heritage and hate

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the cw….. is out there…… doin some racist ass shit…… and none of yall open your mouths to say it so im gonna say it!! floriana lima is white. yet the cw brought back the POC maggie plotline even with the backlash after the viewers found out (which was well deserved) and responses from fans saying it upset them and again it’s super shitty. but no, they being the cishet white network, they make a whole episode centered around maggie’s heritage, might i mention the actor who played her father is…… also white. 


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“I’m not picky. I just have high standards.”

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So today (Nov 10th 2017) at approximately 930am in South Sarasota Fl I became stuck behind this very classy gentleman driving a decommissioned military transport vehicle with not one but two rebel flag vanity plates, a “#GreenHouseGasses” logo and of course the obligatory cherry on the douchebag sundae, a trump sticker. He was driving at about a 3rd the speed limit northbound on honore road which gave me plenty of time to admire his gloriously ignorant pieces of flare so I decided to snap a couple pics while we were stopped. He must have noticed because moments after the light turned green he slammed on his breaks in the middle of an intersection and started to gesture violently at his rear view mirror. I was luckily able to maneuver around this beast as anyone who’s driven one of these carriers will know they have about the same acceleration as a ham sandwich, where I then got a better look at this particular fellow, who while I don’t like to generalize looked par for the course. I wasn’t able to make out what this fellow proud southerner was saying but his tone was, let’s say, “not not-hostile”. I’m making this post because I feel bad about possibly upsetting this I’m sure otherwise cheery individual. He is clearly quite self conscious about these images he’s publicly displaying so please don’t make fun of him or share them. He’s a sensitive guy who just wants to be left alone and is doing his best to hide his openly displayed views from the world so let’s all be nice to him ok? It’s not like he’s endangering anyone’s lives by forcing them to stop in that path of moving traffic, that would be terrible…

lets read the wikipedia article for the confederate flag

wow theres so many versions of this stupid rag to hate! heres a choice quote about one of them

The flag is also known as the Stainless Banner, and the matter of the person behind its design remains a point of contention. On April 23, 1863, the Savannah Morning News editor William Tappan Thompson, with assistance from William Ross Postell, a Confederate blockade runner, published an editorial championing a design featuring the battle flag on a white background he referred to later as “The White Man’s Flag.”[6] In explaining the white background, Thompson wrote, “As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.”[1][2][3][4][7][8][9][10]

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The Confederate flag right next to the Nazi flag. I literally never want to hear a single person say some "it's heritage not hate" shit again. 😡 And speaking if confederate, these are hbo's new fans


“Fleur Delacour, whose whole narrative is wrapped up in her physical beauty until the point where she stands up and says hey, it’s not. Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbaxton’s champion, Fleur Delacour who stands with the Order, Fleur Delacour who loves and fights with fierce devotion […] How is this someone to hate?” (x

Soft Names, Soft Touches

Chapter Three

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Pairing: Bucky x OC |  Word Count: 8.5K+

Warnings: Swearing. Fluff. Russian that may or may not be correct. Mild sexual content.

The next morning after having indulged thoroughly in Nat’s wine, Wanda’s chocolate, and an excessive amount of embarrassing talk of a highly inappropriate nature, Franki woke to find herself wrapped around Natasha in her ginormous bed with an incredibly warm Wanda pressed against her back. She was the middle meat of a female sandwich that had come to fruition thanks to too much alcohol.

Unlike the two large beasts that called themselves super soldiers, her small frame and serum had not given her the advanced metabolism that allowed her to burn through the alcohol as fast as she drank it. Food yes, liquor no. She could get drunk, ridiculously so, but at least she always woke up hangover free. However, this had led to her current predicament in which she was stuck between the two women, and slowly beginning to panic.

Nat was fine. Nat was normal. Nat had become almost an addiction for she was the only one that didn’t cause her skin to react, or that innate sense of panic to form in her chest.

Wanda was not Nat.

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Within the context of Anakin being a child removed from his homeland and family, his line about hating sand is actually really sad and distressing.

Anakin was a child of Tatooine, enough to know when a sandstorm is coming up and what dangers might dwell in a dark cave. That’s his heritage, his origin. And he hates it. What does that say about how he’s been brought up within the jedi temple? About how he’s come to feel about himself?

i understand the "punch a nazi" sentiment

and, given the chance, might act on it. but it’s ultimately counter-productive. it allows closet bigots to condemn “violence on all sides” with some degree (however minimal) of cover. how about we “sue a nazi” instead? the aclu has done more damage to white supremacists in court that a thousand punches could do to them on the streets. donate whatever you can, whenever you can. how about we “educate the oblivious” instead? i’m in virginia. i hear the “it’s heritage, not hate” bullshit all the time and i explain why it’s bullshit every single time. because that attitude, which is almost always a product of white privilege ignorance, provides cover for darker things. how about we “show up and vote” instead? and not just for presidential elections. for congressional elections. for gubernatorial elections. for city council and school board elections. most of the actual governing in this country happens at the local and state levels, but younger, more liberal voters tend to only show up every four years, when the presidency is involved. older, whiter, more conservative voters show up every single time. we’re letting a group that should be getting less and less demographically relevant (and who recognize this and are terrified by it) make all the decisions that matter. and so the country is allowed to drift farther and farther to the right. punching feels good, but i’d rather we do some permanent damage.


I’m black as the moon, heritage of a small village
Pardon my residence
Came from the bottom of mankind.

don’t give me that “heritage not hate” shit

I’m austrian, italian, and appalachian. there is indeed a fuckload of shit i can celebrate. i can be and am all jazzed up about mozart and the renaissance and coal mining unions and other stuff about my heritage that i am proud of. (seriously, try to shut me up sometime about empress maria teresa. you. will. not. succeed.)

that doesn’t mean that i have to accept everything about my heritage without question. heritage is like your family: just because it’s a part of you doesn’t mean that it’s immune to being shit or that you can’t repudiate that shit when you see it. white supremacy and fascism are parts of my heritage that i am absolutely ashamed of, because those things are fucking shameful.

being white is like having an uncle who’s an ax murderer. your job is not to invite him to thanksgiving dinner and make small talk and be like “sooooo… about your violent murders… i too like dismembering people. dismembering people is the new jones family tradition.” fuck no. you cut him off completely. you teach your kids not to be like him. you disavow having anything to do with him. you bring him up only as a harsh reminder of how fucked up people can get. you do your best to undo the damage done (while understanding and respecting that the families of the victims might not be okay with anyone even remotely connected to the guy who killed their loved ones). 

being proud of your heritage means celebrating the things you like, but also working to make sure that there isn’t more of a stain on that heritage than there is already. i show my respect for my background by being the best example of it i can be, not by further tarnishing its reputation.

For Asgard (Chapter 5/?)


Throughout Loki’s retelling of the events that brought him to Earth, you listened closely, not uttering a single word. You were captivated and now you don’t think you’ve ever been this speechless in your life. Other worlds, Frost Giants, magic, war?

“Honestly, that was a lot to take in,” you confess.

“So you believe me?”

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