heretic brewing

Heretic Evil Cousin IPA

A few weeks ago, RS and I (finally) finished university, besides from a few remaining exams. The Friday of that same week in question also happened to be my last day at my engineering vacation job, and I had been debating with myself as to whether or not I deserved to treat myself to something special that night for dinner. Luckily, the beer geek in me won, and I pulled up at what is now one of a handful of Perth’s few specialty beer stores, which just so happened to be a 5 minute drive from work.

Whilst I am not a subscriber of Mane Liquor, I do know from my site visits that they carry a very extensive range of beers and claim to have over 1000. It’s really heartwarming to know that others feel so passionately about craft beer in such a small city, in a country known for being lager drinkers. I managed to pick up a Heretic, brewed by Jamil Zainasheff, who went from being an avid homebrewer and software engineer, to opening Heretic Brewing early last year.

Firstly, the labels are stunning. Heretic have done an outstanding job combining class and style into a label that gives off a feeling of being different, in a way that says ‘I’m awesome, I drink beer with flavour and character.’

The Imperial IPA pours a gorgeous hazy golden colour, and gives off huge piny, resinous hop flavours. The smell is thick and strong, but not in a bad way. You just know from the smell that you’re in for a massive hop kick.

This is a definite beer for hop heads. It is not packed with citrus or floral notes like some other Imperial IPAs, but it is rather an aggressive, hop forward IPA that packs the punches thick and fast, and asks for no forgiveness. I found the hop flavours to be bold, bitter and resinous, even a bit unbalanced at times, but ohh was it enjoyable. While it may be no Green Flash or Bear Republic, Jamil clearly knows how to brew. And for this dear sir, I applaud you.

Would I get it again: Hell yes!

Bought for $18 from Mane Liquor


A couple of pints during a showing of Clue! at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland. On the left, Heretic’s Gramarye, a 4 of 4, which I love and have reviewed before. On the right, Bison Brewing’s Red Reuben, a 3 of 4. The Red Reuben has quite a lot of rye and caraway seeds in it. Beautiful lacing and nice spiciness in the nose, as well as some floral and faint citrus hop notes. On the sweet side up front with lots of caramel nuttiness. Finishes rather dry and prickly on the palate. This is intended to be like a reuben sandwich - and it delivers many of the same qualities. Just needs more corned beef!