Tomorrow, both Seattle & Sacramento will present their cases to theNBA about why their city deserves an NBA franchise. It is a monumental moment in our region’s history. I support the Kings but I know some of you could care less. 

While tomorrow is important to the King’s franchise, it is more about the future of Sacramento and all of it’s surrounding communities. Without the Sacramento Kings, we will only be known as the Capital of California with a star on the map. I strongly believe that the loss of the Kings will set our region back 20 years both economically and perceptively around the world. Any chance of ever acquiring another major league sports franchise is next to nil if we lose the Kings. 

I have been both a participant in and observer of just how passionate our community is and encourage all of my friends to think long and hard about the ramifications of being a city with no major sports team in our region. Forget the Kings and think about other sporting events like the UFC, WWE, Boxing and the NCAA games. Not to mention Disney On Ice, trade shows, monster trucks, motocross, graduations, and countless other events that a new sports and entertainment complex would bring. 

Without the Kings, good luck ever enjoying any of that other stuff. 

With all that rambling done, don’t expect an answer tomorrow on the fate of our team. This is a process and will take a few more weeks to get the final word. Until then I continue and fight to support my team, my city and our region’s future. I encourage all of you to do the same.