• Me:This character is gay and interested in this other character.
  • Canon:Uh, actually that character is straight.
  • Me:This character is bisexual and interested in this other character.
  • Canon:No, they are actively in a straight relationship like RIGHT NOW.
  • Me:This character is bisexual and polyamorous and interested in this other character.

“Hey hey Hermann hey Hermann Herrrrrrrms hey hey hey lookit hey!”

Newt, they may be miniature, but that doesn’t mean they’ll listen to you.

One DELIGHTFUL commission coming at you! Because Newt pulling off the Pratt/raptor move (Pratting? Pratt-keeping?) is so very fitting. And I love the triple event kaiju and just don’t draw them ever so this was perfect.


Okay, this is based on the ending of this AU that I thought up a couple months back. General idea is that Newt and Hermann somehow end up in a parallel world where the kaiju never attacked and are incredibly lost since no one is who they appear to be. They eventually find each other, but both are afraid of revealing who they really are since they think the other is part of the non-kaiju world and would leave them if they knew the truth.

I just drew the ending since that’s what I had the clearest idea of, and also I wanted to draw Newt crying hahaha.

:^) this AU is also up for grabs if anyone is interested…….