around you.

“Kat ruined it.”

“I thought it was just you and Haz?” He poured hot water into a hot pack, and proceeded to make a cup of hot chocolate. You hugged the hot pack, letting out a groan as warmth started to comfort you.

“Yea turns out she was there.” You heard Tom curse under his breath. Something along the lines of ‘what a dick’. You shrugged it off. There was no point in being mad at her. It was obvious that they were over, and you were rather happy at the thought of it.

“Still cold love?” He hummed, leaning over the counter. You nodded. The cold has somehow gotten to you again.

“Let’s warm you up.”

You were in the kitchen, busy cooking breakfast. You had to cook whatever Tom requested, as a thank you for warming you up last night. It was just a few hugs, but he insisted on having a ‘thank you breakfast’.

“Oh my Lord. Your scrambled eggs are divine.” Tom moaned as he shoved a spoonful into his mouth. He cleaned the plate within minutes, and requested for your famous grilled cheese sandwiches next.

“Morning Haz.” Tom said as Harrison stumbled into the kitchen, still groggy from his sleep.

“Scrambled or grilled cheese?” You said, not looking up from the pan that now seemed too interesting.

“Both.” He muttered, slipping into a seat next to Tom.

You heard whispers between the two of them, but you couldn’t make out a single word. Maybe you were too focused on cooking.

You spun around with plates of food in hand. The two of them shot up, and sat up straight, pretending as if nothing had happened.

“Uhm… I gotta go Y/N. Uh… Someone… called. Thanks for the grilled cheese though.” He picked up the sandwich with one hand, letting out a gasp at how hot it was. You shook your head and smirked at his accident.

You leaned on the counter, looking down at your plate, moving your food around. You didn’t know what to say to Harrison.

“I’m sorry.” He started. You looked up. It was the 50th time he had said it. You nodded your head, indicating that it was alright.

“She ruined your favourite coat. Let me make it up to you. Dinner tonight. Dress nice okay?” You frowned a little, and looked up at him. Dinner? With Harrison? It was a chance to actually talk to him, so why not?

“Sur… sure.” You stuttered out, stepping away from the counter to clean the dishes.

You headed back to your room after the dishes were cleaned. You pushed open the door, and saw a paper bag sitting on your bed. It was from Zara. You frowned. You didn’t buy anything, especially not from Zara. It was out of your usual budget.

A note sat by the bag.

Sorry about your coat! Hope you like this one!

You peered into the bag. You took the coat out, holding it in front of you, admiring it. A light grey pea coat. Why would Harrison trouble himself to get you another coat? You had other coats. You didn’t need this.

“I can’t accept this.” You said when he opened his door. You put the coat into his arms. He frowned.

“Why not? Your favourite coat is ruined.” He puts it back in your arms, insisting that you keep it.

“It’s too expensive. Plus I have other coats.” You said nicely, and shoved the coat back into his hands.

“Too bad. No exchange policy!” He shrugged and draped it around you. “Just take it.” He said and shut the door in your face. You groaned. It was a nice coat, but would it be too hurtful to your pride to accept it? It probably wasn’t, since he wanted to give it to you.

You stared at yourself in the mirror, the grey coat draped around your figure. You sighed. You were dressed for dinner with Harrison, but you didn’t know if your outfit was good enough. A burgundy skater dress, black leggings and a pair of black boots. You frowned. Did the colours match?

The knock on your door startled you. Tom entered, surprised at what you were doing.

“I think you look great. Burgundy and grey suit you.” Tom folded his arms, inspecting your outfit like a fashion designer. You smiled at him, signalling a 'thank you’

“I hope your date with him goes well. I fully approve of your relationship with him.” Tom rested his hands on your shoulders. You nodded dumbly, as if he were your father watching out for you on your first date.

“Thanks Holland. Don’t miss me too much.” You exited the room, to see Harrison with a bouquet of roses in his hands, and a wide smile on his face.

“You look beautiful.” He handed the roses to you. “Thank you Haz.” You smiled sweetly, and passed them to Tom so that he could get a vase for them. The two of you left for your date.

You were at a rather fancy restaurant. It was a sushi restaurant, both Harrison and your favourite food.

“I bet, your favourite sushi is Uni, because it puts you and I together.” Harrison joked as he picked up a piece of Uni. You giggled a little, and proceeded to pick up a piece of fish from the sushi.

“You’re oFISHally the worst date I’ve had.” You teased. Harrison pretended to sulk, then pout. Gosh, this man was too adorable. You smiled at his now happy self. He was doing things to you.

“You know…” He started off. You knew it wasn’t a joke this time. “I’m sorry. For everything. It was stupid of me. I was having a chat with Kat over coffee last night an-” you cut him off.

“It’s alright Haz. Don’t be too beat up about it.” You smiled, resting a hand on his. He held your hand in his, his thumb caressing your skin. It was comforting, like how he was before all this started.

You sat on the bench, looking up at the night sky. The stars twinkled, lighting up the navy blue sky. You rested your head on Harrison’s shoulder. Both of you have yet to confess your feelings, but you felt that you should go first.

“Harrison…” You looked at him. He looked down at you.

“I… think I’m in love with you.” You breathed out. “I’ve fallen so hard. Ever since that day, we were right on this bench. We almost kissed. And I think that’s when I started falling. I fell so hard. I was so hurt when I saw you with Kat. I was planning to tell you about my feelings that night, but I couldn’t bring myself to. That’s why I treated you so terribly. I was so mean, because I wanted to hold my feelings at bay. I’m sorry for that. But the thing is… I love you so so much.” You stared into his electric blue eyes. A grin now plastered on his face.

“Gosh Y/N…” He was overjoyed. His face lit up instantly, standing up and pulling you in for a hug. “I love you too. Ever since we were young. I have loved you. I was mean because Tom was after you, and I needed to stop myself from falling even harder, but I did. And I thought Kat was perfect for me, but being with her made me realise that… you… it will only be you.” He picked you up, and spun you around. Overwhelmed with joy, you let out a giggle. Finally, the weight had been lifted off your shoulders. You could be with the man you love.

He set you down back onto your feet, but his hold on you stayed. His hands rested on your hips. He stared into your eyes, pure bliss was evident in them. You wrapped your arms around his neck, smirking at the blue eyed boy.

“I hope Tom doesn’t interrupt us this time.” He said before pressing his lips against yours. Your lips moved in synchronisation as he pulled you closer. Your heart fluttered, a giggly feeling bubbled inside of you. It was phenomenal.

You pulled away from the kiss when you heard a loud ribbit. You frowned as you looked to where the sound had come from. Your shoulder. You peered over, only to be met with a slimy frog. You shrieked and fell over in shock. Harrison doubled over in laughter. It was obviously his doing. You huffed as your realised you had landed in mud, and the coat was now dirtied.

“You’re mean Osterfield.” You scoffed, throwing some mud at him.

“But you love me.”


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anonymous asked:

Hi, have you got any headcannons about the actual cabins at camp halfblood and what they all look like on the inside?

Of course I do. Thanks for asking. Hmm lets see :

  • The Zeus cabin is like its described in the books. Empty with a statue of Zeus but if you look closely Ancient Greek inscriptions (which are faded due to age) are carved into the wall. No one can decipher them because they are too mixed up but when the door is open and the light hits the wall you can see them glowing like sunlit freshly fallen snow.
  • The Hera cabin is pretty much the same. Her ceiling, however, is carved with Peacocks. The Zeus and Hera cabins are the same in all other aspects.
  • The Poseidon cabin, aside from looking like its made out of a rock from the sea is beautiful on the inside. It’s painted in shades of blue and green so it looks like waves are shimmering whenever light pours in from the windows. Some old coral plants are still in the stone so they add bursts of colour and add to the undersea effect. Unknown to many there is a trapdoor leading to a small cavern and a pool of freshwater underneath the cabin. It continues with an underground tunnel to the beach.
  • The Demeter cabin looks like its weaved out of vines. So many layers of plants cover it that you can’t tell that it’s actually made out of brick. The temperatures are self controlled to the needs of the campers so it basically has its own heater and air conditioner of sorts. There aren’t any plants inside (to avoid bugs) but the entire cabin is painted in Earthly colours. Shades of browns and gold. The roof has a special way of harnessing solar light to power the cabin (since its safe energy) despite its lack of solar panels
  • The Ares cabin isn’t the nicest out of all the cabins but it isn’t that body. It looks awful on the outside (and inside) but the beds are compressible. The walls open and close to make cabinets in which campers keep their belongings. It’s basically like Army barracks. (Use less space to fit more stuff). There’s a hidden cabinet in which all the battle/ambush plans that all the campers made are stored. (These came very handy during the two wars).
  • The Athena cabin is practically lined with bookshelves. Pretty much like the library in Beauty and the Beast. The cabin even has several underground floors to accommodate more books. The most important and valuable ones are kept in a magic safe deep underground with charms to protect the elements from harming them. In one of the below floors there’s even a complete strategics room to plan battle attacks. The ceiling is inscribed with Greek letters and words which only the Athena cabin can decipher. It’s a lullaby that, when the campers read before going to sleep, makes them feel Athena is singing it. (This is very comforting to the younger Athena kids). No one knows how but a couple of olive branches grow across the room. The interesting thing is they cross the parts of the walls where realistic owls are painted (so it looks like owls are perched on the branches). The walls are also covered with some hand made posters like “Remember to Eat” or “Time for Bed”. (They are mostly for Annabeth).
  • The Apollo cabin looks like its made of pure gold but its campers have no trouble seeing it. Inside it there are musical notes on the walls and a self playing harp. Different instruments and archery materials are decorated around the place. A Greek healing spell is written all around the cabin which is said to prevent disease and illness from entering. There is a small library of books which the Apollo campers own which are specifically about medical remedies, archery tricks and music. The walls are engraved with poetry by famous poets in Greek (so as to make it easier for the campers to read). A small fountain (which never overflows) is at the very back of the cabin filled with olive oil. The campers use it whenever they have a stuffy nose or get small cuts or scrapes while training.
  • The Artemis cabin isn’t very fancy. The ceiling is enchanted to change its image as the stars and moon change every night. It smells like pine cones inside (and the walls and floor are lined with pine wood too). It is lightly painted with a colour that makes it look as if moon beams are shining across the walls. The carpets are animal skins which the Huntresses bring from their hunts. The quilts on the beds are also made of animal fur.
  • The Hephaestus cabin looks like a workshop on the outside. On the inside its actually not as messy as one might think. There is a place for everything and everything is mostly in place. There is a workshop underneath the cabin for those campers who can’t sleep at night and need to tinker. Most of the beds fold up and unknown to the other cabin campers there are rooms underneath the actual cabin. The rooms consist of decent sized cubicles (sort of like a dorm) in which the campers sleep. The walls (decorated with carvings of fire) shift and behind them layers of tools are hung up. The temperature is maintained internally so the campers are never too hot or too cold.
  • At first sight the Aphrodite cabin looks like a typical doll house with hung up curtains and perfect paint. It actually is a lot more than that. It has (aside from trunks for the campers to keep their things in), a few walk in closets with clothes that are for any occasion. (That’s mostly where the extra clothes for campers without it comes from). Different rooms are present underground in which the Aphrodite campers do whatever they want. (Interior designing and sewing are the most selected options). Besides that lots of books are also on the floors underneath. Some focus on tips for staying healthy and makeup and stuff but 90% of them are for discovering yourself and your inner beauty. The walls are covered in motivational posters about beauty since Aphrodite is not just about physical attractiveness.
  • The Hermes cabin looks like a typical camp cabin from the inside. With wood ceilings and floors. Besides the dozens of beds and mattresses spread out there isn’t room for a lot of things. However, the Hermes campers can open a secret panel and go to separate rooms when they feel too constricted. (There are plenty of pranking items stored underneath the floorboards of the cabin too although only the Hermes campers know it). The little decoration the campers have set up are assorted posters and drawings and crafts. It makes the cabin look the most ‘normal’ out of all of the others.
  • Like the Demeter cabin, the Dionysus cabin is covered in vines. Grape vines and creeper to be exact. The inside is purple. Everything is made of wood with purple and green accents. The carpet is a leopard skin rug. On the shelves are different books on the topic of mental illnesses such as Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia etc. There is also a small fridge behind one of the walls to keep juices of all sorts since the Dionysus kids have an odd craving for fruit juices. (Not necessarily grape).

I hope these are okay. I’m not satisfied but ah well.

I really like the idea of there being panels and trapdoors and underground rooms in the cabins. So I decided to incorporate my idea. I know most of the rooms are underground but come on ? They wouldn’t be up in the sky now would they ?

By the way the thing about olive oil (Apollo cabin HC) is true. If you use it on small scrapes and bruises or bug bites it actually works. It also clears out your nose if its stuffy cuz of colds and stuff. I recommend using it since it gives you a good alternative to medicine which contains chemicals.

I don’t mind doing some for the minor cabins I someone requests them. 

(Minor God Cabins)

I feel as if some of the ones I did are redundant. Thoughts ?

Hope you like them anyway.


A sitcom where Hermes is unfortunately Daryun’s childhood friend and he needs to raise Arslan for 5 years to prove something to his dad but he doesn’t know how to raise things. He had a pet lizard once but only for 5 days. He moves into Daryun’s place and try to unravel the mysteries of child-rearing. They try really hard but fail a lot and it takes the effort of the whole apartment building to show them the how-to.

Starring, Hermes who doesn’t know how to raise things; Daryun who is the childhood friend but not by choice; Narsus the neighbour who babysits Elam for 10 hours a week; Farangis and Gieve who are surprisingly good with kids; Kharlan and his family who moved into the apartment to help Hermes (but only 10 months later); Kishward who has a lot of birds, Kubard and Shapur who are questionable adults taking care of(???) a lot of brats (Isfan, Zaravant and Tus); The Zot family who Hermes is suspicious of but Arslan likes to play with their daughter, Alfreed; Jaswant who talks a lot about Mr.Mahendra like he’s his dad but he isn’t and that’s very confusing; Baracion who lives on the top floor with his grand…son? Etoile;  Saam who saves the days most of the time albeit exasperatedly.

Guest appearances by, Guiscard who always looks irritated and in turn makes Hermes feel better; Rajendra and Gadevi who bicker a lot in front of their apartment building and no one knows why; a group of men wearing black hoodies who buys groceries for Hermes ; and Bodin who no one talks about.

a.k.a, it was 3am


Author note: this is another branch of the seventeen Greek mythology thing that is taking over my brain lately.

Summary: Hermes never had much else on his mind besides sticking to his job, which was very important, until something caught his eye and lead him astray.

Word count: 3k

“Take this message to the sun god, after you have taken this robe to Hera. She is mad at me again for some reason…” Zeus trailed off in thought as he absentmindedly handed his parcels to Minghao, the quick and silent messenger to the gods of Olympus.

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why don’t athena and hermes interact more in greek myths??? they both invented a fuckton of shit and athena invented the olive tree and hermes invented the CARING of olive trees like look me in the eyes and tell me these two wouldn’t be best friends. @ greek mythology: explain.

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Hey uh could you give me an idea of what an Apollo and Hermes bromance would look like?

pranks up the ass. together. probably plotting to take over the world. you know, the usual.