There is virtue in all creation.
Even the lowest of slithering,
creeping and crawling things,
the delicate truth rest quietly.

Only a whisper, even still, there it is,
the glorious thunder of inevitability.

All will sleep, all will awaken.

Before the thunder there is 
the (en)lightning of virtue.
Illuminated are the illusions
brought about by vanity.

In the light there is a glorious
triumph over Māra and all those
wicked demons.

You are the light that shines the Sun.

It is a certainty like all of nature
you too shall one day exalt and radiate
the world with your excellence.

For a time you will shine and in your
blazing virtue you will light the way
for the slithering, creeping and crawling
things to which one day you must return.

Even still you will never be lost.
The truth will still rest quietly.

-BE, virtuous


deexer  asked:

Cherry, how does one deal with Saturn? I'm a Taurus with both moon and asc. in Libra, but i'm extremely insecure, maybe because of saturn in 4th and 5th houses?

oh darling I know all about the anguish of Saturn. Saturn is my apex planet. It’s at home. It makes the only aspect in my chart, an opposition to a stellium. Usually I dont like to bring up my personal stuff but I understand the insecurity thing. But it’s our own expectation of ourself that is so high. Maybe your school or university expects a high standard. Saturn, however, expects BEYOND what you think you are ever capable of. The crux is that you wouldn’t compare yourself it, if it wasnt already IN YOU

During the peak of Hermatic philosophy, one who was melancholic or ‘saturnian’ in nature was sensitive enough to be in touch with profound mystery. Saturn was the alchemical gold. It opens for the resting place of the master, the guru, the wise one. Saturn’s shadow is what draws the night for a cosmic spark. So Saturn is not all doom and gloom, fierce criticism and obstruction, it is the place where invisible sequence pass through our hands and become golden.

Saturn has karma associated. Saturn can elicit events in our lives that seem uncontrollable, what we fail to acknowledge within, Saturn makes happens as a fateful event. Saturn  can be the dominant parent, the crass authoritarian, a very profound teacher you are too scared to ever let your guard down around. You can approach Saturn in this way. But Saturn is more, as we’ve discovered. This can be Saturn, who will teach you everything you know, who believes in you more than anyone, and if you listen, take notes, and learn
he softens. Life can be sweet. That’s the magic of astrology