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Sorry you had to turn anon off because shitty ppl... (tumblr format may mess it up but )here are some plants with pants 🌵🌱🌲 👖👖👖

Haha :D Thanks! I really do mean it when I say i don’t care about hate messages, I find them hilarious, but it’s such a pain to keep losing genuine asks because of them

I Don’t Care//Riverdale Imagine

Jughead x reader

Request:// Anon asks: “I was wondering if you could do a Riverdale imagine? Like the reader is Reggie’s sister, but completely opposite from him she’s sweet and all. And she and Jughead are like together and Reggie finds out idk you can choose the ending.”

A/N:// Thank you anon for requesting! I had fun writing this imagine for you and I hope you like it!

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When you found out that your boyfriend was homeless, you immediately offered him your home. Though he was resistant, given you were the sister of the guy who seemingly hates your boyfriend, and the risk of your brother finding out was high. But none of that mattered at the moment. The only thing you cared about was your boyfriend Jughead Jones.

“You know, I don’t have to stay here.” Jughead started, leaning against your door frame watching you tidy up your room, which he would be staying in as there is a less of a chance for your brother finding out. “Trust me Y/N, I can find somewhere else.” 

“Don’t be silly, Juggy. I am not letting you live in the streets, having no place to go.” Y/N said as she stopped picking up dirty clothes and turned to her boyfriend. 

“You do know, if Reggie finds out, we are both dead right?” Jughead points out with a smirk.

“I don’t care what Reggie thinks, he doesn’t control my life.” Y/N started, walking up to Jughead. “Besides it’s not his call to make if you stay here or not, or that we are together. My parents know you’re here, though it took a little bit of convincing, they know how much I care about you. To hell with Reggie. As long as you are safe.” You ended your speech, your hands cradling Jug’s face with a loving look in both of your eyes.

“You are definitely not like your brother.” Jughead adds with a genuine smile and wrapping his arms around your waist, which makes you smile.

The day was becoming night and you and Jug were laying on your bed, the end credits of a movie rolling from your laptop screen. It was actually quiet in your house, Reggie - who is the cause of most noise in your house - out with his friends. At least you thought. You and Jug were just cuddling peacefully on your bed, enjoying each other’s presence that neither of you noticed the front door opening and closing. The peacefulness soon ended when your bedroom door bursts open.

“Yo sissy, have you seen my-.” Your brother, Reggie abruptly stops when he notices the other presence in your room, making you and Jug jump apart from each other. “What the hell are you - his words laced with disgust - doing with my sister, Wednesday Addams?” Reggie angrily acknowledges Jughead.

Jughead didn’t have the time for a witty comeback for Y/N had stepped in. “Jughead is my boyfriend and is staying here for a while.” Y/N responds strongly, her brother looking at her like she went crazy.

“What the hell Y/N?! Him of all people?! Him. No way in hell, get out of my house and stay away from my sister!” Reggie screams, looking at Jughead dead in the eye.

“No! No Reggie. He is not leaving this house or me! Whatever weird hatred you have for Jug needs to stop. I love him okay? And you can’t control me! Mom and dad know and is okay with him staying here. I don’t care about your stupid grudge against him, I care about him! And if you all of a sudden want to be a good brother, you can respect me and the decisions I make. Or you can leave me and Jug the hell alone!” Y/N finishes her rant, both men in the room looking at her shockingly. She may be Reggie’s sister, but she is not like him.

Reggie is at a loss for words as he stands in Y/N’s room. His mouth opening and closing for a few moments before leaving the room, shutting the door quietly.

Y/N sighs as she turns toward Jughead, who stares at her with love in his eyes. He walks up to her and kisses her passionately, leaving Y/N breathless and before she can speak, Jughead beats her to it.

“I love you, too.” Jug says, looking into her eyes and she remembers declaring her love for Jughead during her rant. It was their first time saying it.

With smiles on both of their faces, Jughead brings them into a hug, both knowing there will be more ‘I love you’s’ in the future.

Okay, Bughead fandom, listen up.

To you, Bughead is a ship. A hella cute ship, maybe. Your absolute OTP, sure. The one thing in your life you love to pieces, okey dokey. But the thing is, it’s literally just that. It’s a ship. And while you may argue with me on this, there have been other ships you’ve loved as much and more you’ll find in the future. 

But it isn’t the same for some people. Most of the people who are anti bughead are aro/ace. And fuck you if you think their hatred is misplaced. They have almost no representation at all in any form of the media. There’s still a whole bunch of people who don’t even know they exist

Jughead Jones is one of the very, very few characters who identified as ace (and based on reading between the lines, aro as well) and it’s obvious that this character claimed a special place in their hearts. 

So, you coming along, telling them to stop hurting your precious feelings and stop hating on your ship is literally just you asking them to stop talking about an important issue. And some of you even send them cruel messages for saying that they feel erased. 

Let me ask you. If you’re a straight person and literally every single goddamn person in pretty much all the shows you watch (or books you read) is anything but straight, (except for like 2.5%) how the fuck would you feel?

Stop hating on the people who’re fighting for representation. Stop telling them to just accept Bughead. Stop telling them no one cares. Stop telling them they’re ‘lame’ or ‘stupid’. Stop telling them that their opinions don’t matter.

 If you’ve done any of this, you’re taking part in their erasure as well. Representation is important and they have every right to be angry about not getting the representation they deserve. If you’re allowed to express your opinions on a ship, they’re allowed to express their opinions on the way the media treats them .

I’m not asking you to stop shipping Bughead. I’m asking you to stop going after people who don’t. So, if you’re the kind of person who’d rather keep shipping your straight, white ship rather than think about the bigger issue, well…you really, really need to sort out your priorties. 

And yes, I’m putting this in your tag. 

No, I don’t care if this is interrupting your leisurely scroll.  

( Oh, btw, if any of you send me anon hate, that will also be posted here in your little tag! :) )  

Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes/

My meta for this episode is, I’m not writing a meta. What’s the point? It was perfect, perfect, perfect and I hate the fact I can’t be fully happy, relax and enjoy it. Because we’ve been here before, right? When it was so close we could touch it - and, whatever those anons in my askbox say, it’s not about a ship, because (personally) I continue to have no interest in shipping whatsoever. This is people telling us a story, being elaborate and decadent and romantic as fuck about it, and I want to hope they’re not lying to us this time - I can’t see how they’re going to worm their way out of this, and why they would even want to, but - yeah. 

As I said, we’ve been there before.

So I’m not going to comment on how painstakingly the Banes mirrored the Winchesters - the queer, cocky sibling who doesn’t give a fuck, the other sibling who feels like an outsider in their own family, the parent who hunts alone and ‘hasn’t been home in a few days’. What’s the point? Steve Yockey went to great trouble to shove it in our faces, and, to his credit, he never hesitated - he went all out, killing off a character he’d created himself (I think we can all agree on the fact that Alicia Banes is, for all intents and purposes, dead) so that he could carve up a perfect parallel, because as it turns out, his Max can’t bear to live alone either, and would do anything, anything, to bring his sister back.


There’s also no point, I guess, to discuss Chekhov’s grenade launcher again. We know it’s there, we know it’s something Dean can’t have and can’t touch (but he really, really wants to), and it seems almost sure by now that the thing will have a prominent role in the season finale. 

(Which, yay, but also - a grenade launcher is not really a synonym for surgical strikes and level-headedness - are you ready for the bloodbath? I know I’m not.

And the question remains - what about the metaphorical grenade launcher? Will Dean get his hands on that too?)

No, I just - you know, a few months ago I actually embarked on the mad project of tracking down everything Steve Yockey had ever written - not out of a creepy, stalkery obsession, but simply because I was absolutely blown away by Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox and my entire frontal cortex was like, *grabby hands*. So, well - I sat through twenty episodes of Scream wishing I could be sixteen again (which was the whole point of that show, I guess), and when I finally got to Yockey’s episode - there was no difference. None. It was more freakishly thin girls running this way and that, more masks carved out of human faces, more meetings in video games stores instead of going to the police. And at first I felt a bit cheated, but now I’ve seen Yockey’s third episode for Supernatural, I suddenly realize this is actually good news - because Yockey is very, very good. He can blend in. He can write stuff that’s so indistinguishable from S1 canon he’s basically a House Elf (and is it a good thing or a bad thing when you don’t notice a writer is there?). And the thing is, he was very clearly told not to. Whatever Dabb’s goal - and, as I said, I don’t want to run in the streets with a confetti machine until I know for sure - Yockey is deliberately turning it up to eleven, because, again - I have no doubt a part of the fandom will start to shout OOC and whatever, but guys - Yockey can do the thing if he’s told to do the thing. But it’s now very clear he wasn’t.

So, well. This episode was tragically beautiful. What got me like a punch in the face is that Max Banes doesn’t, in the end, follow in Dean’s footsteps: Dean doesn’t allow him to make a demon deal, which means Max is forced to find that ‘other way’ the Winchesters are always daydreaming about. But, well - in his case that ‘other way’ is going home with a sort of golem sister - a thing that talks like Alicia and moves like Alicia and may have her memories and may even be able to be feel the sun on her face and the warmth of her brother’s love and the empty nothing of her mother’s death, but is not a human being. In doing what he did, Max condemned himself to a fake and hollow life, and that’s even more heartbreaking if we consider how open he used to be about everything. Living as a natural witch, a gay man, a POC in a world of monsters (hell, in Trump’s America) - Max was shameless about it. From the very first moment we saw him, he never tried to hide. But now, all of that is gone. And, sure, there’s a whole Big Question there - we could try and justify his choice, since that’s where we’re all headed, anyway - but to see him trapped like that - the burning body of his twin sister on his right, and a frankencreature wearing her face on his left - ouch.

I hope the Winchesters find a better ‘other way’ than that, but this is Supernatural - even if they do, they’ll likely get there crawling through a hill of corpses. 

[I apologize for my sombre mood. I’m still a bit feverish, maybe it’s that. In sunnier news, I’m working on a project that will make some of you very happy, so there’s that.]

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Your blog title is "make feminism scary again" but as a trans girl I'm already ridiculously scared that someone like you is going to take their extremist beliefs into thier own hands and maim/kill me for daring to be a woman with a penis. You actively promote this sort of violence against women and young girls, you're the sort of person that allowed society to let my dad "beat the woman out of me". People like you are a major threat to queer people and feminism as a whole, go eat a tack

I’m also ridiculously scared of having males in my restrooms, changing rooms, etc.Go check the trans women on women statistics of crimes and see if you’re the one who should be scared here.

No radfem (or woman) has ever killed a transwoman, not as a hate crime.People who kill transwomen are MEN.
I’m a skinny teenage girl, what could I do against you for fucks sake?Most of you are bigger and stronger than women, stop being childish.

Your dad is not a radical feminism ally, he’s a homophobe that correlates gender non-conformity to homosexuality.Stop pretending that radical feminists victimize you just because we care about biology and women.

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I know you said you don't want to talk about this topic anymore but you hace always been balanced, you have never written hateful things about Sam (or Cait) so I would like to read a post of yours about all of this. Because I know I won't read anything hateful or disgusting but something that comes out from the heart of a kind person. And God knows how this shipper community needs more kind people right now.

Thank you, anon. That is nice to say.

I’m actually in the situation that I don’t know how to proceed. Reading what was said here over night, was like looking into an ugly mirror. I don’t want to be that person, who makes derogatory comments about a young woman. Calling her “crosseyed”,  with “no neck” and “fat shoulders” etc etc. 

Disgusting. And the reason? She might be a person Sam cares about. Maybe even loves. Maybe is very serious about. Or not. Who knows? In any case it is no reason to insult her.

For the record: I love Sam and Cait. I love Outlander. I think Sam and Cait are wonderful people. The might not always make wise decisions, but it is not our business how they live their life, with whom they’re in love and with whom they’re not. We might live in our own little fantasy world and wish for a fairy tale, because WE think the fairy tale would be wonderful, but that doesn’t mean it IS going to happen. 

I know I’m terribly curious. There’s no other excuse for my shipping. I also know it is not my place to be curious. I know I shouldn’t ship real people, because they’re real people with real feelings, but I thought it was okay, as long as I did it respectfully. I just love them together. They’re so cute, so wonderful, they glow, they make me happy. They’re a way to forget my own problems, to push worries away and frustrations. 

I think most people in a fandom have a reason to be there. We don’t need to pretend, that we’re all successful, happy, attractive women, who just happen to have this little obsession with Outlander and the two actors in it. I think we all know, that this little obsession is an escape for many of us. Not all probably, but a lot of people. And probably even more so for the most active people in this fandom. An escape from whatever trouble and problem and depression is in our lives and that is perfectly OK. We need it and it is good for us and it helps us to cope with really difficult times.

But real life shipping gets difficult if the real story doesn’t match the fantsy and we can’t cope with that. We have to realize, if the real story is a different one, then so be it. Where is the tragedy in it? Where does it really affect me whether Sam and Cait are together or not?

It doesn’tl. I’d need another hobby, that’s all. Because I’m a shipper mainly because it offers entertainment. It keeps me busy all day and the great thing about it is: It never ends. No hiatus, no Droughtlander. Sam and Cait are always there, always available for my shipper entertainment.

I thought it was okay, as long as it was done respectfully.

But for me the line was drawn tonight. I didn’t see much respect. It got nasty and ugly and I don’t want to be part of this.

Sam and Cait just live their life with or without other people in it. Who knows and who cares?

I’m undecided how to proceed. Maybe just concentrate on Outlander? I do love the show, but it is off air for another 6 months! And I don’t watch any other show. Not one. I just don’t watch TV. 

Maybe I should try to hold back more. Just try to create my own little bubble of shippers, who love Sam and Cait and love the fantasy, but are able to talk about the other people in their lives without malice and who can accept that there might be no truth behind our shipping. There are a lot of shippers, who don’t participate in the nasty. Maybe I should concentrate on those.

I really don’t know. 

There are some ships you can warm up to, and some you just can't get into at all.

It doesn’t mean the ships are any less valid or important. They just aren’t for you. So I don’t judge when someone says they don’t ship my ship. Chances are I don’t ship one of theirs, and that won’t change simply by reading more fanfiction or viewing more art. Some ships either click or don’t. Others take some warming up until they click. I usually give a ship a chance before I decide which category it falls under. Sometimes you warm up to ones you wouldn’t expect.

Anyone care to share the ships they’ve warmed up or just can’t get into?

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I disagree with anon. There's hating a ship, then there's hating the character itself. Even without SS, Sakura was still largely hated across the fanbase for the most shallow of reasons. Some still blame her for Neji's death. I really doubt SS expected Sakura to get shafted to this point; from what I've seen, they are just as angry and sadden by this. At the same time, I'm aware that NH (not all shipper, if they are reading!) really only "supported" SS just to get Sakura out of the way. (1)

Honestly, I never meet Sakura hate so strong from that fandom. I remembered how the majority started acting all haughty with SS after The Last, then outright dropped SS when Gaiden came out. Some were even disappointed that Karin wasn’t outright confirmed the mother and called the manga a waste. For those NH who used to “support” SS, you would think they’ll have some sympathy for their “sister” shippers? (2)

The legit hate for Sakura is honestly so incredulous to me. The only fandom I’ve been in with character hate half as strong was Kingdom Hearts with Kairi. And even then the hate was half as strong, and only within fandom. The hate died down over the years. But Sakura? The fandom, SP, SJ, assistants, editors, hate her to this point? They are absolutely okay with erasing her importance within the manga? Okay with giving Hinata everything they hated in Sakura? The interview with Kishi (3)

comparing Sakura to a secondary character, overall downgrading her importance in the manga made me sad. But the reaction from NH succeed my disappointment in Kishi, and I only felt even more bitterness towards NH and Hinata. (4)

It’s why I can never like Hinata or NH, no matter how much they try and convince me. To be happy that they aren’t force to acknowledge Sakura as a heroine? Was NS that intimidating? Was Sakura that bad? I’m sorry that this small thing turned to a rant, but I felt if Sakura (and Team 7) was in a different fandom than this one. To have hate so strong that even her own creator hates her along with the franchise? To STILL blame her for Neji? I’m just so sad that this is what she is reduced to. (5)

I only wanted better for her, but with this fandom it’s like you have to go above and beyond for her just to get that fandom to like her even a little. On top of that, deal with a franchise that wants nothing to do with her either. Yet they will put Hinata on a pedestal and call her the heroine? The franchise legitimately putting her as a main cast, when she was barely a secondary in Part 2? How did she became relevant and shoved into our face as being better than Sakura? (End)


Granted, that was/is also a factor but it’s the SS that was the fuel to NH by some sort of sick alliance, and then trying to bury every shit Kishi threw at Sakura via Sasuke because of her proximity to Naruto and the possibility of her being with Naruto in the end. But these are old shannenigans.

Granted, Sakura was hated in the fandom because of the most stupid reasons, however when it came down to comparing her with Hinata, if it weren’t for a let’s say very ardent fan of Hinata’s everyone knew and acknowledged the fact that Sakura tops Hinata no matter what. It was basic knowledge 101.

But then Studio Pierrot came and started the stealing. Sakura is a medical ninja? Everyone is a medical ninja.

Sakura has a superior chakra control, even moreso than her powerhouses of teammates? Everyone gets it.

Sakura can tell via her medical ninjutsu where it hurts in the body or it’s a certain problem? Throw that away, make Hinata tell her via her Byakugan because lol Sakura surely must’ve forgotten to do that with only medical ninjutsu via water detection, in order to force down our throats a friendship that never really was there - at most, some respect showed by Sakura to Hinata, never the viceversa. 

Some still blame her for Neji’s death because things were written as such. That was the effect they wanted. While Sakura the medical ninja couldn’t be there when Naruto called for a medic-nin, have Hinata-hime-sama be there and offer him the emotional support he needed (although via Sakura was shown to us what he really needed, but anyway). Sakura was written off at that point to make place for Hinata, all while in the meantime Studio Pierrot via their shitty interventions was already stealing everything from Sakura and giving it to Hinata. SS-ers saw that, they were here with us as well. We were already screaming about the damage control Sakura was taking because of Hinata but most of them didn’t care, as long as it took NaruSaku out of the way…

And dear boy I know I screamed right and left about this because I saw the bullshit they’re trying to pull. I don’t know exactly for how long you’re around the fandom anon, but as I said before, I came from a NH and SS background that went along with NS given the development. And also besides that, what made me distance from NH mostly was their hate for Sakura. I was a NH shipper that happened to like Sakura very much. And so, being accustomed to how these pairings function, I saw the impending shit that was about to come, and screamed about it, but who was going to listen? I was a NaruSaku, to hell with me, despite me saying multiple times that before being a NaruSaku or any other type of shipper, I am a Sakura fan. 

So you see, here it’s a mix of many elements at the middle, and sadly they did have a major contribution to this, sorry to say it. Not all of them, ofc, but…

And it was never a sister ship with them… It was an alliance against NaruSaku. That was the immediate threat to them. Everyone knew that Kishi wouldn’t have the balls to end it with NaruSasu because of the controversy (despite drawing them in also), so the next best thing was NaruSaku - especially given the story’s construction mechanisms - everything was pointing at NaruSaku, no matter how much some still want to deny it. It’s basic storytelling 101 in a piece of literature (more or less).

Hell, they even changed the story triangle. There was one always inside team 7, and now in his newest interview Kishi mentions one that was nonexistent between Naruto, Sakura and Hinata. He literally took all the things that NH were fantasizing about and used them as “logical explanation” when his own story was contradicting him.

And yes, for some stupid reason people hated Sakura because Kishimoto pulled at the heart strings of people with poor orphan Naruto, but God forbid someone points Naruto’s horrible behavior, they must be linched - which Sakura does at the beginning of the story. Naruto was after all a pretty stupid kid that did stupid things. Yes, he had ulterior motives, but does that excuse his behavior? If we cannot excuse the behavior of one, why excuse his, know what I mean? 

And also people aren’t used to look at the broader picture because somehow … reasons. Yes, Sakura told him all those things, but at the same time supported him and his stupid dream with her love for Sasuke and her “horrible” behavior still did much more than Hinata with her love for Naruto.  But then people come with the excuse that she was shy. So we can excuse Hinata of her shyness for NOT helping Naruto when he most needed it, but we cannot excuse Sakura for expressing her pissed self at Naruto whenever he did something stupid DESPITE ACTIVELY doing stuff for him? Hmm, I smell double standards.

And yes, it’s funny how when they take stuff from Sakura and add them to Hinata everyone is okay, because it’s Hinata. This only once more shows the double standards and hipocrisy that lies deep within the collective counsciousness of this very fandom.

And, after all, it’s not the fandom’s fault as much as it is Kishi’s and how he never put his finger on something for certain, out of God knows what reasons… I can only speculate, but some are for certain - he doesn’t have a backbone.

From defending fiercely your heroine to actively replacing her… pfft. Laughable.

If he would’ve had a backbone he would’ve finished the story properly. You know how they say “Stand for what you believe in, even if you stand alone”.

Something he tried pushing with Naruto, too bad he failed miserably.

I wanted better for her too, and actually trusted Kishi he will do better. I created theories about where he’d be going with her, things that eventually come to fruition (her seal, chakra nature and some others), but the thing that disgusted me the most about this was seeing some things that were clearly going to go to Sakura, being used for Hinata, dare I say some ideas I layed down in my theories, being used now, via other means.

At first I thought it’s me being crazy, they couldn’t possibly use that… and then the latest chapter of Boruto comes and they use for him what the NS fandom creates for Shinachiku. 

To answer your question - yes, NaruSaku was that intimidating. That intimidating that they cannot erase 15 years of development, that they now try to steal ideas from the NS fans to burrow us as deep as possible because otherwise we won’t shut up, that bad of an intimidation, that they make it so defiant to NaruSaku fans, so that we’ll eventually shut up and stop being the thorns in their back.

Well, too bad. We’re here and we’re staying. They can steal how much they want. The records showing that we were there with ideas and whatnot long before them it’s here.

For someone who writes about Gods and whatnot, Kishi and his editors should know about the Akashic records. They’re imprinted in the human collective counsciousness, and no matter how much they want to silence and erase Sakura and NaruSaku, they can’t.

And this only pushed me to continue my initial analysis on Sakura’s character. Ohoo, it’s going to be so much fun to demask all the bullshit mechanism behind their actions. SO MUCH FUN!

Anyway, I turned this into a rant and went into deeper stuff myself, I should probably end it here. But yeah, this thing is a mess. A salad, to be more exact. ;)


I’m having so much fun today but I just have to pause to roll my eyes for a moment. Remember that time, well like two days ago or so, when noshippingallowed made an IG account called StopHarrasingMM and used it to screencap, attack, harass, threaten, and dox some Outlander fans that she disagreed with? Then, after she bragged about it on Tumblr and was calling posters by names, on IG, she assumed were their legal first names but were not listed anywhere on their accounts, I left a comment on her IG suggesting she quit harassing people too. She made her IG account private, changed the name to shinethelight285 and went back to tumblr to act like she never did anything of the sort!
Now she is preaching against that behavior and claiming she would never do such a thing while claiming that I am the person behind an IG account she dislikes. If that’s not some bullshit right there, how about that unicorn frap?
Let me clear this up. I AM NOT bs_no. Your hard-on for me is so apparent that your phone autocorrects the word “nip” to “Nip” when you type it. Quit obsessing over me. I’m not flattered.


I have one account per social media platform and the only reason my Tumblr account does not have my name in the user name is because I started it with a theme in August last year when Starz was really into their Obsessable campaign. I never hid my identity on here, it just wasn’t pertinent to my posts most of the time. I had not been a participant in the Tumblr community until I created my account. I’ve never sent an anon message to anyone on Tumblr not have I ever sent hate asks to anyone on Tumblr. I don’t post or tweet to attack or harass anyone. I’m direct with my opinions and that is why I’m posting this today. Thank you.
Now I’m off to squee about the hickey Sam gave Cait on her upper thigh and I don’t care if you think it’s a mutant alien spider bite and not a Sam love bite. You have fun and fan your way but leave me out of your nasty.

anon, i am not here for people who insult my intelligence and harryandlouis’ too, by saying things like harry has used louis to promote himself and that he got his promo exploiting louis’ situation and queerbating / manipulating the fandom to sell his album cause he only cares about fame and publicity for his solo project. i am not here for people agreeing with said things and I have spent the past months reading things that made me want to wash my eyes with bleach. If you think or agree with certain opinions you do it because you hate one of the two, not because you want to call out the management, the strategy or the narrative - things that have nothing to do with harry and louis’ relationship or harry and louis as people. When the attack becomes personal and made just to say something bad to shit on someone without knowing one cent of the real story, it’s called hating. period. 

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Dude I'm that anon that sent you that message, it's hilarious how you crybabies automatically assume I'm a man just because you can't handle a shitpost I wrote in the middle of the night before I fell asleep. All female here, and happily in a relationship while you whine about how oppressed you are that women don't want to sleep with you while terrorists are destroying families. You are clearly too immature to run a blog like this if the tiniest thing sets you off.

How are you going to call me pathetic when you keep sending anons to a blog on about how much you hate lesbians and how happy you are that you’re a Heterosexual Woman™ in a Happy Straight Relationship™ with your #MCM #Mancandy like I promise you no lesbian cares about your hetero feelings. Please keep sending me messages about how much more mature you are by sending anonymous homophobic messages though the irony is fantastic!!

It’s that time again....

time to remind y’all that Safety!!! on ICE is a thing that exists!!

What is Safety!!! on ICE?

SOI is a Discord server for YOI fans that is wholeheartedly free of grossness!

Who runs it?

Currently, the admins of SOI are myself and @skatekiss, and the mods are @shaladonts, @puffinplisetsky, @emimike, @kawaii-shitface, and @felidaebay!

Who can be in it?

Anyone over the age of 13 who does NOT ship Otayuri, Pliroy, etc. Also, if you’re a shaladin, we highly advise that you don’t join the server, as we spill a LOT of tea on y’all lol.

Why is your server cool?

We’re super cool because we take a lot of care to make SOI as safe as possible. Here’s how we do it:

  • We don’t share our link publicly.
  • Disk Horse™ is contained and well monitored.
  • We clearly indicate who is an adult and who is a minor.
  • We require that all users use their Tumblr URL in their nickname so we can hold members accountable and block if need be.
  • We take special care to make sure that we NEVER go after minors, even if they are shippers. Vaguing, anon hate, baiting, etc, are all strictly prohibited and result in instant banning. We also do our best to censor out the URLs of minors in Disk Horse™.

Also, our mods are cool, we talk about food, we have a pets channel called furbabies, and it’s just generally a really great time.

If you’re interested, please feel free to private message/ask off anon any of the mods tagged here and we will give you a link!

Seeya there!!! <3

becausegratsu  asked:

what the heck!!! I thought you were pro shaladin sorry im gonna unfollow now

um ………… idk how u thought that when it literally says “anti-shaladin” on my blog ……. and im not 100% quiet about it (tho i will admit i don’t reblog a lot of discourse posts bc im rarely here and don’t care for anon hate) 


heads up: I AM ANTI-SHALADIN / ANTI-LANCE/LOTOR / ANTI-SHALLURA (until allura is confirmed as an adult - if that happens.)

anonymous asked:

I noticed in the past you seemed to generally hate Kairi, so I wanted to know if your opinion has changed or is still the same?

Haha I did! Thanks for asking! :)

After examining myself more, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t hate Kairi herself. I just hate the way she is written by Square Enix. I think this was exacerbated by the fact that I played KH1 when I was young where I pretty much hated all physically weak, male-dependent damsel-in-distress waifu characters (I still do hate those characterizations tbh).
I also hated that the romance between Sora and Kairi was forced on me, so I unfairly directed my displeasure at Kairi. It wasn’t because of the “Sora belongs to Riku, not Kairi” fangirl mindset. I hated Riku too in KH1. I grew to like Riku only after playing KH2 because he wasn’t such a massive asshole anymore, but my opinion of Kairi had stayed the same, if not worsened because I had to rescue her again! Christ on a stick!!

((Don’t quote me on this but I’ve read somewhere that in an interview with Nomura, he stated that Kairi is actually pretty good at fighting and is only second to Sora? or something. Yeah so how come we only see like five seconds of her fighting in KH2 and that’s it? I still wish we could have also fought her in early KH1, where we duel with all the other kids. ))

What propelled that self-examining is a post I read on Tumblr (suuuuper long ago, before KH3D. I wish I can find it again) where someone laid out that Nomura’s team sucks majorly at writing female characters. Basically, all the major females in the game are typical waifus waiting for their male companions to rescue them and/or have no character growth/side plot of their own. The female characters only exist to push forward the male characters’ plots. They pointed out that even Aqua fits into that narrative - everything she does is for the male characters, Ven and Terra. She doesn’t have any catalyst that is unrelated to Ven/Terra pushing her for her own development. I think the OP concluded with their observation that many actually hated the weak writing of the female characters. 

Reading and thinking about it made me realize that yeah, it’s the writing that I hate. Namine I was indifferent about since she had very little screentime in KH2, and I didn’t play KHCoM to know about her. Aqua got a pass because she could fight and didn’t need rescuing. Also her Ghost Drive was super rad Xion I hated just because she reminded me so much of Kairi lol. 

I’ll say though, after coming to this realization I tried watching re:COM cutscenes until I realized that I hated how Namine was written and couldn’t stand to watch lol. Everything that I said I hated above, Namine was that too. But Namine had the buffer of me actively knowing that it was the writing/the type of characterization that I hated, while Kairi didn’t (same with Xion). 

I won’t say that I actively like Kairi now, but she’s okay. I don’t hate her and I don’t cringe when I see her. I really like Kairi’s design and I try to think more positively about her. 10+ years of not liking a character is hard to turn around quickly :’)

Still don’t care for Sora+Kairi romance though. 

Welcome to the Land of Kaylor/ Gaylor Swift

Are you a new Kaylor/ Gaylor Swiftie? Do you feel like you know NOTHING when people make references to 2014 events? Or like you have SO MANY QUESTIONS but are scared to ask people? Did you just discover Kaylor and don’t know where to start? Or are you someone who’s been quietly blogging but still feels like they have stuff to learn? 

Well, you’ve stumbled upon the right post! I’m going to share with you all the tips, tricks, info and blogs to follow if you’re still getting used to this whole “Taylor Swift isn’t straight” thing. 

Okay, I’ll get into it!

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have any hc about Farlan? Thanks!

Please allow me to apologize for taking sooooo long to answer this, anon!

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

  • He really cared about how his hair looked and spent at least twenty minutes every morning styling it. 
  • He was really good at Poker. The only person able to beat him and know his tells being Levi.
  • He was a total lightweight when it came to alcohol. Thinking he was billy basass and could drink like a fish. Not the case at all, however. 
  • He was great with women. Able to make them swoon with a flutter of his blond lashes over his ice blue eyes. Silver tongued and infamous to boot. 
  • He was incredibly intelligent, but easily fooled. Getting robbed more than once by a pretty girl with a sob story he ate up like a hot meal. Levi thought he’d never learn his lesson. 

anonymous asked:

skam fans only know sana exists when they're defending their show "um we watch it for poc and muslims rep!!" like no u dont when u ignore her existence all the time anyway?? there is a handful that watch it for muslim rep but the rest u only watch it for two white guys lbr here!! like they use us to justify why they dont watch good tv shows with good rep like TGD when really???? just say u hate black ppl and go

I know ? they loooove to pretend that they care about sana, about muslim fans about Islam and they love to use her (and us) to defend their white show and and general white as hell interests but when we get mad about racism in fan places suddenly we need to calm down and suck it up… incredible… you summed them up perfectly

Hey otherkin!!

Don’t worry this is not an anti otherkin post.
Your belief in your past lives is beautiful, and you are completely valid, but please remember, you are in a human body now. You can not eat raw foods and meat. That can make you very sick, and I do not want you to get hurt. Do not eat diamonds or rocks, or do things that could harm you. Take care of yourself please. Don’t take it too far. There are lots of blogs that will show you healthy recipes that can appeal to your kintypes. Check them out please. Do not stay underwater for too long, and do not harm yourself or others because of your beliefs. Please remember to stay safe. Take care of yourself.

Here are some blogs that might help you find stuff for your kintypes:





Also, let’s talk about anti-otherkin real quick. Please keep reading, I think this is important.

Do not send hate to people who are anti-otherkin. Do not send them death threats. You are stooping to their level. Ignore them. If you are sent hate block them and report them for harrasment. Here’s what you should do if you are sent anon hate by anti-otherkin or anybody else.

1. Block them.

Next to the pencil symbol that give you the option to answer the ask, there is three dots. Click on them, and then hit block.

2. Report them.

Go to your blocked list. Here, you will see the url of the person that sent you hate. Do not send them hate back or namedrop them. Report them for harassment, and if you want to give the url out so that other otherkin can block them, do so privately, and make sure that none of your followers send them hate.

List of anti-otherkin urls: [JUST block them, don’t tag them, don’t send them hate, JUST block them!]

  • tiredofyoursjwbullshit
  • amazingatheist
  • angryinkeddrunk
  • female-anti-feminist
  • tuhmblr-logic
  • liveofficial

Other things to remember:

  • You are valid
  • You may not be 100% human, but you are in human form now, so you have to take care of yourself
  • Your kintypes are awesome
  • Sending hate isn’t cool

Have a wonderful day please!

anonymous asked:

I once basically said how six p is shit on here and got a lot of anon flak from her supporters. I would suggest turning off anon for a while to save yourself from a majority of the trouble 😧

Yeah, if I get any, I will. I mean, I really don’t care about her. I honestly find this all more funny than anything else. Like, she couldn’t be bothered to write 2 sentences so she stole mine. And that post has been bothering me for 2 weeks because of how I worded that last sentence, I hate it. So she not only stole 2 sentences, but 2 shitty sentences.