(second try because tumblr cant do anything right..the original was better) I’ve decided to do a fic rec for Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day (August 21st). I’ll likely be making a page on my blog for fic recs soon, but heres a fair majority of my favorites!
* one-shot
☆ multi chapter
✓ complete

basically anything and everything done by thefangirlingdead - every fic is my favorite omg
Across the Sea of Space, the Stars are Other Suns by shingekinowaifu ☆
Ailes de la Liberté by mayalinified ( infinitygauntlets ) ☆ ✓
Again by Cherry ☆
An Ordinary Life  by blueleviathan ☆ ✓
Animals  by stereobone *
Anonymous by SCD07 ( lostinpondermoniapondermoniums ) ☆
Audacity by Shoi ( persisting ) ☆ ✓
Between Rays of Light by fractalbright *
Black Dog by stereobone ☆ ✓
Darker Things by Memos ( memosfromlevi ) ☆
Four Years Later by everythingsshiny ( levismushroomcut ) ☆ ✓
Gilded by Night by @rivai-lution ☆ ✓
Hearts and Minds by Spinsy ( levierwins ) ☆
Hold by pinkjasmink *
Home Is Wherever I’m With You by stereobone *
Hunger by Misaya ( misayawriting ) *
In Some Distant Place by heretherebemonsters *
Late Bloomer by notsofriendlyghosts ☆
Living Things by iohannafactotum ☆
Loving Levi by Lolipaw *
Magic, Monsters, & Mayhem by imawarlock ( goddamnchou ) ☆
Meet The Parents by Lolipaw *
Moving Forward by gunpowderlatte ( levisteaparty ) *
Questions by birbwin *
Straightforward by Sycophantism ( sycfix ) *
Sunflowers in Summer by spiderlillium ☆
Surprise, Surprise by MissYuki1990 *
That Really Talented Asshole by Snk ( @pieatchu ) ☆
The Echo There of Me and You by Shoi ( persisting ) *
Up by stereobone *
War Damage by athousandwinds ☆
Wrath by gandalfgirl579 ☆ ✓

My new Midori sketchbook insert had this stamped, blank title space, so I got a little liberal with my Englishing and attacked it with my pen.

For everything there’s a time and a season,
And this page was once blank for a reason,
When along came my pen,
And what happened then,
Could hardly be argued as pleasin’

Goodnight all!

J. Schiek