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Hello, Caesar!
Carol Channing
Hello, Caesar!

(Inspired by this post by @chromolume)
In December 1970, after the closing of ‘Hello, Dolly!’, Carol Channing was kidnapped by a bunch of homosexual neo-Romans comprised mostly of failed artists and bohemians while she was coaxing a raccoon out of a dark alley with a piece of elk. Of course, she didn’t realize that she was being kidnapped and merely thought that she was being picked up by her posse. She was then taken to their headquarters, a run down bar called ‘Rum in a Warren’.

She was given a script–a parody of 'Hello, Dolly!’ but about Julius Caesar. She said 'How fun!’ and memorized the script overnight. The play opened the next evening to an audience of five (or seven) and she brought the house down–literally–when she thought the Roman column was a prop and kicked it just before the assassination scene.

She escaped unharmed. Little is known what happened to her kidnappers, but one of the members of the audience (who refuses to be named) has brought forth this recording of the musical’s rip-off title number.