what’s inside my (forever 21) pencil case:

right hand corner, from top to bottom:
-Herff Jones mini sticky notes + tabs folder

-0.5mm lead
-Pentel eraser

-white out

below the pencil pouch, from left to right:
-muji colored pens 0.38mm

-midliners pastel colors

-Pentel energel liquid gel ink 0.5mm pen
-papermate fair black marker
-Bic black pen

-Pentel P205 0.5mm mechanical pencil
-Zebra M301 0.5mm mechanical pencil

8-9-12 The End of Yearbooks@theBeach 2012

It’s amazing to see the friendships that were made this week because of our passion for yearbook. 17 YERDS gathered, most of us just knowing at most what book we made, and yet, I can’t believe that we ended up like this.

Everyone was just so inviting, fun, and it was just a joy to be a TA at camp. I really liked the instructor I was helping (Kathy Daly). She was fun, interactive, and gave so many encouraging words to the students. She even let me talk about myself and my type of photography which was surprising.

To end, I just really enjoyed this week and just everything about yearbook (besides the work….), because it really is amazing if you take it all in. The feeling to be able to create a book full of our high school memories.

& the picture of the pins, that is my collection. There are 8 pins unique to this camp and I only got 7. Freaking ratchet as heck.

#ratchet #swag #swurve #yerd #yearbooks@thebeach #2012