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The flask in which the alchemist’s work is heated, is now sealed, and within it the material impurities separate from the spiritualized substance that is the goal of the hermetic work. This is pictured in the image of the winged dragon. As Hermes says: “You must separate the gross from the subtle, gently and with great sagacity.”

When Pymander had said this, he blended himself before my eyes with the powers. And I, who was now clothed with power and instructed about the nature of the Universe and about the exalted vision, thanked and praised the Father of all things. I began to proclaim to the people the beauty of the Gnosis and of the life dedicated to God.

“Oh, you nations, you men who are born of the earth and who have given yourselves up to intoxication and slumber and to the ignorance concerning God, become sober and stop wallowing in debauchery, enchanted as you are by an animal sleep.”

On hearing this, they came to me with one accord. And I spoke further: “Oh you earthly born, why have you given yourselves up to death, whereas you have power to participate in immortality? Repent, you who walk in error and who have accepted ignorance as a leader. Liberate yourselves from the dark light and take part in immortality by taking leave of destruction forever.”

Some of them mocked me and went away, for they were on the road of death. But others, who had thrown themselves on their knees for me, besought me to instruct them. I raised them up and became a guide to the human race by teaching them in what way they would be saved. And I sowed in them the words of wisdom and they were fed with the water of immortality.

Corpus Hermeticum

A look into Occultism

Some religions that has been related to occultisms are Gnoticism, Hermeticism, Satanism, Luciferianism, Thelema and Neopaganism.

Occultism has been associated with witchcraft since a long time ago. Occultism itself is actually just a term to indicate any believes that doesn’t fit in the category of the existing religion (Christian, Buddhism, Hindu, Catholic, Islam). The definition of Occult now however, has somehow narrowed to “deal with the Satan or Lucifer”.


Emerged first in Late Antiquity (2nd or 3rd centuries) based on the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, a wise man and Egyptian priest (some also say that it’s the Greek God Hermes and the Egyptian God Thoth). It has great influence during the Renaissance.

According to the belief, there were 3 parts of wisdom given by God to Hermes. They were Alchemy, Astrology and Theurgy.

-          Alchemy (sun): changing physical things

-          Astrology (moon): knowledge and wisdoms about the movements of planet influence earth

-          Theurgy (stars): divine magic, in alliance with divine spirits such as angels, archangels and Gods.

On its journey, Hermeticism was forced to become part of Medieval occult ovement by the church that time. It once more came to popular after Leonardo republished the book “Corpus Hermeticum”. Nowadays Hermeticism is strongly associated, or even suggested as the origin of some of the basic ideas of modern witchcraft.

The Love that is worthy of the name is not to be found in the essence of this world. It is of a higher order; it belongs to the new, true life. It is Spirit, it is God. That is why Pymander says, “The Spirit-Soul is God the Father,” and “Direct your heart upon the Light and know it.” “With these words,” so continues Hermes, “He looked me full in the face for a while, so penetratingly that I shuddered under his gaze.” That is the test.

Fry is a neurodivergent LGBT man who is actually the most important person in the universe because of he’s neurodivergent. Leela is a disabled LGBT woman who isn’t treated like she needs to change to fit anyone else’s idea of what gives her worth. Bender is a pretty heavily LGBT coded Mexican robot. Amy is an LGBT Chinese woman who has lots of casual sex and graduated college with a phd. Hermes is a black man who breaks tons of stereotypes. And the Professor is a pro-science LGBT elderly man who isn’t treated like he’s outlived his use. Futurama is so fucking important and deserves better than this bullshit.

Zeus and Family Modern AU

-Zeus is the CEO of a multi billion dollar company.

-He’s one of those totally insane CEOs who’s always cliff jumping and spelunking and extreme camping in the arctic.

-He’s constantly cheating on his wife Hera, who he’s known for so long and so well that she’s basically her sister, and she knows about all the affairs but doesn’t file for divorce.

-He has two sons with her, Ares and Hephaestus and Ares is the rich play boy who loves guns and violence while Hephaestus is at MIT getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design.

-He has a few other kids too, his daughter Athena was born before he married Hera, and she’s now a professor at Harvard and is getting a nobel prize in literature for her book on Ancient Greece.

-Then there’s Artemis and Apollo, the twins with one of Zeus’s mistresses, a model named Leto. Artemis is an olympic athlete and Apollo’s a movie star and recording artist.

-His son Hermes is business man who was raised far away from Zeus and is trying really hard to make it without telling everyone who his father was.

-His youngest son Dionysus is the wild child because Zeus raised him all on his own. He does a lot of partying and drugs and having sex and has gone to rehab multiple time.

-He has a ton more children and they’re always popping up all over the place cause the seem to be exceptional at doing weird things and whenever they pop up Hera just shakes her head

-Hephaestus’s girlfriend is Aphrodite, a model who he met through his dad. She’s going to design school in Rhode Island. Her and Ares have a little thing on the side.

-Zeus’s older brother Poseidon used to be a marine biologist but now he just sits on the beach and surfs all day and no one knows how he gets his money.

-Hera’s older sister Demeter is a gardener and farmer and whenever her daughter’s not off with her bad influence of a husband, Zeus’s brother Hades, Persephone helps her run the farm.

-Hades and Persephone run a funeral home and morgue, all wrapped into one and Demeter hates it.

“I, however, wrote Pymander’s benefaction in me, and when I was completely filled with this, a supreme joy came over me. For the sleep of the body became the soberness of the soul; the closing of the eyes the true seeing; the silence became for me as a pregnancy of the good and the proclaiming of the word resulted in fruitful works of salvation. All this has come to me, because I received from Pymander, my Spirit-Soul, the Being that exists out of itself, the word from the beginning. Thus I am now filled with the divine breath of truth.“

— Hermes Trismegistus, Corpus Hermeticum

the birth of dionysos, v1
  • [Zeus disguised as a mortal again]
  • Zeus: “wanna bang”
  • Semele: “yeah okay”
  • Zeus: “nice. Never ask me to show you my true self.”
  • Semele: [pregnant]
  • Hera: “what the fuck, Zeus”
  • Hera: [disguised as an old lady] “hey Semele if your lover truly loved you he’d show you his true self” [crosses fingers]
  • Semele: “damn you’re right hey mystery lover if you truly loved me you’d swear this oath okay swear on the Styx”
  • Hades: “Zeus no—“
  • Zeus: “sure”
  • Semele: “swell okay reveal your full self to me”
  • Zeus: “… fuck” [does so]
  • Semele: [fried]
  • Zeus: “HERMES HELP”
  • Hermes: “SHIT”
  • Hades: [grumbles into his palm]
  • Apollo: “that’s not how medicine wor—“
  • Hermes: “NO TIME” [sews the baby into Zeus’ thigh]
  • Hades: “how the fuck have you all lived this long my god”

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