Yemeni Heritage, Saudi Vandalism
Riyadh’s bombing is wreaking cultural destruction on a scale the Islamic State could only dream of.
By Lamya Khalidi

The Dhamar Survey Project team spent decades exploring the magnificent megalithic monuments and walled towns of a civilization that developed terraced agriculture as early as the third millennium B.C. The project collected thousands of artifacts from more than 400 sites, including tools, pottery, statuary and inscriptions in ancient South Arabian languages.

They ensured that all of these artifacts were deposited in the Dhamar Regional Museum. There, they were restored and studied by foreign teams and Yemeni archaeologists, and put on display.

This museum has just been obliterated from the air. In a matter of minutes, the irreplaceable work of ancient artisans, craftsmen and scribes — not to mention the efforts of Yemeni and foreign researchers who have dedicated years of their lives to studying and preserving this legacy — were pulverized. The museum and its 12,500 artifacts were turned to rubble by Saudi bombs.

Since March, Saudi Arabia has conducted a large-scale campaign of air attacks on its neighbor with the stated purpose of driving back the Houthi rebels who have taken control of the capital Sana and large parts of the country. Thousands of civilians have been killed or injured, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced, amid severe shortages of food, fuel and medical supplies. Less reported is that these bombardments show a pattern of targeting cultural heritage sites in a country that has made extraordinary contributions to world civilization. 

Mohannad al-Sayani, director of Yemen’s General Organization of Antiquities and Museums, confirmed to me by email that 25 sites and monuments have been severely damaged or destroyed since the beginning of the conflict.

On May 31, the Marib Dam was bombarded and gravely damaged by the Saudi-led coalition. There can be no legitimate reason to attack this ancient monument. It is not a military target, and lying in an uninhabited area at the edge of the Ramlat al-Sabatayn desert, it has no strategic value.

The desecration of these archaeological sites and monuments, as well as the architecture and infrastructure of Yemen’s historic cities, can be called only a targeted and systemic destruction of Yemeni world heritage. Yet it has not been named as such.

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Exploring the Wansee Lake with the boat today got us some beautiful spots like the Cecilienhof Park and its beautiful bygone era constructions and ruins like the one around me. All this can be seen from inside the lake but I wanted to stop and share that with you. A world without culture is a world without soul. Enjoy your afternoon everyone! #adamasztalos #cecilienhof #potsdam #wansee #germany #deutschland #model #malemodel #abs #muscle #muscles #blond #blondhair #blueeyes #mustache #beard #bighands #hairylegs #mensfashion #menswear #lennyniemeyer @lennyniemeyer #swimwear #beachwear #swimshorts #summerwear #nature #historical #heritage #ancient #columns (at Schloss Cecilienhof)


African/black salons remain one of my favourite places to be. Some of the funniest and heartbreaking conversations happen on the shop floor. Women - sometimes but not always - from different parts of Africa or the Caribbean, bound by the perks and distresses and variations of what it means to be feminine. This one, from Nigeria. This one, Ghana. This one, Cameroon. Another, Jamaica, St Lucia, and more. All, bound by stories of (useless) men or stories of a better life back home. Of the friend who only last week was hunted by immigration, or the one who’s leaving her husband or fallen pregnant. Of the one who’s had a day off “thank God because she is useless at doing hair” and lazy as. Of losing babies at 22 weeks, of losing family.

Hair salons are a place of gossip, but also of trust and openness. Here, the women come to forget that they are weary. They come here to forget the times they have felt alone. And always, they leave looking flyy which is a plus. I love that this is a place of advice, from sex to food to money. That this is a place of debate and acceptance…One of my songs, Butterflies Are Free, has a clip at the end of an actual conversation I had in a salon a few months ago. It was somewhere in Peckham.

Does anyone love salons as much as I do? I think it’s also because hair is such a big part of my culture, and I’ve been in salons since I was super young…even if only to be with my mum while she got her hair done. Salons fill me with nostalgia, I guess (?!)


THIS is one of the best comments left by one of our fans:

“l I’m related to three different Nazis (one great-great uncle and some distant cousins). Can you imagine the outcry if I went around waving their flag around and said how "It’s not anti-Semitic, it’s my heritage!”? And the reaction would be completely justified. But in this case, it’s “just heritage”, a heritage that enslaved an entire group of people. Yes, it IS your heritage, but it is not something to be fucking proud of! People are so hypocritical sometimes, it’s infuriating.“ - Donna J.D.

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Just finished dinner! As you can see clear daylight outside! Stopped by this little historical house in the neighborhood I grew up. People were much smaller back then. As you can see by the comparison and proportions. Lol! Have a peaceful night of sleep everyone! :) #adamasztalos #potsdam #brandenburg #germany #deutschland #model #malemodel #abs #muscle #muscles #blond #blondhair #blueeyes #mustache #beard #bighands #hairylegs #mensfashion #menswear #dsquared @dsquared shirt @ralphlauren #ralphlauren belt #armani @armani trousers #diningout #saturday #nightlife #longdaylight #prussian #heritage #SIZEDOESMATTER (at Babelsberg, Brandenburg, Germany)

I Have A Message For Those Who Claim The Confederate Flag Represents Their Heritage
Here's a rule: You can't claim to be a proud, patriotic American while you honor the flag of the largest treasonous uprising against this country in our...
By Allen Clifton


The Following was written by Allen Clifton -

“Oh, but it’s your heritage, right? If the Confederate flag is a symbol of your “heritage” then you should be downright ashamed of that heritage. But that’s the sad part – millions in the South aren’t. You embrace that hate and ignorance, and you lie to yourself about what that vile flag means by telling yourself it was just about an opposition to an overreaching federal government. That’s bullshit, and I think deep down you know. Of course, cognitive dissonance is difficult to overcome. 

Those of you who don’t believe the Confederate flag represents racism have clearly created some delusional reality where you’ve ignored the racism, bigotry, intolerance and hate that’s followed your “heritage” and was represented by that flag by telling yourselves that it’s a “symbol of Southern pride.” 

I’m a Southerner and that flag damn sure doesn’t represent me or my heritage. The only flag I honor is the only flag an American should honor, and that’s the flag of the United States of America. You know, the one the Confederacy declared war against in an effort to continue to own other human beings as property. Here’s a rule: You can’t claim to be a proud, patriotic American while you honor the flag of the largest treasonous uprising against this country in our history. So, do you still want to claim the Confederate flag is just a symbol of your “Southern roots”? Well you need to realize those roots are rotted. They’re tainted and symbolic of a period in our nation’s history of which we should all be ashamed.

Read more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/message-claim-confederate-flag-represents-heritage/