heritage doors

Before I set out to work on this project - by that I mean consciously focusing on capturing doors in Malta and Gozo - I thought there were many more green doors dotted around the islands; in fact, I thought that various shades of green were the most popular colour choice for apertures, especially those of a certain era. I was so wrong. Besides the bottle green version, there aren’t that many that I have documented. This pair of twin doors, save the door knockers, is quite striking. 

Valletta, Malta


Durdle Door arch by Matt Emmett
Via Flickr:


Grand openings were hard is what Angela had gathered from today. Heritage had opened its doors to the public promptly at 9:00 a.m. and she had been pleasantly surprised to see that a small line had formed outside the door of people waiting to get inside. 

However, after 12 hours of non-stop customer service, Angie was exhausted. All she really wanted to do was go home and take a bath and sleep but it was Friday and she still hadn’t gone out on the town. She wanted to take advantage of not working weekends and go out, so that’s exactly what she did. 

After locking up the store, Angie walked to her truck and drove home. She changed in to a simple dress, a sleeveless black turtleneck number, and paired it with some red pumps. She tossed her hair up in a ponytail and pulled on her new leather jacket she’d bought at one of the boutiques and sauntered out of her apartment feeling like a hundred bucks! 

She drove to Erzebet’s, hoping she’d see one of her new friends. When she entered, she was escorted to the bar where the host took her jacket and handed her a menu. It ranged from incredibly expensive bottles of wine to lunchboxes for $1.50.

She settled on a vodka tonic and handed the menu back, before glancing around the place. The restaurant was lively, but the bar was pretty quiet, save for the guy sitting a couple stools down. As she looked over at him they made accidental eye contact. She immediately looked away, and was relieved when the bartender set her drink in front of her on a cloth napkin.



durdle door - march 2015

ok - this is probably more photos than i need to post about a bunch of rocks, but man oh man is it a cool pile of rocks.  i really wanted to stay here and do some astrophotography but we’d already been here for hours and everyone else was starving + there was another hour to drive back to the hotel….hopefully will get the chance to come back here again one day.