when u havent seen ur mom in a while and u wana show her all ur cool stuff ur proud of


Tagged by @mcrkilljoy11 to post 8 photos of my bias but screw it, I’m gonna post 10 gifs instead. No one can stop me! *evil laughter aka Hyogie*

It was so hard for me to choose because I have made over 1000 gifs of Leo alone (say whuuttt!!!) and I gotta choose between smexy, stripper, if looks could kill, cute and fluffy etc etc. Anyway you get my point and so I chose Hamzzi coz Leo + Food = OTP!!!

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2016.03.27 Shinhwa 18th Anniversary Concert ‘HERO’ 

Throwback; One of the best days of my life.

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I just had a funny thought

UT Sans, Swap Paps, and Fell Sans all sleeping together


I can’t get the picture of three lazy skeles napping in the middle of the room while their bros are annoyed out of my head

Bonus points if Fell Sans snores like a kitten and the other two sound like they’re sawing logs xDDD

mrshobbes replied to your post “Things I want to know about Yeon-Joo: Who does she ship? It doesn’t…”


I read one of the character descriptions several weeks ago and I think it said something to the effect of her mom pressured her to become a doctor when she started showing signs of following in her father’s footsteps.

I’ve decided that showing signs means she found Yeon-Joo sketchbook (practicing Chul and So-Hee’s faces) with headcanons scribbled in the corners. Yeon-Joo follows all the major fanartists SNS. I don’t know if doushinji is a thing in South Korea the way it is in Japan, but if it is, she has a secret stash of the naughty stuff in a box under her bed. (Her mom knows it’s there but since Yeon-Joo does well in school and works hard, she doesn’t say anything.)

Yeon-Joo just wants So-Hee, Do-Yoon, and Chul to be happy. She eats up fluff fic like it’s candy. Her favorite is the cohabitation stuff >.>

I can’t remember who it was that said it, but I would love some element of this to make it into the drama when Chul crosses over into the real world. If it doesn’t, I’ll write the drabble of him finding her fanfiction myself.


I’ve had an influx of new followers, which is very exciting.  Welcome to the party!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of only hearing my own voice, so y’all should please feel free to submit any recipes, pictures of food you’ve made, rants, fun facts, and/or puns you like either here or on my Facebook page!

‘Rants’ are just a paragraph or two of you talking about what your favorite reasonably healthy food/dish is and why you think it’s awesome.  You can talk about the science of it, the history, the flavor, the presentation, anything!  We just want to hear your voice! (If you want some examples, send me an ask and I will post a few from the book)

Or maybe you aren’t a writer, but are a talker?  Submit a short video talking about your favorite food and why you think it’s awesome!

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