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Interesting that there's a new promo photo featuring the lead and Maggie with barely any buzz around it in comparison.

HAHAHA yeah like, wow, and here I thought thinking that haters were right and Caryl is barely a blip on media, compared to other characters.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer 11#9

“Yo, squad! We got some haters here.” ~ Vicki

“The Great Escape” is amazing. In short, it’s a Buffy at its Buffy-est.

So, Buffy, Willow and Faith are surprised by Jordan and her cohort. I got this, B, says F. She throws a smoke bomb and lurches at the slayers while Buffy and Willow make a run for it. Unfortunately, they’re stopped by two slayers that remained at their post. Buffy throws herself at them, making it possible for Willow to reach the drainer room, shut the door and get her power back. She immediately restores Buffy’s slayerness and proceeds to turbo-bewitch the living shit out of the gestapo, smashing the building’s walls with a group of slayers. Only Jordan’s lucky enough to get knocked out unconscious by Buffy. It’s awesome, I kid you not, this is one of the best action sequences in all of the comic seasons. After the sslayers are dealt with Willow gathers some intelligence from a nearby computer and the trio has an interesting little conversation about power. Buffy admits that, with her powers she feels whole again and that she didn’t feel right as just Buffy Summers, normal person. Buffy Summers isn’t a normal person. Nothing wrong with owning it, counters Faith. S-stop being so wise, F! Next, Willow cloaks the team to move past all the soldiers. They reach the building with a generator powering the force field. Willow casts one last spell, the hammer of Govannon ( Welsh smith deity, yo ) and pretty much destroys the entire structure. The force field shuts down, the demons are free! It is so fucking awesome! By the way, I love how Willow uses magic in this issue. She casts actual spells with utility, cool names and incantations, not just magical lasers! Anyway, at this point Willow is magiced-out, Buffy has to keep her from collapsing and soldiers show up to capture them…only to be swarmed by a stampeding horde of demons and vampires steamrolling their way through the gates, certain peroxide addict included. Yes, the lovers reunite, there’s big face sucking, Willow’s being a shameless shipper etcetera, it’s sweet, I admit. Mayhem ensues what with all the soldiers and demons and Scoobies decide to not stick around. 

The group meets with Xander and Dawn in a motel in Santa Fe. There’s some bad news. The vampires and demons that escaped from the zone descended upon a small town in Arizona and slaughtered everybody, Saint Vigeous crusade style. As a result, POTUS authorized the use of lethal force against all vampires. What’s interesting, the security footage from the town shows, who else, Vicki the vampire. Wait, Vicki was in the zone? And we didn’t even get a cameo? So, before anything else, Buffy the Vampire Slayer decides to take out Vicki the vampire. Scoobies find her in Austin, hiding under the Congress Bridge, home of the world’s largest urban bat colony. Huh. Smart move, Vicki. Vicki reveals that her group were set up. Everyone was already dead when the vampires arrived in town and the whole place reeked of concentrated magic, explains Vicki. The group gathers the full picture. The government or some faction within it killed all those people, presumably with magic, to have an excuse to put in motion their final solution to the occult problem. Scale the magic draining technology from the camp, make it work remotely, put it on satellites so nowhere is safe, make Papa Adolf proud. Buffy and Vicki reach a truce. Vicki will head east with her vampires, revealing the gang to security cameras once a day, Buffy and Scoobies will get to the source of all this and shut it down. Vicki is not given any details but we are - the target is actually where it all started, in San Francisco, something called The Pandora Project. This is where, with a beautiful panel depicting bats and bat-pires leaving the bridge, the issue ends.

Yeah, this issue’s great! It’s fun, funny, action-packed, plot-rich and it looks fantastic. Those combat scenes, those detailed backgrounds, that Bu-thick! Go check it out, OK?

Hey, so I’m sure y'all know the deal with Owl City now because Fireflies has become a huge meme. I feel the need to make this post because some nasty haters have popped up about the creator. Here are a few fun facts about Owl City:

- Owl city is not a band. It is one guy named Adam Young creating every song. He occasionally collaborates with singers,but creates all his own music.

- He has released several full length albums and multiple singles. Movies like Wreck it Ralph and the Croods feature original Owl City songs.

- This guy is all about positivity. Most of his music has a bouncy, happy mood to it.

- Puns

- He is a very devout Christian and has many beautiful songs about his faith. Some are covers, some are original.

- Basically the sweetest person alive? He wrote a song for his dad on Father’s Day, has collaborated with a charity to feed the poor (Here’s Hope was written for this) and runs a twitter account of random movie quotes and funny thoughts.

- His music is beautiful and uplifting. He puts so much work into it and overcomes social anxiety to perform it live.

- He has a form of autism and is an insomniac.

- In 2016 he created 12 original albums of instrumental music that focused on different historical events. All of them are available for free download from his website 12 albums for free!

Please respect this guy beyond just the Fireflies song. He does his best to be a good example and a representative of his beliefs.

What Your Overwatch Main Says About You
  • Genji: You need healing
  • McCree: You meme loving fuck
  • Pharah: You take immense pleasure knowing the other team has to change their entire comp to counter you
  • Reaper: 3edgy5me
  • Soldier 76: COD man
  • Sombra: Everyone hates you, including you, I'm so sorry
  • Tracer: Probably Scout main in TF2, annoying gnat who won't leave me the fuck alone
  • Bastion: Innocent in all of this, you deserve that potg
  • Hanzo: Completely aware that someone hates you no matter what your skill level
  • Junkrat: "Aiming's overrrated"
  • Mei: The Devil doesn't reside in human souls, it resides in that cold, adorable empty husk of a person
  • Torbjorn: The five of you don't deserve that potg
  • Widowmaker: Likes sniping more than winning
  • D.Va: Takes no prisoners
  • Orisa: Wants to win but hates playing Reinhardt
  • Reinhardt: Lovely and nice person who is not above destorying the innocent
  • Roadhog: Loves Ilios, loves murdering squishies
  • Winston: Switches heroes because the team comp sucks, a true team player
  • Zarya: Secretly the best player in the match
  • Ana: Likes winning more than sniping
  • Mercy: Hates everyone, including Jeff Kaplan, is losing or has lost faith in humanity
  • Symmetra: She's a killer queen, dynamite with a laserbeam
  • Zenyatta: Looks chill on the outside, is definitely not chill on the inside

wowowowow its been a while since I’ve done this AU 

so I’ve seen some debates on Instagram under my Hamilton AU people saying “No jackie is eliza” ‘No star is” “why didn’t the artist do it the other way around?” or my personal favorite..

“i’m going to redraw this because it’s suppose to be the other way around” 

i- i’m not even gonna start ok. so here ya go i made a little joke for the haters

it’s 1 am i’m going to bed good night….. 

as always feel free to ask question and leave art suggestions!!! 


I will never be over the way their conflict in this episode was resolved…

Mon-El straight up said that he was an ass and admitted that she was right and he was wrong without any prompting whatsoever. And conceded that her way of handling things was better and more effective. Plus, Rather than being upset or angry that she stepped on his heart and tricked him, he’s impressed. (all while having just been supposedly rejected by her)

One of my favorite things about him is that - even if it takes him a minute sometimes - he’s always cool with accepting his mistakes and faults and admitting when he’s wrong. He knew he had screwed up and that she had every right to be mad at him so he didn’t try to push her to forgive him or anything like that. He was there to apologize and tell her that he saw his mistakes, he saw the position he had put her in and he knew that it wasn’t right for him to do that.

Honestly, I don’t want a perfect character that never makes mistakes. I want a flawed character who can own up to it when they see where they have faltered. A character who listens to the people around them and doesn’t write off what they say for the sake of what they want. Like I said - it may take him a minute but he always gets there.

Also him acknowledging that things were easier when he was an asshat was actually a good thing. Because it’s him pointing out that he doesn’t see things or feel the same way about things as he did before.

“The age difference between the actors is too much, she’s just a girl and he is an old man”

Vision was totally abusive and manipulative with Wanda, they relationship is so toxic”

“She is a woman with the world ahead and he’s just a robot, a machine. How can you ship them?”

Gifs (x)

Sexism (Music Industry)

Boy bands: *talent’s fine; with at least one good looking member; songs are okay; dresses anything the way they want*

Girl groups: *sweet and pretty girls; extremely talented, down-to-earth, and family oriented; multi-platinum recording artists; works their asses off; spends most of their time on tour buses; performs live in front of thousands of people with period cramps, difficult dance routines, and 5-inch heels*

The Finale is tonight! What better way but to share a Beth poster. Happy Walking Dead Day and here’s to us Beth fans.

“She’ll get here, when she get’s here.”


IG - @xoolivesx

TWITTER - @beth_warriors


All of us are angry about the wall that madman wants to build. But we should also be angry at the walls we have here. That don’t move us forward. Like these haters who criticise other people’s success. We must move up. Focus on yourself and fight for what you want. There are no excuses. If the internet shows us this way, it doesn’t mean we’re actually like this. These clichés don’t define us. But the good news is, some of us are already making it big. Enough of playing the victim. Nothing will be solved this way. Grab life by the horns. Without fear. And believe me…You are your only frontier. | Break Your Barriers. Corona - The Wall, 2016.

(BMC) Rich Got A Boyfriend, Song Parody

Parody: Rich Got a Boyfriend
Song: The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire)
By: Be More Chill

The parody no one asked for, and yet I made.
Also I kind of gave up halfway ahaha sorry

Come on Jer
I know you’re there, ugh
Wait until I tell you what I heard
It’s too great to type it out
It’s ripe
Call back
You’ll freak out, I am sure

Player Two is calling
Player Two is calling
Player Two is calling

Oh my god
Oh my god
Okay so

At the end of school last evening
Very end of school last evening
Did you see Rich?

Yeah, I saw Rich

So he’s behaving weird beyond his normal habit
Jumping up and down like a crazy rabbit

It must be hard living with no squip
I can’t blame him for kind of losing it

Right but
He’s not insane

I never said he–

Yo, he’s not insane!!

I never said he…?

Because I know that it looked wack
But there were reasons for his lack
Of dignity– he had a plan he was scared to do
His fear kicked in and made him look like a goddamn fool
Now, do you want me to tell you?

Spit it out, spit it out!

You really want me to tell you?

Spit it out, spit it out!!

I’ll tell you ‘cause you are my closest friend

I’m your boyf

Yeah, I know
So here’s what happened at the school-day’s end

Rich approached Jake and asked him out on a date
Rich approached Jake and asked him out on a date

He told him he was bi
Wanted to give guys a try

And then Jake said yes and now I think they’re a pair
And then Jake said yes and now I think they’re a pair!!

Omg, Chris, answer me
Is some major news that you need to hear!!


And also space and awkward face
I know you’re not very into gossip and that we’re still uncomfortable over our failed relationship but I actually think you’ll like this and I’m sorry once again about everything, okay?
Smiley face, huggy, question mark


You good?

I am

Awesome so
At the end of school last evening
Did you see Rich?

No I left quick

So he’s behaving weird and Mike was freaking
That Rich lost it; he was shrieking

His life is really bad just give him a break
He still has burn marks from burning down that house

His life is really bad just give him a break
He still has burn marks from burning down that house

Right but
That’s not the point
This time he actually had a plan
Involving Jake– I think you already understand

Rich approached Jake and asked him out on a date
He told him he was bi
Wanted to give guys a try
And then Jake said yes and now I think they’re a pair!!
And then Jake said yes and now I think they’re a pair!!

Hey everybody, have you heard?
Rich got a boyfriend, now go spread the word!

Sending a text! (Text)
Sending a tweet! (Tweet)
Sending a text! (Text)
Tweet! (Tweet)
Release the information, step and repeat

I’m glad to hear (Hear)
That Rich is snout (Snout?)
No I meant out… Did I say snout?
Sorry guys, my typing skills are awful, no doubt
(All her typing skills are awful, no doubt!)

We’re all here
Just in case anyone tries to point or leer
Jake is lucky, so are you
You guys are adorable… And a good match, too!
We’re so proud
The tall popular guy is finally away from the crowd
We’re all here
Screw the haters, you have us so don’t you fear!

{Insert passive aggressive screeching}

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Here's a problem with the Tony haters. Tony is bad for wanting revenge, yet you people are fine with T'Challa, who was reacting violently to Bucky as a HEAD OF STATE, putting on a suit and turning into a vigilante thug. At least Tony tried to compromise. T'Challa just started attacking people for a really flimsy reason.

really, dude? you come into my inbox to defend a white war profiteer and to call a black person a thug? god, you people are really that transparent.

flimsy reason??!! honestly, what the fuck. t’challa held his father’s dead body in his arms. tony’s parents died almost 30 years ago and t’challa watched his father die in front of him like the day before and for some reason you think that tony’s violent outburst is justified but t’challa isn’t allowed to grieve without you reducing him to the racist “aggressive black man” stereotype.

t’challa went after bucky because he believed him to be completely guilty. he had evidence of “bucky” planting the bomb at the building. tony knew bucky was innocent and he still tried to kill him. i’m sorry, but that’s unforgivable. once t’challa realized that he’d made a mistake and bucky had been set up, he tried his best to fix it. he didn’t even let zemo die (you know, t’chaka’s actual killer who, unlike bucky, was guilty) because he wasn’t going to let vengeance consume him anymore. tony let his anger get the best of him.

anyway if you’re a tony stan, you’re not allowed to talk about t’challa. you can’t even think about him. you can’t even look at him. sorry, i don’t make the rules. stick to worshiping your trashy fave and don’t touch other characters.