my naym is Newt,
and I am scared
because we seem
quite unprepaird
to hit the Breach
with all we’ve got.
I think prhaps
we have forgot
that Kaiju are
full of surprize,
and theres one here
(so I surmise).
so tho they say
my plan’s insane -
dude, screw the risk.

I drift with brain.

my name is Herm
and though im smart,
i just have math
in place of heart.
or that’s what i
think Newton thought,
but i do care,
i care a lot.
his drifting plans
caus’d me alarm,
i was afraid
he’d come to harm.
but i was scared
to tel him so,
and so instead,

i just said “No!“


“You’ve got snow in your hair….” It sounds stupid and slow in his mouth, an obvious observation—they’ve just come indoors. Of course there’s snow in Newton’s hair… perched on his eyelashes. But Newton (or, rather, Newt, because Hermann has come to regard him as such in his mind more often than not, irritatingly against his will) just frowns briefly, barely a flicker of confusion, before he’s beaming.

“You do too!”