I foresee my valentine humour getting worse and worse each year…. much love to the archaeology lovers on tumblr from moi :)

Phichit Chulanont
  • Thailand’s future
  • proud af of his heritage
  • loves musicals
  • and hamsters
  • and his friends
  • and, admittedly, selfies and social media
  • dreams of putting on an ice show in which he and all of his friends wear hamster costumes
  • he’s so happy that his best friend is happy and in love
  • has the magical ability to convince anyone to take a selfie with him
  • probably a star back home
  • I’m pretty sure whenever he’s in Bangkok, fans come up to him in droves and he takes selfies with all of them
  • single-handedly responsible for sudden spike in The King and the Skater merch and sales
  • manages to pull off suit shorts
  • actual personification of sunshine 
  • so much more than just the number one Viktuuri shipper
  • not white