Before the ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ trailer was released everybody seemed (and still seems) like “OMG the new Jeagers! The Jaegers! Omgomgomg!”

And I was (am) just like “OMG Newt and Hermann! Newt and Hermann! Newmann! Omgomgomg!!”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited for the new Jaegers as well but that’s nothing compared to my Newt and Hermann and Newmann feels. And I know there’re a lot of people who feel the same but sometimes I’m just like

“Wow, everybody is so excited for the Jaegers and I’m just so damn hyped and excited for these two scientists who love each other way more than they want to admit. Is that crazy..? Maybe it is.. Naah, I don’t care!”


Charlie Day made a surprise video appearance and maaaaay or may not have sung a song about Newt and Hermann loving each other. I’m crying I’m so excited about this movie. Between this and that trailer… Idk if my heart could take any more lmao. 

BDAY PIC FOR THE BELOVED WEN ~*~*~ who is so sweet and wonderful and talented!!!!(&you should commission them) i hope you had a wonderful birthday thank you for being so nice and fun to talk to, who welcomed me into fandom life with open arms <3 have some colored science bfs!