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Comic characters & their live action portrayals

Tall Bird *  |  Julia Jones in Jonah Hex (2010)

Carol Red Crow  |  Lily Gladstone in Scalped (TBA)

Gina Bad Horse  |  Irene Bedard in Scalped (TBA)

Cassie” in the film, as she is an amalgam of Tall Bird & Cassie Wainwright

Recurring voice actors in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Quite a few seiyuus have the privilege of having voiced different important roles in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure over the years, and some of their contributions even go back as far as the 1992-1993 Drama CD series.

- Akio Otsuka (Solid Snake, Solidus Snake and Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid) played Mohammed Avdol in the Drama CD series (1992-1993). He returned to play Wamuu in the Battle Tendency anime (2012) and All-Star Battle (2013-2014).

- Shou Hayami (Sosuke Aizen from Bleach, Enrico Maxwell from Hellsing Ultimate and Kosuke Houji from Tokyo Ghoul) is probably the most recurrent seiyuu in JoJo, as he played Noriaki Kakyoin in the Drama CD series (1992-1993), Vanilla Ice in the Heritage for the Future game (1998-1999-2000-2012), as well as Enrico Pucci in All-Star Battle (2013-2014). Notice how these three characters have been Dio’s servants at some point or another.

- Mitsuaki Madono voiced a LOT of characters in the Heritage for the Future game (1998-1999-2000-2012) : Noriaki Kakyoin, Gray Fly, Forever, Rubber Soul and Steely Dan. He returned to play JoJolion’s Josuke Higashikata in All-Star Battle (2013-2014).

- Hochu Otsuka (Jiraiya from Naruto) played the young Joseph Joestar in the Heritage for the Future game (1998-1999-2000-2012). He returned to play Hol Horse in All-Star Battle (2013-2014).

- Norio Wakamoto (Cell from Dragon Ball Z, Alexander Anderson from Hellsing Ultimate and Charles zi Britannia from Code Geass) played Dio Brando in the Drama CD series (1992-1993). He returned to play Hol Horse in the second Stardust Crusaders OVA series (2001).

- Romi Park (Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist, Tao Ren from Shaman King, Temari from Naruto, Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titan, Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill la Kill) played Giorno Giovanna in the Vento Aureo PS2 game (2002). She returned to play Koichi Hirose in All-Star Battle (2013-2014).

- Rikiya Koyama (Yamato from Naruto, Frank West from Dead Rising, Rudolf Ushiromiya from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Jack Bauer from 24) played Will A. Zeppeli twice : first in the Phantom Blood PS2 game (2006), then in the cancelled Phantom Blood movie (2007). He returned to play Yoshikage Kira in All-Star Battle (2013-2014).

- Miura Hiroaki played Panacotta Fugo in the Vento Aureo PS2 game (2002). He returned to play Joshuu Higashikata in All-Star Battle (2013-2014).

- Rika Fukami played Holly Kujo in the Drama CD series (1992-1993). She returned to play Enya Gail in the second Stardust Crusaders OVA series (2001).

- Kenji Utsumi (Raoh and Kaioh from Hokuto no Ken, Shenron from the Dragon Ball series) played the old Joseph Joestar in the Drama CD series (1992-1993), as well as Daniel J. D’Arby in the first Stardust Crusaders OVA series (1993).  I made a post about him right here.

Tall boot secrets

- the Ariat Heritage Contour ($300) has the widest selection of sizes if you’re hard to fit. The calf will wear through if you ride once a day for 2 years. If you need it to last, get a patch added by a cobbler. The zipper will never break.

- Try Tredstep or Mountain Horse if you like the slim ankle fit but Ariats are too baggy.

- Don’t buy Parlanti ($600-1000) as a schooling boot. Our petty revenge on terrible trainers is to sell them Parlantis. Actually, don’t buy Parlanti unless you are a tall and thin 13 year old who will grow out of them in 6 months.

- the Tredstep Da Vinci ($500) is discontinued and on closeout for $250. They are getting replaced by the Medici ($400), which has an improved footbed and zipper. If you get a tight enough fit on the calf and the zipper doesn’t immediately break, this is a great deal. Swap the footbed out for an Ariat one. Only purchase from places where the option for a return is available if the zipper splits.

- the Tredstep Michelangelo ($800) is a work of art and beats the Ariat Monaco ($750-1000) but the Tredstep Donatello ($300) can’t compete with the Ariat Heritage Contour ($300). Don’t buy a Donatello for the next year until the “understated” weak zipper is quietly swapped out for the durable YKK one.

- Use heel lifts when breaking in boots that are too tall. Use those small tack sponges behind your ankles to avoid blisters. Literally a life saver.

- For unusual foot and calf combinations that aren’t available on any size chart, try men’s boots before you go custom.

- Your boots should be near impossible to zip up the first time, especially if they have a stretch panel. Someone should lace a string or shoelace through the zipper and crank them up for you. You should feel your calf throbbing. I promise they will stretch. If the calf is this tight, they won’t drop very much. If you can zip them up by yourself with ease the first time, expect 1-1.5 inches of drop.

- Affordable brown boots: Ariat Challenge Contour ($400), Ariat Heritage Contour ($300), Mountain Horse Sovereign ($400), Ovation Olympia ($225)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future / JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Miraie no Isan
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 1
Platform: Arcade, PlayStation, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Year: 1999 (Arcade, JP PS1, JP/NA DC), 2000 (NA PS1, EU DC), 2012 (Xbox 360, PS3)


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krittlez  asked:

I'm sure you probably get a bunch of questions from alleged "horse color" experts but I'm just genuinely curious. As far as I know pure bred friesians only come in black with the occasional Chestnut being thrown into the mix. Would that make Allura a Friesian mix of some kind? Like a Friesian Sporthorse, Friesian Cross etc? I mean it's fan art and Allura is already a fantasy creature so it would make sense for her to be a fantasy color. Love your work BTW!

Ayyy I commend your curiosity ‘cause I’ve been wanting to talk about it for a while!  

Basically this is where the artistic-liberties-card brazenly takes the limelight. Of all the things I try to stick to (realistic conformations, coats and patterns) the one thing I don’t bat an eye at are what colour limitations might be in place for any particular breed.

You’re right, Friesians are very limited in their coats before they’ll be denied purebred registry, and the colour I’ve given Allura is way out of uncrossed Friesian options. But as it is, every taur design I make is consciously deliberated in two separate parts: 

What shapes would suit a character, and what colour would suit that character.

Usually it lines up. Often enough though, it doesn’t.

If I didn’t purposely separate breed decisions from the coat decisions, as I’ve done with pretty much every taur - SU included - there would be a definite problem and some serious design limitations. As it stands though, art is art, and technically centaurs would have an entirely different heritage history than domesticated horses anyway, no? ;3 in that line of thinking, it might not be so inaccurate for them.

Thank you for the talk opportunity!


Joseph Jortstar

Dark Horse On The Wind
Dark Horse On The Wind

One And All, Together, For Home was assembled by Drudkh main-man Roman Sayenko. Each band employs their own means to find and present their respective cultural roots to the world via song. The eight appearing artists contribute a total of 17 tracks in the form of traditional song interpretations, cover versions of folk artists, or the use of themes and melodies from their musical heritages in original compositions. The tracks found in One And All, Together, For Home are available exclusively on this compilation.


George Harrison during a press conference, 14 February 1979 (photo © AP Photo/Brich); two custom-made pieces created by Heyoka Merrifield for George, courtesy heyoka-art.com.

“I dedicate Painted Earth Temple to my friend and medicine brother George Harrison, for he joined the world of spirit as the last few chapters were being written. George was a calm center in the hurricane of misplaced archetypal mythic images with which our society seems to resonate. Living in this most difficult environment, he was able to find peace while striving to walk in balance and embracing life as a quest for spiritual understanding. Although our paths on this quest differed, our hearts understood that the path is really only one.
As I write this dedication, an eagle flies past my window toward the mountains, disappearing into the west. In the ancient Earth traditions, this is seen as a gift from the Sacred Powers and it tells me that my friend is close by. May his spirit always soar with the eagles.” - Heyoka Merrifield

“When I met Heyoka Merrifield in 1975, I was taken by his art and jewelry. The pieces he has made for me have become part of my life and travel with me wherever I go, especially the miniature shrine to Lord Ganesha. Not a gem nor precious metal passes through Heyoka’s hands that is not instilled with a spirit of its own in the process of being transformed into a work of art and beauty.” - George Harrison, The Book of Shrines

Two notable pieces were created for George by Heyoka (who moved to a Northwest Indian reservation from California to explore his Native American heritage): a Dark Horse necklace, and a Ganesha Shrine:

“George Harrison was one of my greatest joys to make custom pieces for. The Dark Horse pulls the Hindu deity Siva’s chariot, which is the logo for George’s records. On the reverse side are symbols of the major religions of the world.” - heyoka-art.com

“[The Ganesha Shrine made for George] counts among one of the most wonderful creations in my career as an artist. During his morning ceremony, at the altar in his home, George liked to burn incense and meditate, even though he spent a large part of his life traveling the world. He asked me to make a small Ganesha Shrine to be his ceremonial altar while journeying away from home.
For many years, I had been making sacred ceremonial artwork. However, this shrine took my creations into another dimension. George gave me a mantra honoring Ganesha to sing as I worked on his shrine. He also told me some of Ganesha’s stories, like how Lord Brahma gave him the honor to be first archetype to worship as we enter a temple. ‘The different gods were arguing about who should be the first to worship and Lord Brahma told them to race around the Universe to determine the winner. The gods jumped on their chariots and cosmic flying beings. Ganesha watched them leave and then climbed on his cosmic vehicle, which was a rat. He then walked around Lord Brahma and won the race, so becoming the first to be worshipped.’
Finishing the ivory carving of Ganesha, and before starting on his small silver home, I was holding him in my hand. For several years, I had been doing a Native American ceremony over my artwork to ‘wake them up’ and call Spirit into them. As I held Ganesha, I realized that he was already awake from my creative process that had preceded my customary ceremony.
I have often felt the life force in various sacred statues and paintings of archetypal powers. Also, I’ve felt how replicas of the same powers could feel lifeless. The Ganesha Shrine caused me to realize that I had touched my dream to be an artist that could also help to bring the spirit of our archetypal helpers into sacred art.
[…] With the making of George’s Ganesha Shrine, I realized that I had become an artist in the ancient tradition of the Paleolithic caves, as well as all the great temples, pyramids and cathedrals of the world. The sacred stories of all our ancestors, through the sacred art they created, became my passion as I incorporated these wonderful traditions into my life. Delving deeper into these ancient traditions, I came to know that the archetypes in our sacred stories are not outside of us. They are the inner energies that show us our life’s purpose and how to relate to our communities. The sacred art sculptures, paintings and songs were there to help us through our life’s passages, adventures and challenges. That is why the stories and mythologies are similar all over the world. […] All ancient and sacred archetypes are part of us and we are part of them because, truly, we are all one.” - The Book of Shrines by Heyoka Merrifield


The Kelpies (2) por Mike Smith
Via Flickr:
The Kelpies tower a colossal 30 metres above the Forth & Clyde canal and form a dramatic gateway to the canal entrance on the East Coast of Scotland. Sculpted by Andy Scott, The Kelpies are a monument to horse powered heritage across Central Scotland.


Via Wikipedia: 

The Kelpies are 30-metre high horse-head sculptures, standing next to a new extension to the Forth and Clyde Canal, and near River Carron, in The Helix, a new parkland project built to connect 16 communities in the Falkirk Council Area, Scotland. The sculptures were designed by sculptor Andy Scott and were completed in October 2013. The sculptures form a gateway at the eastern entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal, and the new canal extension built as part of The Helix land transformation project. The Kelpies are a monument to horse powered heritage across Scotland.