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100 Years Ago

100 years ago today, a group of Canadians in Northern France proved themselves as a formidable force, showing greatness in their own right, and not as a subset of Great Britain. 

Vimy Ridge is 7 kilometres long. It was heavily fortified by German forces. Previous attempts to recapture the Ridge had been unsuccessful, leading to the death of over 100,000 French and British soldiers. But the Canadians were determined. 

The 4 Canadian divisions, more than 15,000 infantry, attacked together at 5:30 am on April 9, 1917. Faced with heavy fire, the Canadians showed incredible bravery - even with the deaths of their officers, the soldiers continued moving forward. Countless Canadians single-handedly charged machine guns and German dugouts. The highest point on the Ridge, at the time protected with machine guns, was captured with a bayonet charge. The battle continued for three days, ending on April 12, 1917. By then, 3,598 Canadians had given up their lives. Another 7,000 had been wounded. 

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was so much more than just a victory for the Allied forces. It was the first time that all 4 Canadian divisions attacked together - men from all regions of Canada fighting side-by-side. Vimy Ridge became a symbol of the sacrifice of the young nation. In 1922, the government of France ceded the Ridge and the land surrounding it to Canada in perpetuity. The Vimy Memorial now stands on the Ridge as a reminder of the Canadians with no known graves who were killed in France. 

Following the war, Brigadier-General A.E. Ross famously declared, “in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation.”


This is basically what is being bombed right now or what it would eventually lead to. 

Yemen’s old city of Sana'a, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a distinctive visual character due its unique architectural characteristics, most notably expressed in its multi-storey buildings decorated with geometric patterns. These are the oldest cities in the world, culture and historical value so ancient and pristine, that it cannot be found elsewhere. 

4th pic: Wadi Dhar Rock Palace, Yemen

5th pic: Dragon trees on the Yemeni island of Socotra, off the Arabian Peninsula

Last pic: Peninsula At Socotra Island

Last spring, a French farmer was plowing his field when a hole in the earth opened beneath his tractor. A hundred years ago, war was raging in this very spot. The original French front line was only 50 feet away.
The farmer called my friends at Soissonnais 14/18, France’s oldest and largest association of volunteers dedicated to protecting France’s underground heritage from World War I. Two friends volunteered to lower themselves down the hole and found a site that’s been in total darkness, frozen-in-time for the last century. Not long afterwards, I was in France filming this documentary for the Smithsonian Channel and was invited by my friends to descend into the hole and photograph this site.
Americans Underground: Secret City of WWI will premiere tomorrow (March 13th) on The Smithsonian Channel at 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm ET & PT.
On April 6th, an exhibition of my WWI photographs will open at The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC. The exhibition runs for nearly 19 months. #history #hiddenwwi #wwi #hidden

weirdnonsensefandomstuff  asked:

Pretty please tell me about the humans who fell for the eldritch skywalkers, the queen and the smuggler who realized their lovers were something else than human

  • Han’s about as Force-sensitive as a bucket of rocks, and deliberately blind to the strangeness of the universe, and so he doesn’t realise that something is different about Leia until they’re plunging through the corridors of the Death Star, and she barks someone has to save our skins! and in that moment her skin is luminous, her shadow becomes high and wrong on the wall behind her, growing teeth, wings; and his vision slides to the side of her, like he’s trying to stare into the sun. And the Stormtroopers fire, but the bolts do not hit – even though they should have done – and he leaps into the garbage suit, and when he blinks he sees white
  • She smells strange, says Chewie, later, on Yavin Four, as they pack to leave. So does he. They smell like…like blood, and fire, and – and things I don’t have words for. Han says: “It’s something to do with the Force, no doubt,” and he’s aiming for sarcastic, misses entirely, lands somewhere in the region of worry
  • He leaves her. And as he walks away he swears he feels tendrils of – fire? flesh? light? – knotting around his wrist, tightening slightly, insistent. It isn’t an unpleasant sensation. He looks back over his shoulder. Leia huffs, looks away; the manacling something vanishes.
  • There are moments on Hoth where he thinks she is a blizzard. Yes, that sounds ridiculous – which is why he will never say it out loud – but there are moments when she storms into a room, wearing white, and he doesn’t see her full-on, only out of the corner of his eye and he doesn’t see five foot something of shouty prettiness; he sees icy shards blistering into a huddle, driving wolf-howl gales, bright moonlight fractured by heavy grey clouds. And then he looks at her properly and oh there we go, she’s not a storm, she’s a woman. Maybe. Probably.
  • When she speaks to the pilots, she shines. She occupies the entire room. Fills it up. Expands beyond her skin. Like a blizzard, like snow pouring in, like Hoth itself in all its glory and lethal beauty. 
  • He kisses her and she tastes human. Her hair is soft and warm in his hands, the softness of her is human, every last bit of her is human; but there’s something different
  • Just before he sinks into carbonite, her mouth unhinges. Drops almost  to her chin. Her gums are stuffed with teeth. Her tongue is silver. Her eyes bead like water on the side of a glass, multiplying, glaring insectoid. Wings sprout from her spine; her fingers fuse into another set of wings and – and other things, things Han cannot name, and –
    • She is terrible. She is beautiful. I love you, she says, through five mouths at the same time. I know says Han, and means it.
  • She’s a monster. And? She’s brave and good and kind, and when she shouts at him light flares from under her skin and her shadow grows claws and he just laughs, laughs, laughs. You’re not afraid of me, she says. “Of course not,” he says back, grinning and carefree. “Your worshipfulness, you’re not scary in the slightest. You’re my princess.”

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What are some things you defiantly want to happen in season 3?

(rubs my chin) lessee.. I’m really, really tired so this’ll be quick

  • I want to see Pidge talk about her family with someone who isn’t Shiro… Because he’s gone now, right?? (Still haven’t watched last ep) Which means her normal ‘I miss my family and need comfort’ support guy is no longer nearby. :(
    • Pidge and Shiro have been able to connect based on shared memories but you can remember someone without that basis y’know?? I’d like for Pidge to be bummed one day and Lance notices and decides to cheer her up… 
    • Afterwards, when they’re both giggling, Pidge scrubs at an eye and offhandedly mentions to Lance how alike he and Matt are. Which segways into more comparisons between them, which leads to stories about her brother, which leads to Pidge tearing up a little and Lance hugging her.
    • I’m emotionally compromised just thinking about it…
  • I want to see Hunk engineer something TOTALLY AWESOME and Pidge helps him code it… I want to see them save the day in tandem, using their skills to build some unbelievably amazing, borderline impossible invention, using whatever’s in their pockets and a piece of driftwood!!!! Let them be mechanical buddies!
    • On another note, LET CORAN HELP THEM!!! He’s an engineer too!!!!!
    • I want Hunk to program Doom on everything (credit @notllorstel lmaoo)
  • I want Keith’s Galra heritage to be treated actually decently… I want him to quietly approach Coran and ask the older alien to tell him what the Galra were like before Zarkon ruined everything. Because Coran was around for that… The Castle was around for that. I want Keith to learn something about his heritage that doesn’t evolve war and death and sacrifice and betrayal.
    • Allura could join their lessons!! To prove that she is trying to support Keith and that she does consider them friends. Their lessons are mostly just Coran and Allura reminiscing about how things used to be… With the occasional read through a space Wikipedia page about Galran culture. It’s nice. The three of them form all kinds of inside jokes based on memetic Galra culture lmao
    • And then it proves useful later in the episode to hacking some Galra console!! Idk, maybe the commander in charge of that base captured Pidge meaning there’s no hacker to get into the prison console. Luckily, the commander set their password as the lead character of the Galran equivalent of the Brady Bunch or something lmao so Keith is able to figure it out and get in.
  • I want Lance to do That Thing where it looks like he’s aiming at a teammate (let’s have it be Keith) and they shout “What are you doing??” right as Lance fires, only the laser doesn’t hit Keith it hits the enemies sneaking up behind him.
    • Lance: You didn’t think I would actually hit you, did you??
    • Keith: Well I mean-
    • Lance: Man, what’s wrong with you?? I know I’m not always the nicest guy (mainly because you’re a jerk first!) but I don’t actually hate you!
    • Keith: … You don’t?
  • I’d like to see every single alien/planet they’ve helped all meet up for x reason (maybe a final battle thing) because imagining all the different interactions is hilarious.
    • On that note: Bring back Rolo and Nyma!!
  • Shay has to come back… Shay always needs to come back
  • I want an alien to hit on Lance with no ulterior motive other than that they think he’s cute. Lance of course responds positively, but it’s clearly not a… romance? Like they’re both just doing this for fun. They’re two teenagers, caught up in events outside of their control, taking the time to flirt and enjoy themselves for once. It’s really nice.
    • I just want someone to COMPLIMENT Lance and he gets all flustered but still preens under the attention. He deserves that you guys, because I don’t think he’s going to have a good time next season.

This is really long… I’m so tired lmao

But unfortunately, their “Southern heritage” matters more to them than the feelings, lives, and oppression of black people.

That drink and St Patrick’s Day

Some of you may have seen a drink called an “Irish Car Bomb”. It’s a shot of Baileys dropped in to a pint of Guinnes (shot glass and all). You might think it’s edgy or witty. You might not consider the name much at all.

But I need you to realise that it’s absolutely horrific. Just think about it.




A Bomb. A Car Bomb. A drink, made from “Irish” drinks named after a destructive, violent weapon.
You might think that’s bad in itself. Maybe you don’t know the recent history of the island of Ireland. Maybe you haven’t heard of the Troubles.

Maybe you haven’t heard of the IRA or the UDF. Terrorist groups that reacted to partitioning, home rule, nationalism and republicanism with violent campaigns, targeting the “opposing side” and the general public with pipe bombs. With car bombs. Maybe you don’t realise that in recent history, a country was brought to it’s knees by bombs and shootings and vicious attacks.

Maybe you don’t realise that this “fun drink” is named after something vile and very real and is a direct reference as to why their are walls painted with the names of the dead. Why there are memorial murals covering cities, why there are murals calling for vengeance alongside murals calling for peace.
Maybe you don’t realise that there are people walking around today with missing limbs and missing loved ones because of very real car bombs.

Maybe you don’t realise that that there are some people who aren’t walking around in Ireland at all today because of a car bomb.

Maybe you don’t realise that this isn’t just a thing that happened 40 years ago. Or 30. Or 20. It’s happening now. Not as frequently. Not as untargeted. But it is happening now.

In 2016, in the island of Ireland, people are being killed by car bombs. And you drink a novelty drink, claim you are Irish and hope you look a little bit cooler.

If you are out on Thursday, on St Patrick’s day. If you are out any day, and you see a drink called the Irish Car Bomb turn it down, call it out and take a moment to think about what that actually means.

Nobody’s life is worth turning in to a gimmick. Nobody’s heritage, culture, history, struggle or war is worth turning in to novelty drink.

Is Colonialism still alive?

I was super excited to visit the British museum to see what I find to be my most beloved treasure of my heritage- Ancient Mesopotamia. I realized just how much they’ve stolen and it made me upset, while I was having the time of my life seeing all these breathtaking relics. It was emotionally overwhelming.

Iraq, a war-torn land, is (and has been for as long as I remember) in a terrible condition where our heritage is being destroyed, manipulated and forgotten. It is disheartening. So I thought it is good that they were there. No harm will come to them. A part of us is safe.

I realized that Ancient Mesopotamia in all its fragments wasn’t the only thing that was ripped out of its land. I too, along with my family, followed its same path. War, suffering and injustice for the sake of ‘power’ made it so. As I walked through the “rooms” that were mainly dedicated to Ancient Mesopotamia, I experienced what I was so desperate for: coming face to face with my roots and have them speak to me.

In the British museum, London, I felt so at home, surrounded by my history and ancestors, finding them in the silence and peace of reunion. As much as we have been ripped out and cut to pieces, we’re not dead. We live.

~Aya Al-Hakim©  

My hand slipped. 

I love how helmets and goggles and masks are such a huge design theme in The Force Awakens. Three principal characters are introduced with their faces hidden and now I just want to have them share helmets all the time. Kylo Ren might have gotten the short straw here, tho. Rey doesn’t have time for Skywalker shit, Finn is perfectly happy and Poe just understood why Stormtroopers never hit their targets - they’re more or less blind in those helmets.

Also - how do you even draw digitally?? I suck

We have been trained to live and die meekly, following unnatural codes of behavior which soften us and make us lose that initial impulse, until our spirit is hardly noticeable. We are born as a result of a fight. By denying our basic tendencies, the society we live in eradicates the warring heritage that transforms us into magical beings.
—  Carlos Castaneda: Teachings of Don Juan
The Confederate Flag

There has been a lot going on in the news lately about the controversy of this flag flying. Some people saying it’s a Racist symbol while other are saying It’s Heritage. I’ve sat on the sidelines, trying to be a good Southern Bell and hold my tongue on the matter, But I can no longer stand America’s Ignorance any longer. Therefore, I’m going to take this chance to speak my mind and heart and if I lose followers, well then I wish you the best of luck where ever your travels take you. 

I love learning about my heritage, where I come from, what my family did to be here. I know many Americans who can only trace their heritage back only so many generations, before they find when their family immigrated to this fine land. Fewer than that, can actually trace their linage back to the beginning of America; back to the Mayflower! I am one of those people. Mary Chilton, first person and woman to step on free land, was my 11th Great aunt. Her father, James Chilton and my 12th Great Grandfather, signed the Mayflower compact. Nine of my ancestors fought to free America in the Revolutionary war. Another ten fought on both sides the Civil War. The Bowreys, the Hiltons, The Shipleys and the Presleys  fought on the Confederate side and the Mungers, the Bundys and the   Butterfields fought on the Union side. I tell you all of this, not to ‘wow’ you with my strong ties to America, but to Show you how important history is to me. To know what it was that so many of my ancestors truly fought for. 

The Civil War was the single WORST BATTLE the America had seen. 620,000 lives were lost between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865. That’s four years. FOUR YEARS AND  200,000 MORE AMERICAN LIVES LOST IN WORLD WAR II!!!! Knowing these statistics now, don’t you want to know WHY people fought so hard? 

If you answered ‘The rights to own Slaves’, YOU’RE DEAD WRONG! DEAD! WRONG! Yes Slavery was the one of the issues addressed, but it wasn’t the point entirely! The Soul concept of the Civil War was the Southern States having enough of the Government telling store owners, shop keepers,  and plantation owners HOW AND WHAT they could do with their business. Sound familiar? The Southern States decided that if the Government was going to tell them how to run their businesses, they no longer wanted to be apart of the Union. They wanted to become their own Countries!  I recall Texas threatening to do just this recently. Abraham Lincoln, a slave owner himself, knew that if States were allowed to break off whenever they did not agree to something. The Union would not survive. And so, War started. 

It wasn’t until almost two years after the Civil War started, that Lincoln issued the  Emancipation Proclamation in January of 1863. For those of you who do not know what  Emancipation Proclamation is, it’s the freedom of Slaves. Oh! Fun Fact for you! Over Half of the ‘Slave Owners’ in Southern states alone WERE AFRICAN AMERICAN!! You read that right. Most of the southern Slave owners themselves were Black. So who’s the racist one when they owned black slaves themselves? Most of the ‘White folk’ only owned maybe one black slave, two at most. There was actually only a small handful of individuals (both white and Black) that owned more than 50 slaves. 

The Civil War was never JUST about slavery. It was about the South saying they had had enough of the Government telling them how to run their businesses and live their lives. They felt so strongly about this, they were willing to break off from America to follow their beliefs. And Abraham Lincoln started a war to keep them from leaving. 

I will wave my Confederate flag proudly. It still stands for what it did over 150 years ago. More for the People and less Big Government involved. If you believe that this flags soul purpose was to represent slavery or simply do not like seeing it here….

Then you may place your luxurious lips upon my gluteus maximus and kiss it repetitively as you click the ‘unfollow’ button.