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When Pymander had said this, he blended himself before my eyes with the powers. And I, who was now clothed with power and instructed about the nature of the Universe and about the exalted vision, thanked and praised the Father of all things. I began to proclaim to the people the beauty of the Gnosis and of the life dedicated to God.

“Oh, you nations, you men who are born of the earth and who have given yourselves up to intoxication and slumber and to the ignorance concerning God, become sober and stop wallowing in debauchery, enchanted as you are by an animal sleep.”

On hearing this, they came to me with one accord. And I spoke further: “Oh you earthly born, why have you given yourselves up to death, whereas you have power to participate in immortality? Repent, you who walk in error and who have accepted ignorance as a leader. Liberate yourselves from the dark light and take part in immortality by taking leave of destruction forever.”

Some of them mocked me and went away, for they were on the road of death. But others, who had thrown themselves on their knees for me, besought me to instruct them. I raised them up and became a guide to the human race by teaching them in what way they would be saved. And I sowed in them the words of wisdom and they were fed with the water of immortality.

Corpus Hermeticum

the birth of dionysos, v1
  • [Zeus disguised as a mortal again]
  • Zeus: “wanna bang”
  • Semele: “yeah okay”
  • Zeus: “nice. Never ask me to show you my true self.”
  • Semele: [pregnant]
  • Hera: “what the fuck, Zeus”
  • Hera: [disguised as an old lady] “hey Semele if your lover truly loved you he’d show you his true self” [crosses fingers]
  • Semele: “damn you’re right hey mystery lover if you truly loved me you’d swear this oath okay swear on the Styx”
  • Hades: “Zeus no—“
  • Zeus: “sure”
  • Semele: “swell okay reveal your full self to me”
  • Zeus: “… fuck” [does so]
  • Semele: [fried]
  • Zeus: “HERMES HELP”
  • Hermes: “SHIT”
  • Hades: [grumbles into his palm]
  • Apollo: “that’s not how medicine wor—“
  • Hermes: “NO TIME” [sews the baby into Zeus’ thigh]
  • Hades: “how the fuck have you all lived this long my god”

The Love that is worthy of the name is not to be found in the essence of this world. It is of a higher order; it belongs to the new, true life. It is Spirit, it is God. That is why Pymander says, “The Spirit-Soul is God the Father,” and “Direct your heart upon the Light and know it.” “With these words,” so continues Hermes, “He looked me full in the face for a while, so penetratingly that I shuddered under his gaze.” That is the test.

I always forget how utterly unsubtle Hermes is. It’s almost ridiculous. If you have never been personally involved but have heard stories, let me tell you, you have no idea.

Example: I had two books in my cart last week when I was online shopping and an unsettling feeling came over me just before I checked out that I should really just choose one over the other. I did, it came in yesterday, and I just sat down to read it.

The word Hermes appears three times on the second page.

looks bad cuz i did it in a rush but i’m sorry i think i confused people in the last post

The Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana

The First Hour: In unity the demons praised God, losing their wickedness and wrath.

The Second Hour: Through duality the fishes of the Zodiac praise God, the fire-serpents entwine the serpent-staff and the lightning becomes harmonious.

The Third Hour: The serpents of the serpent-staff of Hermes are thrice-entwined. Cerberus opens its triple muzzle, and the fire praises God with lightning’s three tongues.

The Fourth Hour: In the fourth hour the soul returns from visiting the graves. It is the time the four magical lanterns are lighted at the four corners of the circles. It is the hour of enchantments and delusions.

The Fifth Hour: The Voice of the Great Waters glorifies the God of the heavenly spheres.

The Sixth Hour: The spirit remains immobile; it sees hell’s monsters advancing upon it, yet it is fearless.

The Seventh Hour: A fire imparting life to all soul-beings is directed by the will of pure people. The initiate stretches forth their hand and suffering passes into peace.

The Eighth Hour: The stars speak to each other. The soul of the suns responds to the sigh of the flowers. Harmony’s chains render all the creatures of nature in agreement with each other.

The Ninth Hour: The number that may not be revealed.

The Tenth Hour: It is the key of the astronomical cycles and of the rotation of humanity’s life.

The Eleventh Hour: The wings of the genii move with a mysterious rustle; they fly from one sphere to the other and convey the messages of God from world to world.

The Twelve Hour: Here the works of the eternal Light are being fulfilled by the Fire.