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Not so Sweet Dreams

Request from @ly–canthrope for a Kozik x Reader based off the following prompts:

#51 - I’m your husband. It’s my job.“

#136 - “You had a nightmare. Tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

Originally posted by assbutt-trumpet

Your eyes open sharply as you breathe heavy, thankful you’re tucked up safely in bed and not elsewhere. You turn your head to the side, your fingers twitching to shake Kozik awake, but the lack of sleep he’s gotten lately stops you.

The darkness makes the task of locating your phone problematic, the brightness of the screen making you squint as your eyes focus on the time. Four twenty four. Great.

You’re more weary than usual as you creep to the bathroom, your ears sensitive to anything and everything as you quickly do your business, heart beat faster than usual.

“Shit, did I wake you?” you whisper as you return to the bedroom, your husband sitting up with his back against the headboard, his hands grabbing the sheets and lifting them for you to get inside.

“I’m just a light sleeper.” he replies, pulling you into him and settling into the pillows, a shaky breath leaving your mouth as you lie down. “You okay? You’re shaking.”

“Sorry.” you mutter, resting your head on his bare chest, the tension inside of you lessening slightly as you breathe in his scent, the warmth of his chest also aiding to calm you down. “Bad dream.”

“You should’ve woke me.” he sighs, stroking your hair comfortingly, a loving kiss being placed upon the top of your head. “What was it about?”

“Nothing. It was just a dream, I’m okay now.” You can feel the concern rolling off him in waves, and you’ve known him long enough to know he’s not going to drop it.

“(Y/N), you had a nightmare. Now tell me what it was about so I can fix it.” he responds, his voice nothing but comforting as he speaks to you. You look up at him, not really wanting to relive what you’d just woken up from. “You’re safe. I’ll always protect you.”

He presses his lips to yours gently, his one hand resting on your waist, his fingers dancing on your exposed skin. The other slips into your locks, the hair being tugged lightly between his digits. Once you separate, you huff, settling back against your partner.

You tell him your nightmare, him listening intently to each and every word that slips from your lips, his hands constantly on you, soothing you so effortlessly with his touch. Hips are squeezed when the details get exceptionally vivid, kisses placed on your skin when your throat gets thick with emotion.

Somehow, he always knows you better than you know yourself, your chest feeling one hundred times lighter after sharing your upset.

“You know I’d never let anything happen to you, baby.” he whispers, your eyes fluttering shut as your head rests on his chest, his steady heart beat acting as your lullaby.

“I know.” you say, tracing circles on his stomach, skin smooth underneath your finger tips. “How come you always know how to make me feel better?”

He chuckles softly, wondering the same exact thing about you. “I’m your husband. It’s sorta my job, babe.”

You hum in response, tiredness overtaking you as you fall into a soundless, dreamless sleep, your mind filled with nothing but reassurances, comfort and love.

A/N - Bit of Kozik for you all! Apologies for any mistakes, haven’t proof read this lol. Hope you liked xxxx