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My favorite thing is the Nancy Drew games where there isn’t a limit to how many times you can go to sleep. How long has Nancy been in this obscure location solving some mystery? A day? Three days? A month? A year? Three years? It doesn’t matter. You could literally wake up and go to sleep thirty times and nothing would change. Time is an illusion

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the fact that when you lose the final puzzle in Creature of Kapu Cave Big Mike and Pua just peace out without any remorse, but prior to this Big Mike is going on about how he regrets what he’s done???

It cracks me up everytime because it’s just a total 180 like one second Big Mike is like “Pele wanted us to stop, why didn’t we listen?! :’(” but when Frank doesn’t get to the other end they’re both like “You shoulda stuck to catching bugs LOL ALOHA BITCHESSS”


Celebrity look alikes in the Nancy Drew games 

  • Kyler: There has to be a logical explanation for what we just saw...
  • Me: right. Because a six year old surviving a fucking rocket fuel explosion, being taken in by a hermit, has taken your fiancé as a pet, has spent the last 50 something years flying around on a jet pack yet only just now has been noticed because apparently every single person in Ireland is superstitious. Is a perfectly. Logical. Explanation.

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qES8p78Q8Q4)