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February 2015 : Altar

So I decided I would stop torturing you lovely people with awful potato quality photos via my ipod, and crack out the actual camera for an actually nice photo of the altar. 

I’m leaving for home for a week so I often clean the altar up abit. This time I moved things around, and I actually got around to taking photos of the candle sticks I painted, with the “Abundance & Beginnings” sigils.

I didn’t want to leave any food offerings so I left some dried ones as well as a couple pieces of jewelry that I want to sort of “stew’ there. 

So breaking it down, some of the new stuff you see is the little glass skulls holding the Juniper and Rowan, and my "Old horn” which was a branch / root that my sister gave to me, which I’ve been using in place of a stang ( as the one I have is not here and is far to large for convenience ). Then I’ve got my grandfathers knife, a bell, and moth over in the corner there. ( Still no eyes yet :( but I’m hoping to find some suitable ones soon ).

Anyways, thanks for showing interest and appreciation when it comes to my altar. I know I’m quiet happy with it, even if it comes off as a bit flashy. 

Affordable Magic Classes

Working with Goetic Demons and Creativity This is a course on learning to work with a court of Goetic Demons on creative pursuits. Taught by Felix who has worked with these spirits for a long time and developed this class with them. The Court of WIP has regular lessons and a private forum for discussion and mentorship.

The Difficult Basics of Magic. This course is for delving into some of the more challenging aspects of magic meditation, spirit flight and astral travel, discipline and regular practice, and belief in magic. This class is taught by Spiritscraft and it has regular lessons, a private forum for discussion and mentorship, and school supply packages.

Heritage Witchcraft Academy This academy teaches a tradition of witchcraft based on witchcraft trial records, fairy faith, and the teacher’s own Jewish and Quaker background. There is an archive of many lessons and occasional new lessons.

Rambling Rose Witchcraft Courses on being a pagan priest or priestess. There are self paced lessons enough to keep you busy for a year or longer. Taught by Annwyn Avalon. There is a private facebook group and regular lessons as well as personal mentorship.

Imagine #65 Isaac [Requested]

Isaac Lahey had a naïve mindset regarding romance; gratuitous impulse, resolute faith and a covetous yearning. He was an amazing boyfriend; a compassionate heart, impish humor and a prideful inclination to express his devotion. Not a sole member in the gang was surprised by the news that Isaac had fallen smitten with you; his advances merciless and exposed to prying judgments. They were, however, surprised to learn of your Pagan heritage; the practice of witchcraft. They stumbled across the truth on accident, a supernatural brawl detonated the psychological levee, blasting the cerebral barrier to rubble. A wendigo crouch in a defensive demeanor, a rattling hiss evoked a malicious snarl from Isaac; the werewolf’s incandescent golden irises streamlined on the monster feet away as he snapped his fangs at the threat. The scenario was ill-suited; the menace had dominance over the altercation. He had incomprehensible strength, strategic battle methods and a mouth brimming with threatening razor serrated teeth.

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