Christiane Noll opened her album A Broadway Love Story with this medley of two Bernadette Peters break-up numbers (arranged by Todd Ellison and Bruce Kimmel). Larry Owens closed his show Larry Owens Sings the Bernadette Peters Songbook with a new arrangement by @redmilez inspired by Todd & Bruce’s original, in which Larry declared his independence from Bernadette and his intention to begin creating the Larry Owens Songbook.

Okay, so good news, the Ask Box is officially back open! All of y’all can send in some asks and I’ll get to them as fast as I can! 

Here is a list of drawable characters:

- Edgar Redmond

-Herman Greenhill

-Lawrence Bluewer

-Gregory Violet



-Edward Midford

-Maurice Cole

-Prince Soma

Even if you don’t want an explicit drawing, just put ‘sfw’ in brackets, and I’ll make it fluffy instead of smutty. :3


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Nella nebbia

Strano, vagare nella nebbia!
E’ solo ogni cespuglio ed ogni pietra,
né gli alberi si scorgono tra loro,
ognuno è solo.

Pieno di amici mi appariva il mondo
quando era la mia vita ancora chiara;
adesso che la nebbia cala
non ne vedo più alcuno.

Saggio non è nessuno
che non conosca il buio
che lieve ed implacabile
lo separa da tutti.

Strano, vagare nella nebbia!
Vivere è solitudine.
Nessun essere conosce l’altro
ognuno è solo.

Herman Hesse

The Brazilian government forbids you to visit Snake Island, which is infested with golden lancehead vipers. 

There are about 1-5 snakes per square meter of land.



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Parallels in WINGS short film and idek what era to relate anymore

Okay so Bighit has absolutely zero chill because now they want to relate to danger era to wings, and I even saw a post saying it goes back to no more dream era rip army theorists but anyways lets begin. 

Just as I mentioned in my previous post this third short film connects very well with the novel Demian by Herman Hesse, where Sinclair begins his rebellious behavior. And this film parallels that with the pairing of vmon.

Here is vmon of course doing graffiti in the RUN mv.

While taehyung is here before a mural of graffiti similar to the RUN mv setting but carving/scratching out the word “Abraxas”– the ancient God Sinclair is presented to after he begins his rebellious streaks. And whats pretty crazy is that when Sinclair is presented with the idea of Abraxas, that is when he begins to face his own thoughts of himself.. thoughts of self discovery. 

Now here we have parallels within the actual films themselves, using the exact same eye. But in STIGMA we have what looks like to be a mother holding a child(?). So could this mean a sense of comfort for taehyung like how Eva was for Sinclair? Maybe.

Next you have the reference to Rap mon from the RUN mv japanese ver and I NEED U mv, but like the previous films he’s not there… Why is it that the films connect the pairings to the rap line but their actual presence isn’t shown? Jungkook with Yoongi, Jimin with Hoseok, and Taehyung with Namjoon? I think it’s because they (rap line) are possibly their (vocal line) mentors, as Demain was to Sinclair. Like idk if you guys remember my first post, but when Sinclair is in trouble he calls out for Demian… and in the beginning of prologue:

Tae is calling our for his hyung.. BUT HES NOT THERE.. JUST LIKE THE PHONE BOX IS EMPTY IN THE FILM. So then, could these scenes:

be the connection to Sinclair getting injured in war, and calling out for help as taes commits a crime and asking for a call at the end of the film? I’m getting goosebumps.

Now here I was mad because why would you bring back references to the danger era? But if you think about it, Taehyung cutting his hair could mean a lot of symbolic things. It could be the act of decision, taking forth the opportunity to say enough is enough. It could mean new beginnings. Starting fresh with a new self. It could mean disgrace, as some cultures believe that the length of hair represents strength, and if one were to commit a crime or was deemed unworthy the hair would be cut. So I was confused a bit, but when I watched the film again I noticed this:

Tae is wearing another nirvana shirt.. 

Specifically wearing the album called In Utero. omg omg omg this is where having a ex boyfriend that listened and taught me this comes in handy lol

In this special edition album there are 5 new songs. And one of them is called All Apologies..

You guys I could go on and on and make a separate post about this but i’ll cut it short. 

Taehyung sings a song with the lyrics:

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry my sister
even if I hide it nor conceal it, it isn’t erased
so cry, please dry my eyes
that light, that light, please illuminate my crime
deeper, I feel like i’m dying
please punish me, please forgive that crime

and these are the lyrics to the song All Apologies:

What else should I be
All apologies
What else should I say
Everyone is gay
What else should I write
I don’t have the right
What else should I be
All apologies

This cover, as my ex once said to me once, could possibly signify rebirth. In utero..the location of a human’s beginning. And like the story Demian,Sinclair is being symbolically born again:

So… BOOM. Him cutting his hair could mean new beginnings. Just like the first film of the series: BEGIN.