This is another TED talk that looks at the bible and modern society. In this talk A. J. Jacobs catalogues the events of the past year of his life where he lived 'biblically’ [in his eyes] by living out literally the commands of the Bible. The fact that Jacobs fails to employ proper (even basic) interpretive skills (hermeneutics) shows his own misunderstanding of the biblical text. Although it makes for entertaining stories, Jacob’s has missed the point of the bible [how to know God and how to be right with him] and instead landed on an all to widespread view of the bible as some sort of massive catalogue of rules and chastisements.


This is a video about rightly interpreting the Old Testament in light of the New Testament. This is quite and american video in style but it is good video. It is dealing with the grand narrative of the bible, that is, the over-arcing theme of redemption in the bible.

The study of interpretation is known as hermeneutics and is a ket component to understanding and thus communicating the message of the bible. 

Two Ways to Read the Bible

Here is a succinct and insightful article on ways to approach the bible - particularly biblical narrative.

As the Bible is such a large and diverse book it can be hard to know how to approach reading it. Having an over arcing view of the grand narrative (or meta narrative as it is often referred to in biblical circles) is important to correctly interpreting each book (the study of such interpretation is known as hermeneutics). 

The grand narrative of the Bible is EXTREMELY important to my project concept at this point as it is the very heart of what I want to communicate.