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What do you think would happen if I didn’t update my facebook profile picture every few months? Nothing, probably. So why do we do it? Is it for a self confidence boost every time someone likes the picture and/or says, “U r sooo pretty!”? Surely we don’t change rapidly enough to require a monthly update. Why don’t more guys update their pictures? Is it because, while men can be handsome in many ways or attractive for just their strength and personality, women have to be “Pretty” in the way we were all taught we have to be, otherwise we are “ugly” and not even worth a thing? Ever notice how superheros are mostly men? Many of which, in the comics especially, aren’t gloriously handsome, they don't need to be, they aren’t male models, they are super heros. But no one would read wonderwoman comics if she had small breasts and a big nose. Black widow is only a bad ass because she is so sexy while she fights.
Isn’t there something a little wrong with this?
Women have worth, society says, they can be strong, independent, ba-asses, as long as they are sexy too.
Otherwise they just end up being some ugly crazy chick that no man would ever want, and therefore worthless.

I don’t know, I suppose it’s a bit of a progressive concept, not one for our “old fashioned,” world.

Bayer, the venerable German drug company, made its first fortunes in the late 1890s when it commercialized both aspirin and heroin as cough, cold and pain remedies. Many people have seen the sepia images of vintage Bayer’s “Heroin” brand medicine bottles. But it’s less widely known that Bayer promoted heroin for use in childrensuffering from coughs, colds and “irritation” as late as 1912.


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herion chic you sound like a fucking idiot

i actually had a lovely conversation today about how proud I am of the fact im clean from heroin and opiates all together
you on the other hand are an incompetent fucking shitheel who seems to love to speak out of turn on things about which you know nothing
know your place :’)

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Q - Favourite flower?

Lilies, they are beautiful and low maintenance.

U - Favourite time of year, and why

Fall, because it’s neither too hot or too cold, and there isn’t any pollen in the air.

A - If I’m in love.

Yes I am ^.^

C - How long it’s been since I’ve kissed?

I kissed my cat on the head this morning. :P

K - What my full name is.

FaithfulWhispers. ;)