Stratford Ontario ~ Canada ~ Architecture Heritage by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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Of all the Victorian house styles, Queen Anne is the most elaborate and the most eccentric. The style is often called romantic and feminine, yet it is the product of a most unromantic era – the machine age. The Queen Anne style became fashionable in the 1880s and 1890s, when the industrial revolution was building up steam in the United States. North America was caught up in the excitement of new technologies. Factory-made, pre-cut architectural parts were shuttled across the country on a rapidly expanding train network.


This spectacular old home is a designated Heritage Building in Vernon BC by Verminator
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Victorian Queen Anne-style home built in 1898.

So I watched “A Bear Named Winnie” the other night..

And I just ….

So, 2004 Fassy is pretty lovely. But also, seriously, the feels.

I was surprised how good this is. I mean, no offense to the CBC and all; but, made for TV and kinda family friendly -ish … one sort of expects after school special (and/or Canada Heritage Minute stretched to and hour and a half)

But it’s a really nice movie. Fassy fan friends, it’s worth tracking this one down and not just for completeness.

yes okay but think of how much better Hetalia would have been if APH Canada had been portrayed as Métis.  how much better would that have been.  Métis!Canada who has to carve out his own identity.  Métis!Canada because the Métis were a group very unique to Canada (they were active in states such as North Dakota and Montana and whatnot but what ended up happening there was really gross and the Métis identity is largely snuffed out in the United States as a result of some pretty icky ultimatums).  Métis!Canada because Canada’s First Nations played such a huge part in our history and the Métis were a community initially with one foot in the aboriginal world and one foot in the British world, with the rights of both; a merger of two worlds.  Métis!Canada because the history of the fur trade in Canada is very long and complex and crucial and the Métis identity was initially very tied up in the fur trade and the dual economies that were present in Canada at the time.  Métis!Canada because it’s an important part of Canada’s history and Canada’s identity and they were an important part of the formation of Canada and Canada’s Métis and First Nations peoples deserve to have some representation because we are forgotten and pushed aside enough.

Métis!Canada because Canada was never a country of just Europeans and newsflash for most of Canada’s history the First Nations people played an active and oftentimes dominant role in the formation of the Canada we know today and if you have to have one avatar for a whole country this would just be a fantastic way of representing Canada as a nation with dual heritages because having Métis!Canada would not only represent First Nations peoples but also the many different European groups within Canada, and would be a far better way of representing our country’s history.

just… Métis!Canada.

but no instead we got whitewashed Canada because the creator wanted to make jokes about Canada being mistaken for America.

but think about how much better that would have been if Canada was Métis, if he looked different from America with dark wavy hair and darker skin but maybe with the same coloured eyes as America

and people still mistook him for America

because Canada actually isn’t very similar to America in many ways but people think we are despite everyone here saying “no we’re not look at all these very important differences

it would just make the joke so much more poignant if you still felt the need to include it.

i need Métis!Canada in my life is what i’m saying.

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British colonial issues aren't Canadian though. Canada wasn't a thing then, it was still Britain vs France. We weren't even a country then. From Sir John A. onwards for sure but the British stuff isn't Canadian heritage, it's the Brits' heritage.

Canada didn’t become officially exempt from the British until the 1980′s. Does that mean we can disregard everything that happened before that point? No.