Sometimes its not only about being addicted to drugs, sometimes its also about being scared. You become so wrapped up and consumed in drugs you forget how to live a normal life. You isolate yourself from the world only surrounding yourself with other drug users. At first your having the time of your life, Not even realizing your pushing the rest of the world out. Eventually the party stops. Now you find yourself struggling to live a normal life, whatever that even is..
You don’t remember what it was like to go out on a “date” or out with friends on the weekends. You keep searching for that happiness you got out of life before you did drugs. Your mind is so fucked up. You want a normal life but at the same time you can’t remember what was so great about it? What did you do for fun?
You become scared. Lost. And drugs seem to be the only thing keeping you going.

Otome games be like

Heroine: i love white dresses
Guy: oooh wow just soo pure ahhh like an angel’s wings white YASS !!!!!

Heroine: ouch i pricked my finger
Guy: well better carry you.

Herione: hi ! Im new-
Guy: don’t mind but i just realized i am in love with you.
Heroine: ohhh nice to meet you too !
Guy: but
Heroine: yeah ur r a very nice person.
Guy:  D:

Guy 1: do u love me
Guy2: or me ????
Heroine: yes .

Heroine: but i dont feel the same way right now.
Guy: ok i understand , but i will make you fall in love with me.
Guy: *proceeds to have no chill for the next few years*

Drugs. Why do us humans choose to do drugs? We no the dangers. The consequences. We no why we shouldn’t but yet we still do. We were taught at a early age to “say no to drugs” but temptation and curiosity usually wins over right? Us as humans are always searching for something more out of life. Our primate ancestors were so carefree, they didn’t have to get a job to feed themselves. They weren’t constantly being judged. It wasnt about social status, how rich or poor you were. It wasnt about how you looked, dressed or talked. Life was simple. But todays society is much different. Nothing is that simple. So we turn to drugs. Meth, heroin, cocaine, marijuana…
We do this to escape the reality of today’s societies. We do this so we don’t have to give a shit about what people think. So we can feel good about ourselves, so we can just be happy……
And then when were judge for doing drugs, we just do more drugs because we now no the drugs can fix our depression, maybe only temporally but we don’t care bc now we are lost in our chemical induced reality. And we don’t wanna be found, really truly and honesty we do not wanna be found, we wish we could stay high forever and ever and ever……