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Did children build the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna?

New evidence from Akhenaten’s capital suggests that a ‘disposable’ workforce of children and teenagers provided much of the labour for the city’s construction

There’s a whiff of magic about the site of Tell el-Amarna that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. It’s partly down to the effort of imagination needed to conjure a great capital of ancient Egypt from the sea of low humps stretching between the cultivation and the desert cliffs, and partly the long shadows cast by its founders – the ‘heretic’ pharaoh Akhenaten and his queen Nefertiti.

Amarna came and went in an archaeological moment. It rose and fell with Akhenaten and his religious reformation, under which Egypt’s ancient pantheon of gods was briefly usurped by the worship of a single solar deity; the Aten. Read more.

Catching Murphy, Part 7

Warnings: Swearing, possible nsfw content
Word Count: About 3810
Summary: You, Miss (y/n) (y/l/n), had a crush on Connor Murphy for years, from a distance of course. You had always been too shy to approach him, and the fact around school that he was an aggressive stoner caused you to become even more shy. One day, in history class, your teacher decided to assign a project and assigned everyone a partner—you and Connor were partnered together. Could you two grow close during the project and remain close? Or will Connor go back to ignoring you after the project comes to a close?
A/N: I apologize if Connor is a biiiiit OOC… ;-; Obviously takes place in an AU where Connor is alive.
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You and Connor were sitting in history, and you were talking more about Akhenaten. You also went through what you had planned for your PowerPoint, and Connor was rather impressed. He found new ways to find you interesting each and every minute that passed. Again, just like yesterday, he observed you intensely, watching your face contort in happiness as you talked about your passion. Connor noticed how your voice went up in pitch and grew slightly agitated as you continued to talk about the Heretic Pharaoh. “Whoa, whoa, dork… calm the hell down before you blow a fucking gasket,” he said.

“Huh? S-sorry, did I get too heated again?” you asked.

“Yeah, you did get a bit heated, dork. Just dial it back a bit, like damn,” he said.

You rubbed the back of your neck and apologize, “Yeah, sorry about that. I don’t much like him… like really don’t like him!”

Connor smiled briefly to himself and he retorted, “No shit, dork. I can see that.”

Laughing nervously, you laid your head down on the desk. “S-sorry…”

History class ended and you met Alexa in the hallway. Her hazel eyes held a certain look and you knew that she knew that you went home with Connor yesterday. “(Y/n) (y/l/n)! You have some explaining to do, missy!” she exclaimed as she bounded up to you.

“Hey… Lexy…” you said slowly, knowing your death was coming. “What are you talking about?”

Stopping in front of you, Alexa grabbed your arm, dragging you to English class. “You know exactly what I’m talking about! Firstly, you got into Connor Murphy’s car yesterday after school! Secondly, you were talking with him, Jared and Evan this morning! What happened?! You’re usually too shy to talk to boys!”

You stammered, “I, uh, well… I don’t know what happened. I, uh, I was just talking to Connor yesterday after school, while we were working on a project, and I just…” A sigh, “I dunno… got slightly less anxious?”

“You were telling Jared how you and Connor had sex, (y/n)! Is that true?!”

“Keep your voice down, Lexy! Connor doesn’t need that rumor going around school. And no, it was a fib to make Jared flustered,” you said, hushing your friend.

“Oh! I get it,” Alexa said as you two walked into English.

Thankfully your English teacher didn’t really care where anyone sat, so when you saw Evan, you smiled and pulled Alexa along with you. Evan had always sat a little off from the rest of the class, due to his social anxiety. But, today you were going to make him feel not as alone, since you also suffered from social anxiety. “Hey, Evan?” you asked, getting his attention. Once he looked at you, you continued, “Can me and Lexy sit with you today?”

Evan sputtered out, “U-uhh… I, uh, I guess? S-sure…”

You sat beside Evan while Alexa sat beside you. It was awkward, no doubt, but that little bean needed to know that he was no longer alone in the fight against his own social anxiety. “S-so?” you began, “H-how was your first class, Evan?”

He looked down at his desk, shrugged and answered you in a small voice, “I-it was… alright, I guess.”

“Wh-what was it?” you asked awkwardly.

Evan answered just as awkwardly, “E-economics.”

Alexa gasped, “Oh my God, who do you have? Do you have Mr. Green? I heard he’s amazing at teaching economics!”

“U-umm…” stuttered Evan, “y-yeah… I have him.”

“Oh my God, same here! I have him just before lunch,” laughed Alexa.

You, Evan and Alexa talked throughout English class, your teacher assigned some classwork that could be done in groups of two or three. Naturally, you three worked together, and it seemed like Evan was somewhat enjoying himself.

At lunch, you looked for people to sit with. Alexa had gotten sick just after English class, which was weird because she was one of the healthiest people you knew, but life happens. As you scanned the lunchroom, your eyes settled on Evan, Jared and Connor. Bingo, you thought to yourself as you walked over. “Hey guys,” you said awkwardly, “c-can I sit with you?”

Connor looked over his shoulder at you and answered, “Sure, why the fuck not.”

“Just in time, (y/l/n),” started Jared, “I was just telling Evan and Connor my sexual adventures last night.”

“Yeah, which is total bullshit. You never get your dick wet, Kleinman. Only in your dreams does that happen,” Connor snickered.

Jared puffed out his cheek for a second before firing back, “Well at least I didn’t fuck the school’s famous teacher’s pet!”

“At least I’ve got someone to fuck, Jared. I don’t have to just sit there and jerk off like your lonely ass does,” quipped Connor.

You and Evan sat there, listening to them fire shots at each other back and forth, with red faces. What are these two, you thought embarrassedly to yourself. You could tell that Evan was thinking the same thing you were because he covered his face. After the two bickered back and forth for a good several minutes, you said, “Okay! Enough! Jared, stop fucking talking about sex! I just lost my innocence to Connor, fucking Christ knows I’m not ready to hear all about your imagined sex life!”

“You were a virgin? I always thought you lost it in like sophomore year, (y/n)!” exclaimed Jared.

Your face grew brighter, “Why would you say that?”

“Because it was going around the school. Some girl named Tessa saw you with some guy named Ryan getting it on in a stairwell.”

“Oh my God, that was my friend Beth! She doesn’t really look like a girl and definitely doesn’t act like one! She was telling me how she wanted to transition from girl to guy at some point. Why does Tessa always start this shit? People thought I smoked weed in middle school because of her. She is literally a scumbag human being.”

Jared raised his eyebrows at your words, “Well shit, (y/n), tell us how you really feel.”

You ruffled your hair and said, “I just did, J-Jared…”

“Aww, you’re stuttering is really cute,” Jared said with a wink.

You blushed and somewhat covered your face. Someone, a guy in particular, found your stuttering adorable. “Wh-what…? Y-you think so, J-Jared…?” you stuttered out, looked at him through some hair that fell into your face.

Connor looked over at you and he thought you looked really cute with your hair in your face. Without thinking, he reached over to you and tucked the lock behind your ear. When you looked over at Connor, an almost warm and loving look in his normally cold eyes. It took you by surprise. His warm hand rested on your cheek for the briefest of moments, before he snapped back into reality and pulled his hand away.

Everyone just looked at Connor. Did he just have a sweet moment? Jared’s eyes were wide and his jaw was dropped. So was Evan’s. They just stared at you and Connor for a moment. You brought your hand up to touch the cheek that had lost the warmth of Connor’s hand, a blush on your cheeks. You stuttered, “I, uh… wh-wha…? C-Con…nor…?”

He couldn’t meet your gaze, his mind had flashed back to his dream from last night and he grew embarrassed. What were you doing to him? He had asked that fucking question ever since that morning once he woke up to falling out of his bed. Connor swallowed almost audibly as he continued to look anywhere but you. WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO?! WHY DID I DO THAT?! UGH!!

“To answer your question, (y/n),” Jared began, having recollected himself. “Yes, I find your stuttering really cute. Evan does it, and I’m sure some girl finds it cute. It’s also kinda cute that you’re so shy, you really should come over to my house after school.” He winked at you and you blushed even more. “I’ll help you get rid of that anxiety real quick!”

Connor quickly shot Jared an anger glare. How dare he do that! You were just a virgin, and so too was Jared for the matter, but he watches a lot of porn so you know. That geek knows shit that you don’t; and Connor decided that he would be the one to have you. For some reason he found himself compelled by you, doing things he never did before yesterday. Things that made him question everything that he stood for.

“A-as won-wonderful as that sounds, J-Jared… I-I have some things to do with C-Connor after school,” you answered with a small smile. “M-maybe some other time.”

Evan fiddled with his food as he asked, “H-hey, (y-y/n)… some time s-soon… could you help me with… umm… with English?”

You looked at Evan and smiled sweetly at him as you answered, “O-of course I can, cutie.” That word fell from your mouth and you immediately covered your mouth and want to bang your head against the table. Did you really just say that? To Evan fucking Hansen, a guy with almost crippling social anxiety? “I-I’m sorry, Ev-Evan… i-it just came out…” you apologized.

“I-it’s okay, (y-y/n),” Evan answered, blushing slightly as well.

“B-but yeah, I will help you with English. How about this Saturday?”

Evan looked at you and nodded, “That would be great, (y/n). Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Evan. Anything for a cutie like you,” you said.

Connor allowed you to say that stuff to Evan because that boy was just a little walking anxiety disorder. Evan was a pure little bean that wasn’t a threat, but Jared fucking Kleinman? That boy was a huge threat to Connor’s claim on you, not that he saw you as a prize to be won, but Connor just wanted you to focus solely on him, and maybe Evan every once and a while. He leaned on his hand as he watched you and Evan stutter cutely (on your part) back and forth, Evan decided to start talking about his love of tree-climbing. And you seemed to be really interested in the socially anxious teen’s hobby.

Your eyes lit up as you listened to Evan talk, but they didn’t have that fire that they held when you were talking about Ancient Egypt. You did talk in a less animated fashion, clearly interested in Evan showing you his hobby.

And then, Evan told you what you were passionate about. Connor just looked at you and he saw your face light up, you beaming as you answered, “R-really? You wanna know what I’m passionate about? D-do you want to, too, J-Jared?”

“Sure, why the heck not,” answered Jared. “Tell us what passion runs through that pretty head of yours.”

Connor watched your smile get brighter as you took in a breath. “Ancient Egypt. My passion is Ancient Egypt,” you answered in a love-filled voice.

I wish she would talk about me like that, Connor thought to himself. After he thought that, he mentally kicked himself. WHAT THE FUCK?!

“Why’s Ancient Egypt so important to you?” Evan asked.

“Oh, you just opened up a can of worms I’m not sure you’re ready for, Evan,” Connor said, looking at his blond friend.

The moment you opened your mouth to begin, Connor’s eyes snapped back at you. Ever since yesterday of observing you while you talk about your passion, Connor has made it a habit of watching you with a smile as you talked. It was his guilty pleasure, watching you talk—watching the way life fluttered and swirled in your eyes.

The rest of lunch, you gave Jared and Evan a history lesson, Evan asking you questions and Jared crossing his arms due to being impressed. Honestly, he had expected you to be so well-versed in that certain period of history. It threw him for a few loops because you knew things that not even he knew. When the lunch period ended, the boys seemed rather upset. They all were interested in what you were saying, Connor seemed more happy that you were happy talking about what you loved.

Evan felt closer to you than he did earlier that day, he was smiling happily that you opened up to him. And he felt happier that he opened up to you, something about you made him feel like he could talk to him. You two even exchanged numbers and you told him to call or text him whenever he needed help or just wanted to talk. He had made another friend.

Jared was more impressed than anything. At first, he just wanted to talk to you because he thought you would give him sex, something he never had before, but now, he thought of you differently. He now saw you as a interesting girl who enjoyed teaching others of your passion, and even giving him a run of his money. Jared and you went back and forth spouting facts of Ancient Egypt, until you threw out information that he had no idea about—and then he admitted defeat.

That day after school, you again almost got run over by Connor, and then jumped into his truck. You poked your head between him and Zoe and said, “Ey, Connor, can we listen to some Marianas Trench? On my phone? Can I jack your AUX cord?”

“Umm… sure? Why the fuck not?”

Zoe threw her hands into the air, complaining, “Connor, what the fuck?! I can’t listen to my music but your girlfriend asks and you immediately cave?! EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!!”

Shrugging, Connor handed you his AUX cord that was hooked up to his newer radio (which he had stolen because his old radio was shit). “Because she’s the new bitch in the car, Zoe. Holy fuck! Your music is terrible and I personally hate it,” he answered.

“What makes you think her music is any better?!”

“Call it a hunch.”

You smiled and swiped the AUX cored from Connor’s hand and plugged it into your phone. Immediately, you went to play Marianas Trench, the first song to pop up as you put the artist on shuffle was Truth or Dare. That song made you almost choking on your spit. NOT THE FOURSOME SONG!! you thought to yourself. You almost blurted that out, but bit your tongue.

When you all got to Connor’s, you immediately jump out of the backseat of his truck and stand by his door. He got out of his car and laughed to himself, “Someone’s anxious?”

You grabbed his hand, “C’mon, let’s go to your room!”

“Whoa… you are impatient,” he said.

You looked at Connor and said, in a low voice, “I’m sorry, Connor. I w-want to get high again…”

Connor blinked at your words. “You do?” he asked.

Nodding vigorously, you answered, “Yeah! I’ve been waiting for this all day! It was fun yesterday, and if I keep doing it with you, I’ll get a tolerance and I can be more f-fun to be around! B-because I don’t s-stutter when I’m high. I-I only stammer when something weird happens.”

“Have you been thinking about this all day?”

“Maybe… and maybe you’re just the only guy I wanna get high with…”

Connor’s mouth opened a bit and he gasped, “Ooh…kay… yeah, let’s go get high.” You smiled and followed him to his room. Zoe oohed and said not to fuck, to which Connor quipped rudely at her, “None of your fucking business if we do or not, bitch.”

About 30 minutes later, you and Connor were high. Your mind bounced back to the offer Connor made yesterday. You and Connor were laying on his bed, you splayed out across Connor’s bed and your head was once again on his stomach. “H-hey, Connor?” you asked in a groggy voice, looking up at him.

Looking down at you, Connor answered you, “Yeah, you fucking dork?”

“I-I wanna learn some shit,” you said.

Furrowing his eyebrows, he responded, “What kind of shit?”

You blushed and muttered, “Y’know… li-like kissing and possibly… sex…?”

Oh, that made Connor sit up, your head plopping into his lap. “Oh, fuck. Are you fucking serious?” He was looking directly into your eyes as he asked you that.

Looking up into his eyes, you nodded, muttering a small, “Y-yeah…”

“What fucking happened to getting to know each other first, eh, teacher’s pet?” he asked with a smile.

You shrugged, looking away from him, “We can do that while we fool around, can’t we, Con?”

Connor laughed to himself as he said, “You’re pretty bad for a damn teacher’s pet.”

A wolfish grin made its way across your face as you sat up. “No I’m not,” you began. “I just do anything to learn. So,” you placed a hand on Connor’s clothed chest, “are you ready to teach me?”

He smirked. “Wouldn’t that make you MY little teacher’s pet?” he asked, gently grabbed your chin and made you look into his eyes.

You flash a devious smile as you said, “Guess it would… you ready for that, Connor Murphy?”

Connor took a moment to think about it. You being his teacher’s pet would be interesting—you’d have to do anything for him and it honestly set his nerves ablaze. His mind came up with some kinky shit that he could make you do. Oh, it was juicy and he loved it. With another smile, Connor shrugged, pulling your face close to his. “Fuck it, why not,” he said against your lips before pulling you into a kiss. “First lesson, kissing. Kiss me like you would kiss your crush, (y/n).”

You blushed and thought if only Connor knew your crush was him. But, not wanting to disappoint your teacher, you threw your arms around his neck, a hand getting tangled in his hair. And damn did you kiss Connor with such passion, and wished your feelings would be conveyed in the kiss.

This would be a really fun time—learning stuff from your crush. But how long could you keep this up without your feelings coming to light? Eh, you didn’t care if you did let your feeling slip, you were just happy to be kissing Connor like you were. Because that kiss was different from the one from last night, this one had several emotions swirling in it.

And both you and Connor absolutely loved it.

Connor was not expecting you to be kissing the way you were and he decided to continue, “Okay, now we move on to making out.” Your heart stopped and a gasp fell from your lips. Connor took the opportunity to slither his tongue into your mouth.

The moment his tongue touched yours, you let out an involuntary moan in the back of your throat and your hand pulled at his hair. When the deepest groan came from him as a result of you pulling his hair, you swore to whatever God sent this man to you that you would praise them if this continued. Because you did not want this to stop.

You felt something poking your thigh (since you were sitting in Connor’s lap), and it was kind of uncomfortable. Therefore, trying to make yourself more comfortable, you shift, unintentionally grind into Connor.

And holy shit, the moan he emitted had you weak in every sense. You mind was frazzled, you wanted to hear more of Connor’s moans—when they weren’t muffled by a kiss. Oh fuck me, god damn it, fuuuck. I need Connor. Please, whatever God got me this far, let me go farther. I am begging, you thought to yourself.

Reluctantly, Connor pulled away from the kiss for air. He gasped and laid his head on your shoulder. “S-shit, dork,” he said, clearly out of breath.

“W-what is it, Connor?” you asked, also out of breath. You shifted your hips again.

This time you heard his moan and by God, your stomach churned. “F-fuck, stop fucking moving, dork.”

“But there’s something poking me,” you said.

“Jesus fucking Christ, dork… you’re such a dumbass sometimes,” Connor laughed.

You almost panicked, “D-did I hurt you or something?”

“No, far from it, dork. You, um, fucking aced kissing and making out.”

“Hm? T-then what is poki—” you shifted again and he once again moaned. It was then that it clicked, “oh… I, uh, I get it… I’ll ge-get off you.” You climbed out of his lap and sat beside you.

Connor was short of breath, and he combed a hand through his hair. “Holy fucking shit, dork…” he muttered, calming himself down.

“S-sorry…” you muttered.

Snapping his gaze to you, Connor said, “Oh, no, no! Fuck, there’s nothing to apologize for, dork. That’s good that you got me excited!” Or really bad, because I think in the two days we’ve been talking, I’ve found myself insanely attracted to you. Like what the fuck is wrong with me!! I am Connor fucking Murphy and here I am being turned into a pile of mush because of some teacher’s pet!

You combed some hair out of your face, as you answered, “R-really?”

“Do I fucking lie?”

Chucking giddily, you looked out Connor’s window. “N-no… you usually speak your mind…”

Connor smiled softly at you, having calmed himself down. “Exactly. Now, do you want some food or not?”

“UM, YES? IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION, CONNOR?!” you said loudly, almost jumping off his bed. Connor laughed and got off his bed, walking to his door and leading you downstairs. “Can I have a triple-stuffed grilled cheese sandwich?”

“Oh my god, what the fuck are you, seven?” laughed Connor,

“Yes, actually,” you joked. Connor rolled his eyes as he walked into the kitchen and started to make you your food. You sat at the table and watched Connor as he fixed your food. You saw the way he took special care of preparing your food, like he actually cared. And that made you happy.

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♛ HISTORY MEME ♛ [3/3] DYNASTIES: The Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt

The Eighteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt (notated Dynasty XVIII) (1543–1292 BC) is perhaps the best known of all the dynasties of ancient Egypt. It is often combined with Dynasties XIX and XX to form the New Kingdom period of ancient Egyptian history.

The pharaohs of Dynasty XVIII ruled for approximately two hundred and fifty years (c. 1550–1298 BC). Many of the pharaohs were buried in the Valley of the Kings in Thebes.

As well as Tutankhamen, famous pharaohs of Dynasty XVIII include Hatshepsut (1479 BC–1458 BC), longest-reigning queen-pharaoh of an indigenous dynasty, and Akhenaten (1353–1336 BC/1351–1334 BC), the “heretic pharaoh”, with his queen, Nefertiti. [x]