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My Spring Altar -

I don’t really celebrate Ostara, but I do sort of celebrate St.Patrick’s day. Here in the US, like Cinco de Mayo is more a celebration of Mexican heritage than a celebration of the defeat of the French by the people of Puebla, St, Patrick’s day has become a celebration of Irish heritage. During March, which is busy with birthdays and anniversaries, I like to do a low-key celebration of my Irish/Scottish roots around St. Patrick’s day. (My mothers maiden name is Connor and her paternal grandmother, my great-grandma Rose, who I knew as a child before she passed, was a Dewar). I cook and get a nice whiskey or scotch and just chill with my hubby! We eat and listen to Celtic music and game and chill out! We tell stories and laugh and dance in the kitchen while we clean or cook! I plan on inviting my bro and sis-in-law this year!

I set up my altar in three parts, and decorate with spring greens, spring flowers, Celtic knots, and other symbols of my heritage. This year I made a “crystal altar” of sorts and set my crystals and stone outs, to cleanse and charge at my leisure and by my salt lamp. In the middle I have my “heritage” altar. I need to get some Dewar scotch as an offering to my ancestors there. And the last third is my altar to the Good Neighbors, aka the Fae sidhe. I am still unpacking and looking for my fairy glass ball, aka seeing ball. She will go in the middle of that space. I just got a new offering bowl that looks like a leaf for that part of my altar. It’s so cute! I really like how it all came together!

A lot of my altar came from the Dollar tree over the years - the flowers, vase, oil warmer, altar clothes, Irish decor and a few candle holders came from there. There are a few things from thrift stores and yard sales. My crystals are from @bekkathyst’s shop, mostly. Other things were gifts or came from my work (on sale and at a discount) or I got for free (like the wands I collected on walks) or I made. I really love my altar and I love how I didn’t have to break the bank to get it how I want it!

Have you are all having a happy spring, no matter how you celebrate it!

hello-trubble  asked:

I'd like to point out that "heathenism in your blood" isn't always a bad thing, I know I've said it, my heritage and ancestry was largely what drew me to pursue this thing. It does make me sad, the prevalence of racism in heathenry.

Many people are drawn to Heathenism for different reasons. Pagans are often drawn to their heritage. But I have to insist that rhetoric like “it’s in my blood” is a little damaging. It may not seem so, but there are undertones of supremacy there even if you don’t think so. Saying it to yourself may seem harmless, but imagine saying it around others whose heritage is not Nordic. You are now insinuating that you have more of a claim on this path than they do. 

It is similar to a heritage witch insisting to other witches that “it’s in his/her blood”. Let me say something about heritage and witchcraft/paganism. 

1) If it is your blood, it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. You are not a better witch or a better pagan because of this. It doesn’t mean you are more knowledgeable, more intuned with the gods of this pantheon, or more familiar with the traditions. It just doesn’t. 

2) If it is not in your blood, it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. You are not a worse witch or pagan for not having this heritage connection. It does not mean that others have more of a claim on this path than you do. 

Now, if someone asks how you came to this path, and you answer “well I have scandinavian background and I was curious”… THAT might be more acceptable, and means something completely different than bringing up that it is “already in your blood”. Because it’s not. You had to learn everything about your path just like someone who is not Scandinavian (if we’re assuming that’s what you meant since worship of Norse Gods crossed the entire earth).

So let’s just all stop talking about Blood and Heritage IN GENERAL. How about that? Let’s just take a leaf out of JK Rowling’s book (literally) and realize that BLOOD has no point in any conversation regarding witchcraft… paganry or heathenism. 

Imagine #65 Isaac [Requested]

Isaac Lahey had a naïve mindset regarding romance; gratuitous impulse, resolute faith and a covetous yearning. He was an amazing boyfriend; a compassionate heart, impish humor and a prideful inclination to express his devotion. Not a sole member in the gang was surprised by the news that Isaac had fallen smitten with you; his advances merciless and exposed to prying judgments. They were, however, surprised to learn of your Pagan heritage; the practice of witchcraft. They stumbled across the truth on accident, a supernatural brawl detonated the psychological levee, blasting the cerebral barrier to rubble. A wendigo crouch in a defensive demeanor, a rattling hiss evoked a malicious snarl from Isaac; the werewolf’s incandescent golden irises streamlined on the monster feet away as he snapped his fangs at the threat. The scenario was ill-suited; the menace had dominance over the altercation. He had incomprehensible strength, strategic battle methods and a mouth brimming with threatening razor serrated teeth.

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