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couverco  asked:

Sup Bob! The Hundreds is one of my fav brands, Thanks again for doing you guys! Congrats on the new site, it's sick! Here's some questions I've been looking into but better to ask a direct source! The branding behind TH is amazing, and I know you are into branding, +What are some tips for branding? -Any good reads on the subject? +how does design production behind the t-shirt design go? Is there a place I could send you some of my stuff for your office or batting practice?! :-)

I really haven’t read any good books about Branding. I never went to school for it or took a class either. I think I just observed what I loved most about the Brands I believed did it best. Like Apple, Nike, Hermes, etc. 

Branding is about consistency. It’s about familiarity and dependability and trust.  It’s a personal relationship, it shouldn’t be this corporate, profit-driven, mechanical game.  Branding is about interaction between a company and its product, and a consumer who wants to be a part of that.

Consistency.  Consistency consistently.  It takes discipline and humility.  

A good brand is not unlike a solid friend.  You know what to expect from him, you can rely on him.  The logo or icon associated with the brand should effortlessly explain that as well, in an almost organic and natural way.

The best logos are those that a 3-year-old could draw in under 5 seconds.  I prefer the ones that don’t depend on a letter or word, but more of a symbol.  It’s a tricky thing, can be an impossible task, but if you can do it, you win.