Sometimes its not only about being addicted to drugs, sometimes its also about being scared. You become so wrapped up and consumed in drugs you forget how to live a normal life. You isolate yourself from the world only surrounding yourself with other drug users. At first your having the time of your life, Not even realizing your pushing the rest of the world out. Eventually the party stops. Now you find yourself struggling to live a normal life, whatever that even is..
You don’t remember what it was like to go out on a “date” or out with friends on the weekends. You keep searching for that happiness you got out of life before you did drugs. Your mind is so fucked up. You want a normal life but at the same time you can’t remember what was so great about it? What did you do for fun?
You become scared. Lost. And drugs seem to be the only thing keeping you going.

I use the drugs to forget you.
But for some reason when I’m so high I can’t remember my name, but I can remember the first time I meet you.
I get reminded of the butterflies I got when you pushed my hair behind my ear.
I remember our first time together, and how gentle you were.
But I also live through you leaving me again.
How you said, “I can’t handle you anymore.” I was “just to much baggage.”
You got clean before I did, you got your life together.
I was just weighing you down.
I guess I get it, no one wants to take care of someone who can overdose at any point.
But I took care of you.
And in return you introduced me to a world I never knew.
You left me because the gift you gave me started coming before you.
I don’t know why I could think getting high would make me forget you.
Once my warmth feels my body, I can feel you with me again.
—  Sometimes I’m mad you had me try it. Sometimes I thank you because it’s the only think keeping me alive without you.

Prompt ~ Hey, can you write a fluffy fic about going on a date with Wonder Woman? Thanks!

Extra ~ Diana Prince x Reader

Note ~ Dedicated to this beautiful day, Coming Out Day and anyone in the wonderful LGBT community! I love you all 🏳️‍🌈💕

  You grumbled as you rolled around on the bed, as you were about to get up you felt slender arms encase you in a strong grip pulling you back down. “Mhmm stay.” Diana grumbled out as she cuddled up closer to you as you petted her hair.

  “But I’m hungry.” You whined, your stomach growling in agreement. “But love it’s not the same without you in the bed, you radiate warmth.” Diana mumbled into your skin as you desperately tried to wiggle out of her grip.

“Please Diana, you wouldn’t want me to starve would you?” She pouted as she let you go, you shook off the blankets and ascended out the room, the wooden floor boards creaking under your weight. 

 You entered the small apartment kitchen placing bread into the toaster. You sat down in one of the chairs on the kitchen island, placing your hand on the cool marble. You heard feet pattering towards your direction, “Missed me?” You joked as you felt Diana wrap her arms around your shoulders.

“It isn’t the same without you.” She placed a sweet kiss on your forehead as the now toasted bread popped out of the toaster. “Well come on I can’t have you starving too.” You passed her a plate of toasted bread with Nutella. She gladly took the plate and took a bite out of it, savoring the hazelnut flavor.

 You both enjoyed breakfast in a peaceful silence. The only sounds heard of chewing and clinks of plates and cups. Once you both finished and washed the plates you both decided to watch some TV.

 Diana cuddled up close to you, placing her head into the crook of your neck while you wrapped your hands around her waist. Enjoying the lavender scent of her hair. You played with her long strands of black hair, curling them around your finger and braiding small pieces. Diana humming in response as you massaged her head.

“I’m glad I met you [Y/N].” Diana said turning away from the tv and focusing her attention towards you.

“I am too.” She leaned up, pulling you into a gentle kiss that lasted a few sweet seconds.

 Diana pulled back, a smirk on her lips, “You taste fondly of hazelnut.”

 You laughed at her comment, “I like it.” She said pulling you back in for another passionate kiss.