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What’s going on?

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what happened?

two anons just flamed me for supporting the ‘fuck in a tent’ meme saying it was stupid and then i came across a post that supported the cockblock meme and said h/hr shippers were basic because they think that the tent meme is so ~cool~ when it’s just a ridiculous and pale imitation of the cockblock meme


right okay then

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jfo;aiew the great fandom war

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lol the great fandom war of 2003 that sounds like a real bloodshed

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omg thank god i wasn’t on the great fandom war lol.

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I want to hear some of those stories :)

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lol omg gpoy tbqh. i learned a lot from those ship wars, especially because i was only on the fringes and not in the trenches. like, how to not be a dick.

i was in the trench several times but i remember one time i got caught up in yet another ‘sibling’ talk and literally this girl and i would start picking apart books to find quotes to back up our arguments and it went on forever and spiraled into a very large heated debate

and before i would have cried and be like “why r u so mean” and instead i just wore a helmet and fought the battle and did not give a million fucks

yeah those were interesting days especially the ONTD discussions erm does anyone remember that one time we literally just spent time choosing our icons to piss people off in the comment section and like, 30 people would get banned a day