This is a very expressionistic story about a group of mounted hunters chasing a black man. And then we discover that when the black man touches another person, that person also becomes black. Who is then hunted in turn. Which is, you must admit, a problematic narrative.

This page doesn’t really speak to that central portion of the story, but is instead just a really good piece of action. Despite the expressionistic art style, the action is well communicated and makes sense. Which is an interesting digression for Herikberto, who doesn’t always do this well.

(Heavy Metal issue #130, January 1991 - Page 88 Tizon by Herikberto)

This page is all pure dreamscape, including the man getting ready to butcher the people he had hanging from the ceiling in the last panel. The story does answer the question “can Herikberto draw in a less stylized manner?” with a resounding yes. Unfortunately, he kept the stylized panels as dreams and switched to a less abrasive style for the waking moments, which turn out to be very boring to look at. Despite the lack of actual understandable storytelling on display, at least this page is interesting to look at.

(Heavy Metal issue #120, May 1989 - Page 89 Burned by Herikberto)

Herikberto is, as far as I can tell, the artist that is the closest to what I think of as 80s art in Heavy Metal. The gradients are beautiful and it’s very pleasant to look at the shapes. Unfortunately, this isn’t the greatest example of comics - the words appear in the gutters of the page and are largely ignorable.

(Heavy Metal issue #119, March 1989 - Page 88 The Artist by Herikberto)